• A women is running with a bundle in her arms....shes afraid of something....but what?
    Run.....RUN...........dont stop......no.....carefull.....i cant understand why but you need to run....
    the woman stumble across a tree branch and loses her balance.
    Frightened she hides behind the tree as a band of knights by horse come up
    behind her.
    "You will be spared if you give us the child women, but hiding in this forest will mark your end. Dont be foolish!" Says the leading knight.
    They stop and look around.
    "General, it is to dark to keep searching.Even if she can hear you she will not come.She is most probably hiding somewhere. She will not last the night in the Poison Forest. We might as well go back and search for her body tomorrow morning." Said one knight
    "Very Well, lets head back...but early tomorrow morning we will begin to search.....if she does survive......she wll wish she had not..." The General gave a chuckle and led his knights back.
    The women waits a few moments before getting to her feet.
    "You deserve better princess....this world will only suffer more under his rule.
    You can be the light.....so I must keep you safe.....amelia...amelia

    "Amelia get up already!"
    I got up to see my cousin Lynn sitting on her knees next to my bed.
    "Whatta you want?" I said half asllep.
    I had had the dream again.....god what did it mean? Who is that women?
    And is that child me?
    And why does it seem so....familiar?
    I had started having the dream about two weeks before.
    "Amelia?" Lynn said breaking me from my thoughts.
    "Amelia im hungry. Make me a sandwith...NOW.I demand you get out of bed, get dressend and make me my usual ham and cheese melty sanwitch!!!"
    "mmmm...ok....just five more minutes..."
    "ugh fine..." I said getting out of bed.
    I followed her out the door untill she was out.
    "see ya cous!"
    Ok so I should explain right?
    Hi my names Amelia Roberts and I turned 13 about 3 weeks ago. I live with my Aunt June and Uncle Will. I have ever since i was about 6 months old, so I dont remember my mom much. Fom what my Aunt says she was very nice and warmhearted, but she couldnt keep me. Well at least thats what the orphanage told her. Because thats what my mom told them. She dropped me off one rainy day covered in mud and told them she couldnt keep me in her circumstances. Just shoved me in a secretary's arms told her to contact her sister and see if shed take me in....then she turned and ran out the door...
    We havent heard from her since....no postcards, letters of explanation, nothing.I only have this necklace that I wear every day. Its Oval with a heart-shaped hole in the middle. Its the only thing she left me with before she dumped for whatever shes doing now. I guess you can say i kinda resent her for not contacting me once in the last 12 and a half years. Not the Aunt June And Uncle Will arent great parents..but still...
    Well yeah thats my sob story.I hate telling it but i do cause i dont want people to think Im miserable.
    Aunt June and Uncle Will are probably working, see Uncle Will is a Veterinarian and Aunt June is own her own bakery, and they always get up early to go work. Usually I'm stuck baby-sitting Lynn, whos 7, before school. Being in middle school i get in a good half hour before her so i give her breakfast get ready and take her down a block to her friends house. My daily rutine so im quite use to it, including lynns usual bossy morning self. Oh did I mention I've been feeling wtched lately?
    I feel someones following me but.....maybe its just a weird teen thing.
    But i've been thinking it has something to do with these odd dreams.
    i really hope it isnt cause i hate weird stuff like that.....
    But then again Im not so normal myself.You'll see what I mean soon enough...