• I'm Ichioshi Chan princess of Ni Awaea Garden. If you read this please belive me. I'm a orphan from the city of Hiawae Darkedan. I was adopted by Queen Achaosha Chan & King Dachaoshi Chan. they raised me to be a princess, but all my life I've wanted to e a normal person in stead of being call Princess all the time. I was captured by Nominus Kong. While a captive I wrote a song called Labyrinth.
    I'm lost in the Labyrinth
    This unsolvable maze
    Condemned for knowledge I can't help but have
    I want to be free

    Birds, oh birds come to me
    For I have a plan that will set me free
    Wings of feathers and wings of wax
    I need both to fulfill this task

    Soaring up high, above the clouds
    Look at that maze now
    I tease the sea and challenge the sun
    For at last, I am free

    Birds, oh birds fly with me
    This plan of mine has set me free
    Wings with your feathers, wings with my wax
    I used both and fulfilled this task

    But my first flight became my last
    For I challenged the sun and lost
    I flew up high to be thrown back down
    Is this what it means to be free?

    Birds, oh birds please help me
    This plan of mine has set me free
    Free from your feathers, free from my wax
    Because of my arrogance, I failed this task

    Here I lie beneath the sea
    Deep down in the grasp of Hades.
    Free I am, but not what I wanted
    From one prison to another

    The birds, the birds, they can't help me
    Never again will I be free
    Not with feathers, not with wax
    Never again to challenge that task.