• Name: Celest (Chinmay Eknath Roshni)
    Age: around 20 years
    Gender: Female
    Height: same height as Kate
    Origin: Indian blood and has inherited same powers as ray because of Yuutsen atavism.

    *; Atavism* Delayed Heredity;* the sudden expression of a recessive phenotype from a very distant ancestor

    Chapter 2. Trust or betrayed????

    Celest had just finished her first class, gymnastic. The children were a unique in they’re own way. But she couldn’t help but feel attracted by the shy little boy, what was his name again? Raymond ah yes that was it. And his friends Michael and Ryan and matt, they’re were no strangers to her, she had grown up in the same neighbor as the two cousins and matt was easy to read being raised partly in a Indian resevat,has his advances It helped her reading the boy like now one could. Of course she never could communicate with him like ray could.

    ‘Knock, Knock’

    “Celeste it’s me Kate, can I come in?”
    “Yes come in.” Kate entered the kitchen.” What can I do for you?”
    “It’s Mrs. Leena she wants to talk to you.”

    Celeste frowned, the psychiatrist wanted to talk with her, oh well it was to be expected, it probably about my heritage.

    “Thank you Kate I will be on my way now.” She nodded and left. Celest stood up and walked across the hallway. There she saw Noah dragging mike back while he had an attack, she shook her head.” Poor boy at least it isn’t boring in here.”

    I reached the office, I knocked on the door.

    “Come in,”

    I walked in and took place in the chair across her.
    She smiled at me I returned suddenly her face became serious.

    “Let’s get down to business, I am informed about your unique character and,,, you’re yuutsen atavism… “ Celeste heart stopped, this was it she was caught she would be arrested serve as a lab rat, now it comes the big shock.

    “And I want you to know that I am not going to betray you.”

    There it is,,, wait,,, what? Celeste blinked and looked at the psycho as if she had five heads instead of one,

    “It is that I have known for quite a time and I am going to help you as you know ray is half yuutsen, just like you only your DNA is much stronger because of the atavism effect in you.”

    “This makes you more knowledgeable than we ever will be. You already are one of the few persons mike really trusts, and who knows to deal with Ryan. And with matt of course because he and you share the same Indian blood, it makes it only easier to communicate with him.”

    Celeste resumed silent, deeply impressed by the woman, she knew what had to do and she did it with style, she observed anyone and had more knowledge about them that anyone of them wanted.

    “I see, May I know what you’re trying to accomplish with it?” Celeste stood up to face the psycho who stood before her “I beg you pardon?” ” It is pretty oblivious you’re not just a psycho what do you want with me?” They now stood nose to nose.(Imagine Blair with that mice girl in episode 21) “I am someone who is trying to protect the children at any means and nobody but nobody will stop me from it,” she glared at Celeste ‘whoa and I thought Noah’s glare was scary’ “So will I and not even a psycho will stop me” Celeste said to her while they now stood nose to nose and breast to breast(XD I simply couldn’t resist to put it into the story)

    *Story pause*
    Blair said “weren’t you supposed to be dead?”
    Imagine something like this’ XD
    *resume story*

    The psycho smiled. “Alright then it’s settled.” Celeste chuckled. “Alright, lets begin with rays background” they both took their seats and discussed about the four guys Celeste was supposed the keep an extra eye on.

    *a half hour later*

    Celest closed the door, after they little I wont give in before you do match they had discussed her task and what was expected for her. I went peacefully, celest turned and walked while deep in thought...

    So deep that she didn’t noticed where she was walking…

    Which happened to be a door that was left open……


    She rubbed her forehead where a dark purple mark was visible,’ ouch damn that hurts’
    “What happened are you alright?” Celeste looked up to see merel looking down at her.

    “uh..hi merel wasn’t it? I was deep in thought so deep I didn’t notice that I walked against this door”
    Merel looked at her oddly and busted out laughing Celeste soon joined her.

    Celeste stood up rubbing her forehead. “Here let me see” said merel to her, Celeste removed her hands and a big bruise was visible,” that is going to hurt tonight.!” Tell me about it” said Celeste merel took her hand and too her to the kitchen….

    5 minutes later

    “So…” merel began “where do you come from…..”
    “Well I was born in the Indian reservation in Canada, where I lived for 4 years, after that I was taken away a Kind family took me in. That’s how I got to know mike and Ryan we kind of grew up as long as it lasted. After I turned 14 I went to study psychology and medics, I am a high intellectual so I always picked things up faster than other teens at my age. I finished my studies at the age of 18 years old. Then I deicide to research out my heritage, or what was left over, but then I got a call of Kate if I would be interested in a job as teacher here, and I didn’t mind so I said yes…. So that’s kind of my story” Or what you should now about me,, thought Celeste..

    “impressive, hey I know why don’t we go drinking something together since our shift end earlier?”
    “uhm.. I am really sorry but I cant, I have something else to do maybe another time okay?”

    Merel nodded, Celeste stood up”” its nice to meet ya merel, but I have to go now since my shift ended and I have loads of unpacking to do”

    And with that Celeste stood up put her coat on and walked out into the cold night

    She is a nice girl, but I cant help but find her mysterious like she is hiding something, oh well…
    Its not my business anyway…

    And with that merel stood up and began the last remaining time of her shift.

    End of chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Celeste just had finished putting on her coat when she heard someone scream.

