• I spent the rest of our holidays mostly alone. I actually was starting to feel a little bit depressed, and not even Leah could cheer me up.
    “It’s just a phase,” Leah was telling me over the phone, “We all go through it.”
    “Well, Leah, maybe you girls do with your periods, but us guys are tougher then this.”
    She laughed.
    At least I could still keep Leah happy during my depression.
    I started to get really bored of life, in only two weeks. I started taking Advil to deal with these sudden strange headaches I’d get, but really, even two wouldn’t help much. I’d wait until my parents weren’t looking, and then I’d drink down one or two over dosage, just to deal with it. After a week, even five a day wasn’t working anymore. I’d take ten every morning, and three before dinner, even though I knew it wasn’t good for me. I was getting addicted to the high. When school started again, I started falling asleep in class, and dragging around. God, even my friends noticed the difference!
    “Woah, man, wake up, class is over!” Darin said, shaking me gently awake.
    I lifted my head up from between my arms, and stared into his amazing green eyes. He moved away his black bangs from his face, and I saw how worried he was.
    “Dude, what’s wrong with you? Exams are coming up in three weeks, you have to keep awake.” He reminded, the worried look plastered on his flawless face.
    I smiled a sheepish smile through my high.
    “I’ve been a little tired lately, that’s all.” I made an excuse.
    “You need a ride, today?” Darin and I both jumped as Garrett spoke behind us.
    Darin nodded.
    “I don’t want to go back home and wallow in self pity while my parents fight. Can I stay with you tonight?” He asked Garrett, and Garrett grinned back.
    “Sweet, of course! Come on, Jude, we’ll make it a threesome!” Garrett joked.
    For some reason, that made me blush. My red face made Garrett grin widen even more.
    “No thanks. I have to study whatever I missed today.” I said, and Garrett’s grin faded.
    “Oh. At least let me take you home?” He offered, but I shook my head.
    “No, I’ll walk. It’s a nice day, and I need to stop at the market. I ran out of Advil.” I said, looking down at my desk.
    “Oh… alright. See yeah!” Garrett said, walking out the door.
    Darin kneeled down to come face-to-face with me.
    “Are you sure you’ll be alright? You know you can tell me anything, right?” Darin asked, very concerned.
    I put on my best fake smile.
    “I’ll be fine, really.” I lied.
    I knew he didn’t believe me, but he nodded anyways. He put a strand of my bangs behind my ear, and gently slapped my face.
    “You hang on, kay?” He said with a smile, walking out of the door.
    I blushed again.