• I lay here in bed, stairing at my cealing. I can make out her face in it bumpy white serface.
    It was exactly 2 years on this day that we had met.
    I can still remember it like it was yesterday.
    And a week from when she gave me the best gift anyone could have imagined.

    It was a week away from christmas day, and all around was a white winterland. It was very rare for us to get snow here, so when I woke up the preveus day and seen the untouched pouder on the ground I was excited. I instantly got my scarf, gloves, snow pants, took, and snow boots and ran out the door. I tworled around, my hands out to the side keeping me balanced, but even that didnt work and I ended up falling on my back. I laughed and started making a snow angel when The sound of a car came from above me. I got up and stepped off of the road. The car was actually a truck; a moving truck, and it ran right over my snow angel. The truck backed up into the driveway next to my house; new naughbers. I stood off to the side and watched as 3 people came out from the truck. There was an older women and an older man. The third person interested me more then the other two did - our new naughbers had a daughter! My smile brightened and I ran to their driveway. They had opened the back of the truck up and had started to unload it into their new house. I walked up behind the girl "Hi. Your new here right? Well Im Yasri, its a pleasure to meat you." Introducing myself sure did get her attention. She nearly droped the box she was holding. I cought the edge of it and held it up with her. The box was big and so It hid our faces from each other, but I straned my neck to look around it. "Sorry, I didnt mean to scare you, I was just saying hi" She didnt reply right away, she just put the box back into the truck. I had to admit, she was a cute girl. She had short black hair that curled around her face; fraiming it. Her eyes where like jade stones; shinning from the light of the sun. She wore a tan-coloured scarf and tan-coloured gloves. Her took was pink along with her jaket. And her pants where as white as the snow. She blushed and fiddled with her jacked zipper. "I-its ok...Your didnt scare me" The look on her face and the sound of her voice made me smile even more. Her parents came out from the house "j**z, come on we have to set this tuff up, hury." They took more boxes into the house, not even ignoliging me. I really couldnt care if they did or not, all I care about is meeting j**z. j**z, as I found was her name from her parents saying it, picked up the box again and headed to the door. "H-hey, hey! can I help you?" j**z stopped and looked over at me. I smiled at her and look the box from her hands and went into the house with it. She came in moments later with another one "Were would you like it?" I followed her up the stares to a room, where she placed her box down. *Must be her room, seeing as it was pink* We headed back down the stares and quickly got all of the boxes unloaded. We didnt talk much while doing it but after her parents insisted that she go out and play with me in the snow. j**z was a shy girl, and it suited her. "So, where did you come from?" I asked while showing her around our naughberhood. "O-oh....I moved from wisconsin." "From wisconsin, eh? Well you can be reastassured. You'll have way more fun here." I jumped down from the wood border lining the back of the park and she followed suit. "Well, this is the park, its great here. I hang out alot here." I picked up some snow and rolled it in my hand "I know this neughberhood like it was the back of my hand. So dont worry if you need to go anywhere I'll be your guide!" I bowed as I said this. She smiled and continued looking around. Her smile was bright and it was one of thoughs genuine ones. "So why did you have to move here for?" I asked while through the now perfectly packed snow in my hand. "My father couldnt find a good job out there, so we moved here" "Oh." I tossed the snow ball into the distence. right then I felt a hand grab my jacket sleave, and heard a cute little squeak. Before I knew it, I was laying on my back in the snow. I looked over at j**z, and she looked at me. For a moment there was silence but then she both burst out laughing. I got up and put my hand out to her "Thank you" she said taking my hand. "No problem. you gotta be more careful, its pretty slippary here" "Ya" j**z smiled and we continued to walk and chat. By the time we got back to her house we where covered in snow and it was past 8:00. We had a blast! We built snow men and igglus, and had snow ball fights, then we took the risk of licking stop sign polls. I had to go to the nearest 7 11 and get some warm water because her toung had gotten stuck. We just laughed it off though. Her parents where really nice, they had offered me to stay for supper that night, but I had to get home to my own family and tell my mom where I was. j**z's parents looked extremly happy that she had made a new friend so fast, and it looked like she was too. I said good by to j**z and left for my house. We had made a plan to see each other the next and the days after that. I had told my mother everything about j**z and she pestered me to bring her over to have a slumberparty. The next night I did just that. "Come on j**z, I gotta show you him!" "Ok" She ran down stares carring her sleepover stuff and we headed for my house (Which was like a few meters away). We instently ran up the stares and to my room. We threw our stuff on my bed and walked over to my shelf. "WOW! He's so kool looking! does he bite?" I chuckled "No, he's really friendly. Actually all giant black african milapieds are tame." Most girls our age would be screaming and telling us how discusing they where and how ugly they looked, but not us, we like them. I hand found out some of j**z's likes and dislikes, for example, she hated the color blue and her favourite kind of bugs where spiders. "Can I hold him?" "Sure" I handed him to her and she admired everything about him. We put him back and headed back outside until it was dark. The whole night we painted your nails, sang to christmas songs, watched movies and eat junk. The next day, we were gonna sleep at her house. j**z and me where inseprable, if one went some where the other had to too, if one slept on the couch the other had to too. Our days sleeping over at each others houses went back and forth until christmas eve, and thats the night I would never forget. It was Christmas eve and our parents had gotten together to have a little fun fo their own. j**z and I went strate to my room like usual. All the door ways in my house had mistletoe hanging from them. I didnt pay much attention to them, it was natural for me. My parents did it every year. I had stopped in the door way of my room, turning to ask j**z what she was saying before. j**z noticed the mistletoe above us and got nervuse. I didnt pay attention to any of that though, I was to busy babbaling on.

