• The Passion of Two Foxes
    Part 3
    Gripping her spear, she again dashed forward with the tip pointing at her target’s heart. A golden glow in its right hand catches her eye, and distracts her enough to miss it jaunting to the side, grabbing the end of her speak and swinging it out of her grip while at the same time sending her backwards on her rear. Without pause it came at her again, sending her rolling backwards and toppling over herself. Struggling, she attempts to retaliate, using hand-to-hand combat against her seemingly relentless foe.
    Their fight turned into a mobile wrestling match, with both her and her opponent tumbling over one another trying to dig their weapons into each other. Rolling around bumps, rocks and craters in the ground, they narrowly avoid being crushed by the rampage robots battling around them. Finally, Sas gets tired and breaks away from the tumble. Panting, she regains balance and poses in a ready stance, facing her opponent who has also regained stance.
    Both beings stand still, staring at each other, as if trying to probe each other’s thoughts for their next move. The battle around them seems to fade, as If the world only consisted of two beings, her and him. Silence struck her and time stood still as she sinks her thoughts into his through a connection of eyes. But with every attempt to dig further her sight is blocked by the red film over her eyes, making all seem red and as a target. Attempting over and over again and failing as many times, she slightly sways her head trying to receive an angle of entrance which she cannot obtain.

    His guard is down! Now! Streak frantically speaks in his mind, realizing that his opponent has lost concentration by the swaying of its head. Quickly he dashes forward, ramming his skull into the now cracked chest plate of his opponent. Being caught by surprise, the metallic being grunts and flies back into a rock, cracking the backside of the chest plating as well and opening itself again to another attack. Streak doesn’t waste this chance either, he lunges forward and smashes the back of its head into the rock with one fist and pummels away at the chest platting with the other, chipping off bits with each stroke.
    His opponent flinched with each hit, unable to strike back, with a large crack building up in its armor. Finally Streak takes another extra second after his fury of blows, and buries his hand into the plating with one last punch. The punch drove into his opponent so hard the rock behind it began to crack.
    A sudden pause struck the two, much like the other except this time with a meeting of flesh not eyes. A broken piece of metal lay bye his feet, and his fist is covered with blood both of his own and from a foreign body. Streak stares forward, his teeth still clenched from the strike but his eyes wide with startled amazement as he peers at the blood streaming down his arm and his opponent’s body.
    This is…. This is no Cybertronian…. Streak thought, as the smell of another’s blood whisped passed his nose. Streak recognized the scent, and knew that it was that of a creature he was familiar with. He was hesitating, unsure of what to do next. He didn’t want to kill another being, yet it was on the enemy’s side. What do I do? Streak thought to himself.

    Now’s my chance! Sas thought, as she pulled her knees to her stomach and pushed out against his chest. He fell back, and flinched upon hitting the ground. Sas quickly got on top of the rock, looked back at her opponent for a brief second, and then jumped into a ditch leading towards the mountains behind the base. A big chunk of Sas’s armor was gone, and blood had been drawn from her body. She knew that continuing the fight would lead to her demise, for fighting wounded was a strategy she believed only Autobots have to deal with.
    As she ran and looked around her, she noticed she wasn’t the only one that was defeated. The Decepticons were in a full retreat, running back to their outpost from which they attacked from. Sas needed to heal, and she needed to do it alone. If the others saw she was weak they might kill her. She could hide in the mountains, and there she would go until her wounds were better.

    Streak looked on as his enemy fled towards the mountains. Tired and bruised, he then looked around and realized that there were survivors, on his side, and helping the others that needed it. He saw Autobots pulling their brethren out of ditches, trenches and piles of scrap, helping in any way possible with the knowledge that another wave may hit at any time. Letting out a big sigh, Streak started to walk back to what was left of the base, to see what he himself could salvage from the hangar bay. His mind was boggling with thoughts, many of confusion, frustration, and relief. He then looked at the blood still on his hand, and pondered why the Decepticons would recruit a fox.