• Prologue

    I was walking home from school after a long day. Tons of homework and studying awaited me when I got home. Ugh. I sighed a heavy breath. There’s no way I’m gonna pass this history test coming up. Leaves danced around me with the wind. It was a sunny afternoon. I looked up at the sun and closed my eyes, feeling the heat on my face. It was only a matter of time. Only a few more weeks until it gets really cold... A whiff of cool breeze past me and I froze. Sure it was October, but I had a suspicious notion that someone was following me. I looked back slowly and cautiously but no one was there. Nothing but the deserted asphalt road and the reddish-orange leaves it was littered with. The dark dense woods were silent on both sides of the road. Hmm. Should be my imagination then. This happened about three times and I said the same thing over and over to myself. I started up the road again with the thought of being followed far away from my mind.
    I was about two blocks away from my house. Finally, sweet relief! Before I could sprint to the leaf covered lawn I heard a quivery voice. The voice raised goose bumps on my arms and sent a cold shutter down my spine. It mumbled words I didn’t even understand let alone pick up. This time when I turned around there was a figure in the middle of the road. What the…? I squinted to see that this figure was a man. He was about six foot, three and striding closer; striding very fast and closer. I stopped in my tracks. My legs seemed to lock down onto the pavement. Thoughts of choices streamed into my mind. Should I punch him in the face or should I just run home? He seems to be stalking me… It looked like the man could comprehend what I was thinking. He stopped about two meters away and just stared at me; his face blank. I couldn’t quite make it out (I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time) but I think he had silver eyes. The thoughts went fifty-fifty now. Should I..? Shouldn’t I…? Should I…? Shouldn’t I…? I guess my body was tired of waiting for me to choose, so it chose for me. It chose to run full speed toward the stalker with my right fist in a solid, iron ball, ready to strike his face. As I delivered the blow to the left side of his face he looked up at me with hungrily. Suddenly there was the sound of whisking wind past my left ear. What?! What happened?! My fist had missed his face. Impossible!
    I spun around to find the man lingering behind me. I readied my fist for another try but he was fast. He thrust his arm out grabbed me by the neck. I felt a sharp pain as he dug his nails into my throat. A few seconds later and I tasted the salty-rustiness of blood in my mouth. The man cocked my head to the side so that the right side of my neck was exposed. What...what the hell is going on?! His head bolted forward and I soon knew he had bitten me. His fangs had easily gone though my skin and he was now drinking my blood. My warm blood that me must’ve longed for because he didn’t let me go until he had at least drank two quarts. He pulled away from my neck and let me drop to the ground. There was a burning pain in my trachea and it seemed to spread all over my body.
    I tried to move my limbs; I couldn’t move. I opened my mouth to scream (not because of what had happened but because of the burning pain); nothing. Everything started to go black. “You’ll make a good vampire; I assure you.” The man smiled darkly and then everything went black.