• A Dark Breath

    Alone in the dark could kill you if your with the right people. As you wish someone could save you it just means you don’t belive in yourself. As you think there is no way out you are not ready to see light. This story would kill to be read cause only it was made by the only ready one.

    The one and only

    The girl that like’s to be alone. Stacy Steven was the girl that got to move out at 14 cause her IQ was over average. She was a person who payed attention to every thing, her house was quite odd. She liked the color neon green now for a girl it was a odd color. Her funiture was made in shape’s that no one seen before but more eye catching. She toke her white house and made it into seashell green. Also the colthe’s she wear’s can make you stear a mile away. She had black hair with silver high light’s and her being 4’9 you could see her green and brown eye’s. She had a twin but was token away cause it was additcted to harrowine. She was beautiful but she did not care about look’s. She completed school at the age 16. Her family was drugy’s and were surprized how smart Stacy was after all what happened well what was going to happen.
    She just woke as the sky dim and as cold as her freezer she toke a drink of the water she had put on the table. Then walked to the bathroom as she slowly brushed her teeth and rinsed. She has it planed out she did not do one thing other then what she planed. As she got out of the shower her coffe dinged as she apporched it a knock caught her attention. She brushed her hair back and flated her winnie the pooh pajamas. As she opened it a strange man stood in front of her and spoke slowly “are you stacy”. She did not respond quickly but she cleared her throat and spoke “what you say next will decide I let you in or not”. As the guy leaned on the side panel “I’m guessing yes” then started laughing as she did too “hey grandpa”. As he walked in and looked at her house “I like it” she nodded as she got the coffe “want some grap’s”. He waved his hand and coffed “nah” as he sat on the long chair. “How’s everyone” as he questioned
    “umm… I don’t know” she said spilling the coffe “you can be so like your mother” he said riseing his eyebrow’s. “So why you here” she said cleaning up the coffe “nothing I wanted to know you agenda for today”
    “nothing much but I am going to the mall” as she got back up and whent to her room “so is it ok if I tag along”
    “yeah ok I’m just getting ready” As she got on dark green jean’s and a rainbow shrit. As she walked out her grandpa was gone but left a message for her. As it read

    Ok I got to do some stuff before I go so just meet me at the mall.
    - Love grap’s
    She leaughed and whent back to the bathroom and started too put on her make up as she was about to leave her cell phone rang like a traped rat. It was a unknown caller she picked up the call and breathing was all as she screamed at the phone ”who is this”?
    Who is this?
    As they did not say a word she hung up slaming her cell phone her hair flew in the air. She sighed and grabed her coat and walked too her moped but before she turned it on she saw her grandpa’s car there and the cell phone in his hand. She gasped as she saw her grandpa was dead she freaked out as she screamed. As she could not speak a figure poped out of the back seat and grabed her. Only the thing’s she could hear is door’s,laughing and a commercial which she could not move but she heard a voice that made her cry for some reason. As she was droped pulled and pushed she was squeezed out by a big man with a masked of shamoo and left in darkness with noise’s of water droping. She was tied up at her hand’s and feet she could only see the water puddle that she was laying in as she stuggled to get out. Then as a sound of a footstep caught her ear’s it was a man with a mask as a baby. As she laughed but stoped the man left her arm’s and leg’s go he put the gun up to her head and said “don’t make me shoot you” as he said putting it away and leaveing a sandwich that looked like it was just sloped together. She gaged as she saw it and poked it as she crawled away like it was a dead body thou she did see her grandpa dead as she slept for the day. She had a dream that she was at the mall with her grardpa buying and eating then she awoke with a person in the room.
    It’s A Brand New DAY
    It was a person with a mask of a tiger but it was a girl her hair silk black with a leather suit. Unlike the other’s she was bossy “get up” the girl said with kicking a bowl of tomato soup “I see you didn’t like my sandwich” she said picking it up and leaveing while saying “my name is tiger” Stacy was mad at tiger and wanted to throw the sandwhich at her. Stacy was eating the soup as she saw a little table in the dark corner as she picked it up it had writeing on it

    Their gonna hurt me
    Don’t let them fool you
    I was in their living room let this help their next victim…………

    As Stacy freaked out at the message’s the person wrote she looked at the ice pick with a name on it writen in blood Stacy Stevenn. As Stacy gasped at the name was they trying to find the real Stacy. As she heard some one walk in she put the table back it was the guy with the baby mask he had a quetip “come here” he said getting on his knee “open your mouth” Stacy opened her mouth as he twirled it around in her mouth “ok” as he started to leave “what’s your name?”
    “junior” as he slamed the door She knew he took her DNA he didn’t do that for fun. She whent back to the table and pick up the ice pick and stated to dig a hole in the wall. She worked on it all night until she was falling alsleep before she was done she hid the hole with the table and leaveing the ice pick there. As she slept for hour’s tiger came back in with her famous sandwhich.