• Kan Furenzu Itsumademo
    It was a normal day at school. Everyone was at lunch except for Nyniee Eachi. She was an outcast. Everyday she ate her lunch in the girls bathroom. Her mom always made the best food. Today her mother made her four sushi rolls with sticky rice. “Yummm” Nyniee said delightfully. She pulled out her purple and white chopsticks and began to eat her lunch. When she was done she sat for a while waiting for the bell to ring.
    Just then three of the most popular girls in school came into the bathroom. Nyniee sat quietly listening to their conversation. “Did you see Nana’s hair today, she is like soooo dorkey” said Hikaru Miyazaki, the lowest member of the group. “She is so stupid, I can’t believe she’s in our science class” said Fuu Mutsumi, the second ranked girl in the group. “Ok, first of all that losers name is Nyniee and she’s in our math class” Satsuki Nekoi, the leader, said smartly. “Not that it matters WHO she is, she doesn’t have any friends anyway.” They all began to laugh. A tear rolled down Nyniee’s cheek. The bell rang and the girls left. Nyniee wiped her tears and left shortly after. She grabbed her bag and left.
    It was raining outside and Nyniee had no umbrella. So she walked down the road unprotected. As she walked she listened to the pit-pat of the rain in the pavement. She began to hum her favorite song to the tapping of the rain drops. She skipped and hopped from puddle to puddle and started to smile.
    She hopped to the next puddle and suddenly she was falling in a never ending pool of water. She tried to swim up but something was pulling her down. She tried and tried but she finally gave up and slowly floated to the bottom. She laid at the bottom of the pool and slowly ran out of air as she passed out.
    “Where am I,” Nyniee said as she woke up. She was on the back of a person or perhaps a plane. She felt as though she was gliding through the sky as the wind blew through her hair. She tried to see where she was but everything was a blur. She looked back and saw that she was being chased by a wolf. It’s eyes were a golden yellow, it’s fur was dirty gray, it’s teeth were snowy white (Surprisingly), and there was a dark purple cloud around it’s feet.
    Nyniee screamed “AHHHHHH!” She screamed so loud that whatever was carrying her let her go and slid to a stop.
    Nyniee rubbed her head.
    “What was that for!?!?!?” she herd a high voice say. She sat up and opened her eyes. She saw a girl with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a strange kimono. Nyniee looked at her for a while and realized that she looked exactly like Satsuki Nekoi. Nyniee’s eyes widened. She stood up and examined the girl more closely. This girl looked exactly like Satsuki except for a few small details. She had ears, a tail, and fangs.
    They stared at each other and thought what a strange looking girl. Nyniee began to slowly back away and was ready to turn and run when she felt something bump into her. She slowly turned around and saw the hideous wolf that had been chasing her earlier. She screamed and put her hands in front of her face as though she thought the wolf would pounce at her. She snapped her eyes closed and the wolf knocked her to the ground. They rolled around in the grass. Nyniee kicked and screamed frantically. Then the screaming stopped.