• Angel Wolf
    When life was new,each living animal was givin a gardian angel. Einjeru Inu(Angel dog) was one of these gardians. She garded a wolf named Kuro Okami(Dark wolf).When she saw this wolf she fell in love. She had to keep her love a secret intill she could talk to him.One night she howeld to him and he called her to come. Einjeru later had one pup. His name was "Amai yajuu" (Sweet beast).
    Amai is a wolf-dog and a wolf-dog was seen as the lowest of the low. Because Amai was a pup he didn't understand why the dogs didn't like him.Upset with the death of his mother and the dissaperince of his father,he kid knaped a puppy. He howeld in sarrow because he was unsher what happend. He was calling his father,but only a lone wolf called back. The puppy was also unsher what had happend.
    ''Mother!!!'', the pup called,but agian,the only answer was the call of the lone wolf. He was closer this time. The hill above Amai and the pup was where he apperd. He stood head high,his tail even higher then his head.

    ''I am Yuuki,the surviver of the horrible illness that has swept over my home. Yuuki ran to Amai and said, ''Why have you token this pup from his mother.
    Amai lowed his head ,''This pup is the only dog who is kind to me.'',he wimperd. Yuuki snareld at him,''If you where smart you would have let him stay home.'',he growld. Amai was woried, Yuuki had a sick smell and was behaving srangely. The next thinghe knew Yuuki lunged at the pup, but something happend,large wings sprung out from Amai's back. With lightnig fast reflex Amai moved the pup out of danger. He grabed the pup by the scruff, flew in the air and, placed pup on his back. ''Whats rong with you!'',he barked to Yuuki. ''Run!'',Yuuki yelled,''I have the illness that killed my family and friends. Fly to the vally where the illness no longer lingerss,go to Full Moon Vally,''. Yuuki then died,the foam coming out of his mouth was the answer to Yuuki's death. Amai landed on the hill and howled a long, sad howl to honer Yuuki's painful death. The pup also howled and the two headed west to Full Moon Vally.
    2 years later... Amai is now full grown, so is the pup. The pup isint called pup any more though, he was givin a name, Kawaii (cute) because of his puppyish ways. ''Amai hurry up im hungry.'', Kawaii yiped. ''Kawaii'', Amai said in an angry voice,''hunting takes time and its harder to hunt with only one wolf-dog.''.Amai turned his head and focised on hunting. He saw a very ill elk grazing. He got redy to chace it but before he could a white female wolf apperd. With out any effert she took down the large elk. She let out a long, joyfull howl and started eating. Kawaii saw a chance to eat and ran to the elk. The white wolf got scared and ran off. Amai felt sorry for her because he could see her ribs sticking out. He could sense she was near by and went to the kill. He let out a friendly howl to tell her he and Kawaii ment no harm. Out of some bushes she apperd. Her head was low and her tail was in between her legs.''Thank you for leting me eat.'',she said in a small but thankfull voice.'' No problum, its your kill any ways.'', Amai said. ''Yes I know,but my old pack used to make me hunt alone and not eat for

    weeks.'', she wimperd.''Whats your name?'', Amai asked.''It's Kirei'', she said.''Well Kurei,wold you like to come with me and Kawaii?'',Amai asked. Kirei noded her head and they became a pack of 3.

    Later that day........ After eating all they could, Kirei,Kawaii,and Amai layed down in the tall grass. Kawaii and Amai fell asleep short after. Kirei was too scared to sleep. She had ran away from her pack to eat. This was some thing she did every 2 weeks, but this time was different.The leader was allways hunting for other wolves. If Kirei wanted to join Kawaii and Amai, Amai would have to leave or kill her leader. Kirei didn't think Amai was vilont enough to kill. She stood up and tried to go back to her old pack, but Amai grabed her leg. ''Why are you leaving?'', Amai asked her. ''I don't want you to get hert and if my leader finds you he will kill you and Kawaii.'', she wimperd.''Where is he? I will kill him if that is what it takes to keep you!'', He growled. ''No'', she said as she was bighting his neck intill he passed out,"I love you too much.''. After that she liked his cheek and ran off. The next day Kirei saw her old wolf pack. The leader smelled her and then through her ground,ripping off a small area of skin.''Where are they!?'', he yelled."I dont know what your talking about!'',She yiped.''The wolf-dog and the dog!'', He yelled. Before she could answer, Amai stood, his yellow eyes flashed red,his large wings spred out, and his snow white teeth glowed in the dawn.