    “MAMA!!! HELP ME!!!”

    “What in the world is happening? Is that ray?” Celeste ran to his room but when she arrived she heard voices.

    “Calm down, quiet”

    ‘Celeste peeked inside and saw mike and ray , she listened by the wall making sure they couldn’t see her or hear her.

    “Mike…” that was Raymond’s, his voice sounded full of fear.

    Celeste listened how mike calmed down ray,

    “and…eh… one more thing, Ray…””


    “Cover yourself up”

    Celeste could barely hold her giggles, typical a juutsen thingy.

    “Well I guess every juutsen has problems with pj`s, *giggles*”

    Celeste listened how mike told him why he was up, she walked to his room to wait for him,

    Once mike noticed her it was an odd situation. “What are you doing here?”
    “Me? I work here” answered Celeste point blank.

    “I want some answers mike, and I am not leaving before I get them, and you know I am more stubborn then you ever can be.” Mike looked at her knowing fully well how stubborn she could be.

    Celeste took the silence as an answer.

    “What is with you suddenly? Coming to a new kid’s room, just because he had a nightmare. Last time I checked you didn’t care to help someone except yourself or Ryan,”

    Mike snorted, “Hmm, he screamed, I was tired.”

    Celeste looked at him sternly “Michael….” Said Celeste in a warning tone

    “I... I don’t know, I just did. OH whatever go blow yourself, I am going to bed” and with that a s a final answer mike walked into his room and closed or more slammed the door shut.

    Celeste was speechless, she hadn’t ever seen mike like this, odd was what Celeste thought.

    She walked out of the building down the street,


    “What is it this time?” Celeste pulled out her mobile phone, unknown number told the display of her phone.


    ” Hi Celeste, it’s me Kate.”

    “Kate? How did you get my number?”


    ‘Crap... I forgot to call him I would leave earlier.’ Thought Celeste.

    “Is he pissed?”

    “Well I wouldn’t call it pissed of” answered Kate on the phone

    “How would you call it then?”

    “Well he is quite angry at you .you didn’t even bothered to go and see him in the centre and he really got angry when you didn’t even call him that you would leave earlier.

    “s**t, I knew it. I am sooo doomed once I get home.” Said Celeste while she cried anime style.

    “… well look on the bright side…”

    “Which bright side?”

    “You can look forward to the make up sex, you always told me that if you get in a fight. He is fantastic with his mouth when you make out; imagine when you do it”

    “Kate that is not a subject I talk to you about when we are on the phone while I am walking home” yelled Celeste at her phone, her face was bright red. It almost matched Ryan’s hair.

    “Relax, it’s not like you never did it...” Celeste could almost see the cocky smirk plastered on Kate’s
    Face while she said that.

    “ooh, she has some nerve” thought Celeste while an irk mark was visible on her face.

    “You’re getting back at me, for that comment about Noah aren’t you?”

    “Maybe……but it is too much fun to tease” Celeste could practically smell the smugness in Kate’s voice

    “I am so going to get you back for this,”

    “Does that involve a pillow?” Joked Kate

    “Depends on how you behave tomorrow” grinned Celeste

    “Ohoho, I can’t wait” she could practically hear Kate’s laughter which she tried to hold in.

    “Anyway, I am almost home, Call you later okay?”

    “Okay, success girl and enjoy it”

    “Yeah, Hey, SAY WHAT???””Yelled Celeste at her phone but it was too late Kate already had hanged up.

    “SHE IS SOO GOING TO DIE TOMMOROW!” was Celeste last thought, before she put her cell phone in her bag, took her keys and opened the door.

    “I am home…” Celeste entered the living room, nobody….. ‘Huh?, where is he?’
    She tried the kitchen, nobody then the bathroom also nobody,

    “Maybe in the office?” she opened the door that leads to the office.
    And stood still in awe, he had put all her stuff away, and was no sleeping his exhaustion off on the desk while he was seated in the desk chair with paperwork under him.

    “I knew tycho hated paperwork, but I didn’t know he could be so bored by it that he fell asleep.”
    All in all Celeste couldn’t help but grab her mobile, and make a picture of him.

    She decides to make some dinner, but when she wanted to turn, tycho awoke.

    “thanks for stopping bye Celeste”” ouch he is still pissed
    “Well it’s just that,”

    “Cut it off, I knew you were tired but you could have called you know?”

    “Yeah you’re right, sorry” Celeste scratched her head sheepish

    “And since you made me worried, you’re aren’t allowed to leave the bedroom for tonight.”
    A cocky grin was visible on tycho face while he now stood by the desk.

    “Oh really? Who is going to make me? Celeste knew she was asking for it, but why bother when punishment could be so delicious?

    “I am...” stated tycho bluntly before he just simply threw Celeste over her shoulder where she only managed too let out a surprised eep and walked to the bedroom. Their bedroom I might add.

    Celeste couldn’t hold her laughter in and pounded playfully on his shoulder “Tycho, let go I am capable of walking you know?”


    “so let me go..”


    “dammed, let me go will you, you horny psycho. She exclaimed while she slapped on his delicious behind.
    Which only caused Tyco to grope her by her a**.

    “I take that as a compliment”

    And wirth that celeste and tyco started theire night of mischief and as he predicted they didn’t leave theire berooom all night.

    And celeste found out the cause of her acing body next morning’D