    My eyes widened in surprise, was j**z....kissing me? She pulled back a moment later, her whole face beet red. I was to stuned to do anything but stand there like an ideot. j**z shyly quized passed me. She sat ont he bed, head down and started to play with her fingures. I reganed myself and slowly closed the door. "W-what was that for?" j**z just sat there, head down and didnt respobd. I touched my lips before walking over to he and lifting her chin. Our eyes met and so did our lips. This time it was I who had make the move. j**z got confertable a moment later and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her lips where soft and sweet. I started developing a permenent craving for their tast. We made-out for as long as we could before we had to part for air. I layed back on the bed and smiled up at her; she smiled back. "Yasri I love you." Again I was cought off gaurd by her. She wasnt usually this strait forward with her words, not even when we're laughing and having a good time. "I...I love you too." j**z smiled brighter then I had ever seen her smile. She gave me one more kiss before laying her head on my chest "marry christmas Yasri." "Marry christmas Jizzy." We closed our eyes and layed there holding each other till we woke early in the morning. j**z was the one who woke me up. She woke me up by placing soft light kisses lingering all over my body. "Good morning sleepy head" she said in her that soft innocent voice of hers. "Good morning..." she gave me a kiss before pulling me out of bed and down the hallway to the christmas tree. There were touns of presents under the tree, more then I had seen before. I had to admit I loved the gifts I had gotten that year, but the gift I loved the most was having j**z as a lover. Time had passed and our love grew more for each other every passing second. I was excited, because it was our annavursry. We had been together one whole year. Fortunit for us, it had snowed again this year. We spent all of our time outside, playing and warming each other up (if you know what I mean^///^) and today we were selebrating our second christmas together. The door bell rang and I raced down to get it; it was going to be j**z. As always I was right, it was j**z but not the happy bright j**z I knew and loved. No it was a sad and depressed j**z; a j**z I never liked to see. Instantly she ran into my arms and cried into my chest. "Whats wrong? Jizzy what happened?" j**z pulled back and looked me in the eyes. She tried hard to explain to me what was going on without crying but she didnt have enough strangth. "I-Im leaving today! I-Im m-moving away Yasri...I dont want to move! I dont want to leave you!!!" Right then and there it felt like my heart was peirced with a sharp metal object, then ripped from my chest and stepped on. "W-why?!? why are you moving? whay didnt you tell me before?!?" j**z just cried more and explained to me that she just found out today too. It took us a long time to except that she wa leaving me, but we took a deep breath and made a vouw to remember each other forever, and to be waiting at the pearly gates so we could walk through them hand-in-hand together. I helped her pack he things and load them into the moving truck. We took our time saying good by to each other. "Please Yasri, never forget me...I wont forget you" I gave her a sad soft smile and talked delicatly "you know I could never forget about you...no matter what you will always be the one I love. And we will one day meet again and fromt hat day on we will be together forever." j**z had started to cry again and I held her tightly "w-what a christmas gift!" She started to rumage through her bag and pulled something out. "I-I had made this for you. I was gonna give it to you this morning, as a christmas and anversary girft" I took the small box from her shaking ahnds and poened it. There inside was a snow white heart with embedded writing in it that read: "Yasri & Jizzy = forever in love." I looked into her waterlogged jade eyes and hugged her. "Thank you. This is the best girft I had gotten out og the 16 years of gifts I was given." She noddd her head and barried her head deep into my shirt. "Im going to miss you Jizzy. I will be dreaming and thinking of you every minute of everyday...I love you not matter what, and I will never stop loving you." "I-I love you too...I-I..." She couldnt bring herself to get the rest of the sentence out of her voice box; good by was so hard for her. I took off the only other thing that was preciuse to me: my bamboo crafted necklace that was given to me by the greatest samurai who ever lived. "B-but this is your..." "I know, and I want you to have it...to remember me by" I placed it over her head and rested it on her collar bone. She never once stopped crying through our final good bye hug and kiss. The kiss was passonit and full with more love then I had ever experienced it to have been before. She waved to me through the truck window; blowing kisses to me. I waved back and cought every single kiss; placing them at my heart. I blew kisses back until I couldnt see them anymore. My world was crushed that day, but I learned to get over it and still be able to think back on our love and be able to keep strong. Every christmas I think back to that day and wonder if she thinks about it too. I always smile to myself. Of course she does. She doesnt ever once stop thinking about me, just like I dont stop thinking about her.

    I turned my head over and smiled; taking the snow white heart in my hand. I ran my eyes over the embedded writing - "Yasri & Jizzy = forever in love." I closed my eyes and placed it over my heart before getting out of bed and heading down the hall to see the Christmas tree with piles of gifts resting beneth it.