    The leader stoped and stared at Amai. He droped Kirei and smiled. ''I thoght you died with your mother.'', he said. Amai still groweld. "Amai, don't growl at your father.", he said as he smiled again. Amai stoped growling."No! You can't be!",he said. "Yes",he said,"I am Kuro Okami or Kuro for short.I must say thank you for awaking my spirit,for,if you had not I would have stayed vilont."."Father where were you?", Amai asked. "When I thought you and your mother died,I left to find my old pack.When I finelly found them I was olmost killed. After that I ran away from them and was taken in by a wolf named Yuuki and his pack. I thought that was hevan but when they all got ill, Yuuki sent me away so I would not die like the others.So I left and was once again a lone wolf.After that I can't remember.I guess I just don't want to remember.''he told Amai.''You must have very lonly father,even I havint been alone for so long. Almost all my life my best friend Kawaii has been there.'',he Amai said. ''It was very lonely, but all is well now.", Kuro said. Amai wasint paying any attion to his father. He was cleaning Kirei's wounds. "Is Kirei your mate?", he asked Amai. Kirei and Amai blushed and nooded there heads.

    2 Years later........ Amai was paesting back and forth. Kirei had given berth to 2 puppys all ready and only had 1 left to give birth to. After 2 hours of waiting a 3 whimpering pups had been born. Amai went into the den where Kirei was growming the last pup and nersing the 2 other pups. Amai took the pup Kirei was growming and started to clean her."Kirei, the pup is clean enough you should sleep now.",he silently told her and placed the new born puppy next to her tummy so she could ners. Kirei nooded her head and went to sleep. Amai didn't sleep that night. He was to busy trying to keep the pups quite so Kirei could sleep. That morning Kuro and kawii returned from there hunt. They had a large buck with them. Kawaii was about to dig in, but before he could Amai growled at him and dug into the carcess. He took the heart and liver then brought it to Kirei.
    She ate fast so she could give more milk to her pups. Kawaii was waiting to eat something and so was Kuro. Even though they where hungery they had to wait. Amai was going to eat after he feed Kirei, Kawaii and Kuro had to wait for the scraps. After Kirei and Amai had there fill of food, Kawaii and Kuro ate. They where half full but understood that that would be there life from now on.

    The pups where finally old enough to come out side of the den and eat meat. The first pup to try was the bigest,stongest, and the only female pup of the three. Her name was Sakura (cherry blossom). She got her name from the spot on her sholder that looks like a Cherry blossom. The second strongest pup than ate after her. His name was Naito (night). He got his name because of his dark fur and he is nearly impossable to se at night. The last pup Baka( idiot/silly) was the last to eat. He went up to Kawaii and bit his lip. Kawaii snareld at Baka and olmost killed him but Amai's wing sprung out and cut the very tip of Kawaii's ear off. Kawaii yelped and ran off with his tale between his legs. He hid behind a tree and watched Baka bight Amai's lips, Amai then regergitated food for him. Kawaii then understooed what had happened, the pup was tring to get food, not tring to pick a fight. Kawaii herd a noice and looked up. Baka was licking his ear where it had been cut off. Kawaii got up and brought the pup back to Amai. Kawaii was forgivin all ready because him and Amai where like brothers. At the end of the day Sakura and Naito snuggeld with there father and went to sleep, Baka stayed with Kawaii and went to sleep. In the morning Kuro's brother, Kumo, paid a suprize visit. Sakura went right up and pulled on Kumo's tail. Naito then went up and rolled on his back. Baka refused to leave Kawaii's side. He only looked at his grate uncle and hid behind Kawaii. Kawaii laughed and said "Why are so so afried to leave my side Baka,". "I just dont fill safe with any one but you and mother.", he said. "Ok, Iwill rais you as if you where my son.", Kawaii said and gromed Baka.

