• tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Chapter 2

    tab "Haa haa haa," Alice awoke breathing hard and drenched in sweat. Slowly sitting up in her messy bed she laid her feet off the side and on the ground. "Very bad dream." she said to herself.
    tab Alice stood up and walked to her bathroom. In the mirror she was a complete mess with her hair in a tangles, her face was red and her eyes were hardly opened. She turned her shower on and set it to cold.
    tab Alice put her finger under the running water. Cold... she thought to herself as she took off her top and laid it on her counter. Her skin jumped up as the cold water rushed over it. Alice's eyes were wide open showing life. Her tangled her was flatened and straight.
    tab "Alice! Hurry up or you're going to be late for school!" a woman's voice came from down stairs.
    tab "Yes!" she quickly turned off the running water and wrapped a towel around her wet body. She ran to her closet and grabbed a pair of clothes with out looking at them. Alice then change fast while trying but not succeeding in drying her hair. "Urgh! I hate my hair!" she yelled at the wet blob on the top of her head.
    tab "Alice!" came the voice again.
    tab "Ah! Coming!" Alice grabbed a hair brush then put it in her backpack. She sliped on her hoodie well racing down the stairs to grab a piece of toast before they disappeared.
    tab She sluggened her bag over her shoulders with a piece of toast in her mouth. "Alice! Don't eat like that!"
    tab "Sorry Mrs.Bean but I should really be on my way or I'll be in some serious trouble." Alice took the toast out of her mouth and showed a big grin with crumbs all over her cheeks.
    tab "Alright, I guess." she noticed Alice running down the hall toward the front door, "But how many times have I told you too call me Mom?!" Alice turned around and smiled the closed the door and ran.

    tab "Haa haa haa." Alice bent her knees and laid a hand on the school's wall trying to catch her breath. "Yes! I made it!" she yelled out. "Uh..." she noticed the looks everyone was giving her, "Hahaha, whoops."
    tab "Talking to yourself again, Alice?" a shadow appeared behind her.
    tab "Awww, that's kinda mean, J.J." Alice turned around to face a tall black haired classmate. "Oh, are you trying to scare me? You just gave me the goosebumps." she laughed to herself.
    tab "Yeah. You know me. Plus your scared face is funny." he started giggling at the expression on Alice's face.
    tab "That is mean, J.J." a female voice said in a sour tone.
    tab "Yay! Amy!" Alice turned around and hugged the girl behind her.
    tab "What's wrong, Alice?" both J.J and Amy asked with concern in their voices and on their faces.
    tab A look of shock came upon her. Alice never knew how both of them could tell what she was feeling. Whenever Alice was sad and hid it they both asked "Why are you sad?", while everyone thought she was perfectly fine.
    tab "N-...nothing. Nothing's wrong! Why do you ask?" Alice asked , her cheeks red with fear and embarasment.
    tab "I don't know... just a feeling I guess." answered J.J.
    tab "Hmmm, are you sure?" Amy didn't give up. She had a strong sense of things, mostly small things like missing items but whenever it came to Alice. Amy could feel Alice's feelings and sense her whereabouts.
    tab "Honestly Amy. Don't worry. Remember I promised I'd tell you anything that happens to me." the innocent face brought Amy's always seirous face to a gentler and loving expression.
    tab Ding Dong "Come on guys! We better hurry I don't like it when Mr.James picks on me." Alice rushed to the main doors where all the students entered.
    tab "Hey! Alice!" Alice got caught up in the flow of students and fell to the ground. No one noticed her on the floor getting trampled. She couldn't hear anything besides the sound of shoes hitting the ground. Alice squeezed her eyes shut waiting for them all to pass so she could get up.
    tab "Are you alright?" the sound of shoes stopped and Alice opened her eyes. She saw a hand reached out to her and everyone had moved away giving her room. Someone actually noticed me... she thought amazement as she stared at the kind hand.
    tab "Are you alright?" the voice repeated the same question. Alice looked up and nodded slowly."Here," he grabbed her hand and helped her off the dirty hall way floor while managing to pick up the things she dropped.
    tab "Umm... thanks." Alice just stared at him, caught up in his hazel eyes. She noticed his eyes showed something. Something about him. Something strange.
    tab "Alice! Are you okay?! Did you get hurt?!" her friends came running to her side. Alice snapped out of it at the sight of their scared and worried expressions.
    tab "I'm fine. No need to worry about me." she smiled at the caring faces. "Oh!" she turned around to the kind person, "Thanks! I owe you, 'kay? Just ask me anything and I'll answer!" she said with a cheerful voice.
    tab Ding Dong" Ah, crap. It's the warning bell. Come on Alice or you'll be scolded again." Amy said as her and J.J headed down the hall.
    tab "Ah! Bye-bye, thanks again!" he saw her run to catch up with her friends. Once she was out of sight he stood there then laughed to himself.
    tab That's one weird girl. he thought as he turned the corner, heading into the main office.

    tab "Take your seats please." the teacher's voice rose as he walked into the classroom. " I would like for you all to greet our new student." a tallguy entered the classroom. Everyone's face was of shock. Alice heard some of the popular girls whispering from behind. Alice recognoized him as the kind person who helped her.
    tab "Introduce yourself now." the teacher pushed him in front of the class.
    tab "I'm Taylor Anderson. Nice to meet you." he smiled a big grin but Alice could tell it was fake. She looked around but no one else thought so.
    tab "Okay, you can take your seat..." Mr.James looked around for an empty seat, "over by Alice. The one with messy hair."
    tab Alice took her hand and patted her hair finally noticing she forgot to brush it before class. Urgh! she thought to herself as her cheeks became a rosy color. Everyone started laughing as she hid her face in her arms on her table.Taylor sat by her with no signs of laughter or amusment on his face.
    tab "Okay class, settle down now. Pull out your text books and turn to page 89..."
    tab "Um, Alice right?" she nodded noticing his voice was clean not rough, kind of like an angel's. "The school hasn't given me any of my books yet so could you... possibly share?" he asked kind of embarassed for some reason.
    tab "Oh! Sure!" Alice nearly yelled.
    tab "Alice! Settle down." Mr.James glared at her with anger in his eyes.
    tab "S-sorry Mr.James." her cheeks then grew even redder with embarassment. This just isn't my day... she thought to herself as she passed her text book to Taylor then hid her face to cool down.