• The world in which it is set is called Eurestan. Three Kingdoms exist with in Eurestan. Each Kingdom worships the Solardavi (fire bird of the sun) who is said to bring life and warmth to their world. Each kingdom fears the Lunardavi (fire bird of the Moon) who said to bring death and terror to the world.

    Although a group was formed who worshiped the Lunardavi believing that it was ultimatly thanks to the Lunardavi for bringing death and darkness that life and light are so appreciated, the is no life without death and no day without night.

    The Solar Knights, those who have sworn themselves fatally to the service of the Solardavi, arose and slaughtered the group and the city from wich they came Olivard.

    Now only Hailcon and Renaiz stood.

    Hailcon was said to be the birth place of the Solardavi.

    but what no one knew was that one of the worshipers of the Lunardavi escaped, haveing his family killed he saught vengeance on all of Eurestan!
    His Name was Alexander, with the death of his beloved kingdom and his precious wife and girl child he left his old identity in the ruins of Olivard and took on a new name that was soon to be feared by all the Peoples of Eruestan... Angelus Mortis.

    With his dark magic he killed off all the the Solar Knights. One of these Knights was Yoshitaka Sakaguchi.

    Yoshitaka Had one son, a baby boy. To ensure that not all was lost he begged the Solardavi to bless his son, so that when his son grew up he could stop Alexander and his evil reign of terror.

    To be continued...

    To be continued....