    Sakura and Naito where playing with each other,Baka was sleeping next to Kawaii, Kumo and Kuro where catching up, and Amai and Kirei where growming each other. All seemed well, but Kawaii still felt un-easy. Baka would starv if he didn't ask his father for food. Kawaii was a Akita inu, not a wolf. He is not able to regergitate food for him. Kawaii got up and ran away. He pland to leave for a bitand would stay near enough to watch Baka form a distnce. If Baka dosn't bond with his father after two weeks then he will come back. The next morning Baka was yipping and whimpering. The rest of the pack was howling but Kawaii did not listin to there crys. He was tring to catch a fish in the small pond he was staying at. He saw a refletion in in the water yet he did not know what it was. It was a small nine year old human girl. Something told Kawaii not to be afraid of her though, for she had a warm kind nature and seemed to not be any harm. Her arm reached and scratched Kawaii's ear. She spoke calm and slowly and said, "You ran away,too, huh? Well don't worry we can watch over each other.", she spoke as Kawaii rolled over and she rubed his tummy. Kawaii for the first time since he saw his mother witch was years ago, waged his tail. " My name is Shiawase (happiness).", she calmly said. I think you may like my dog,Daisuki (Love), She is really nice. Shiwase wisteled and a white akita came waging her tail. She sat next to her master and looked at Kawaii. She had never been outside of her house so she had never seen another dog before. She remembered seeing her self in a mirror so she knew he looked like her. Kawaii got up and stared at Daisuki because he too didn't remember seeing a dog in years. The closest thing he knows is Amai whitch isn't fully a dog. " Hello my name is Kawaii... Dont worry I wont hert you... ", he said. " I am as my master said, Daisuki, and I too will not hert you as long as you leave my master alone.", she said back."No worries I will not harm your master I am a good natured dog so you dont need to worry.", he said. "I geuss I will have to get rid of my plans and go to the wolf pack to show them I have not left for good and you mean no harm to Amai's cubs. He is very protective of them. Bring your master, too so I can show her to them too.", he said. Dausuki nooded her head and pulled on Shiwase's sleev. Kawaii howled to tell the other where he was, Daisuki howled, too. Amai and Kirei howled back to tell him thay where near. Kawaii walked in a line, Daisuki and Shiwase fallowed. Baka was the first to come up and greet Kawaii, Sakura and Naito fallowed after that,then the rest of the pack came. When Shiwase saw Amai's wings she bowed. "Prais the wolf angel who flys for the earth! Child of an dog angel and a wolf! Prais the children of the wolf angel! One of earth,one of sky, and one of night!", she yelled." You have shown me the crazyest human of all Kawaii.", Amai said as he laughed.

    Daisuki went to sleep next to Shiwase, Kawaii was sleeping next to Daisuki and Baka was sleeping in between them. The rest of the pack except Amai was sleeping under a tree. He could sence something bad was coming but he did not know what it was. He growled even though he could see nothing. He listend and could hear a loud noise. Daisuki yelped and he turned around. A 13 feet tall grizzle bear stood on its hind legs,Its eyes glowing red, it teeth atleast 7 inches long. Amai relized it was not a bear but a demon. The pack was running away but Kawaii,Baka,Amai,Daisuki, and Shiwase. Baka ran behind the demon, Kawaii and Daisuki ran to the sides of the demon, Amai ran in front, and Shiwase through rocks at it. The demon rowred and thrashed around. Daisuki berly doged a blow from its paw but Kawaii and Baka where not as lucky. Baka was hit and thrown 15 feet form the bear and Kawaii's eye was scratched off. Amai jumped and cut the demons ear off. The demon turned and bit into Amai's wing, crushing the bones into many small pices. Baka jumped and bit into the demons throt, Kawaii and Daisuki joined. Shiwase yelled and lit some sticks on fire, then she hurled the sticks at the demon. The demon clawed at it throt geting rid of Amai, Daisuki howled to tell the Kawaii, and Daisuki but the force of there fangs cut open his throt. The demon fell and the earth rumbeld. The demon tried to stand three times, then it died from loss of blood. Amai, Kawaii, Baka, and others all is well. The others came and sniffed the air. The sent of humans surrounded them and the noise of helicopter. Shiwase yelled "Mommy! Daddy!"and her parents came running to her. They huged for a long time and Daisuki barked. Amai herd shoots fired and befor he could do any thing he and the rest of the pack fell asleep. While they where sleeping thay where put into cages and shiped to a zoo.