• Chapter 1
    The Plot

    Sawa had been told to go to Myla’s room. When Sawa entered Myla had her stereo on and was painting her nails.

    “What do you want?” Sawa asked automatically.

    “Why would I want something? Can’t I just talk to my own sister?”

    Sawa watched the speakers as Myla talked.

    “Have you ever seen that show?” Myla asked Sawa.

    “Huh?” Sawa had zoned out while listening to her sister. “I am sorry. But the colors they call to me. I mean seriously the colors are DANCING!” Sawa had been looking at the color-changing speakers the whole time.

    “Fine.” Myla turned off the speakers.

    “NOOOOOOOO!” Sawa cried dramatically.

    “Anyway. Have you seen that show?”

    “What show?”

    “The one……” Myla explained the show over again.

    “OH. That one. I LOVE THAT SHOW!” Sawa said sarcastically.

    Sawa stood up and went to leave the room. “I don’t even know why you called me in here.”

    “Sawa I don’t think that is wise.”

    “Are you threatening me? Because that isn‘t wise. You know what I am capable of.”

    “That is just the thing. Does anyone else know about what you are?”

    “You wouldn’t.”

    “Really? ‘Cause I think I would.” Myla reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. “You wouldn’t want me to tell the whole school would you?”
    Sawa looked at Myla dumbstruck. “What do you want?” Sawa finally said monotonously.

    “I just want to…scare someone.”


    “That new boy, Johnny.”

    “What did he ever do to you?”

    “He snubbed me when I went to welcome him to the school.”

    “Just because you got snubbed? I won’t do it.”

    “Wrong answer. Now who to call. Ah, Bet should be a good one. Within minutes she would‘ve called everyone.”

    “NO! FINE I’LL DO IT!”
    “Now that was the answer I was looking for.”

    Sawa left Myla’s room and entered her own. “How could she do that?” Sawa walked toward her bed and pulled out a journal. This journal was written by her father, it contained his poems, poems that explained Sawa’s past and potential future. Sawa read the poems more often now that she was almost fifteen. Each poem was coded in its own way. But together the coded message within each poem spelled out her past loud and clear. Sawa is determined more than ever to decode the message.

    Sawa was born not as a human but as a species known to very little. This species is known as dhampiel, half human half vampyre. A dhampiel has a minor difference when it comes to comparison with vampyres. The difference is that instead of one food source, a dhampiel can choose between blood and human food. When Sawa was conceived her father, being the vampyre, was shunned from his clan. Her mother had no such problems until one day when Sawa was five. When Sawa was five she knew not of her powers and accidentally hurt the neighbor’s dog, by nearly crushing it‘s leg. This alerted vampyre hunters in the area and her father was slaughtered. Eight years after the death of her husband, Coren, Sawa’s mother, started to date Joseph Grady. That being the case Myla, Joseph’s daughter, was also brought into the family. Though Myla and Sawa are the same age they are exact opposites when it comes to likenesses. For example, Sawa’s favorite colors are purple and black, whereas Myla’s favorites are pink and orange.

    Myla walked into Sawa’s room. ”What I would like you to do Johnny is to…make him break something. Like an arm. Or even better push him down the stairs.”

    “How could you be so cruel? I swear I think our personalities are switched.”

    “Oh, shut up. Now make sure he comes to school tomorrow with a broken arm.” Myla grinned at Sawa and left the room.