• Angel walks to school with her luchbox and tear filled eyes shes afraid to look back she hates home but its all she has she doesnt tell anyone why she cries but some people already know.Her mom Patty beats her everynight for no reason.She says shes brave she says shes ok.But we all know the truth......! She stops and talks with her beast friend Ally.
    Angel:Hey Ally how are you?
    Ally:Im fine mom and i went skating last night.
    Angel:Cool sounds like you had fun.(she starts to cry)
    Ally:Angel.....whats wrong?
    Angel:Im fine theres just something in my eye.
    Ally:Mmmk but sometimes i worry i mean look at all these bruises!
    Angel:Im fine i just fall alot........
    Ally:Yea mhmmm........
    Their other friend Jake walks up on them and starts in on the conversation.
    Jake:Hey girls whats up?
    Ally:Hey Jake im fine you?
    Angel Im fine to.
    Jake:Im fine dad and i went fishing it was fun.
    Ally:EWW FISH!
    Angel:Sounds really fun!(shes smiles at him)
    Jake:Yea i saw what you did last night......
    Ally:WAIT WHAT!?
    Angel:Its nothing dont worry about it!(she stomps away)
    Jake:Yea its nothing.....(he goes to class)
    Ally:WHATEVER!(she goes to class to)

    AFTER SHCOOL!..............

    Patty biggrin O YOUR HOMEWORK!
    Angel:Yes mom.................(she gets her already finished homework and pretends to work on it)
    Patty:ANGEL I SAID NOW!!!
    Angel:I AM! MOM STOP!
    Patty:YOU STUPID BRAT(she picks up a broom and heads towards Angel)