Another long day had passed. I slid into my bedroom, a piece of a small apartment in Patterson. Lying on my bed was Frank, waiting for me.
    Frank was a mobster, apart of the mafia running underground operations from Patterson to N.Y.C. and soon Brooklyn, if they could make the right connections. But I, I was the girlfriend. As well, I was apart of the mob too. I didn't do as much important work as Frank did, but I made a good errand girl.

    "Hey baby." He smiled, his full lips stretching to grin at me.

    Frank Gallucci was one of the finest young Italian runners around here. And even though I myself moved here from Sicily, I could easily place him (under American and mob standards) as more enriched than I in the dangerous culture of our people.

    "Hey sexy." I said softly, alluringly, as I stepped forward. I pulled off the beige jacket from my lean tall figure, and tossed it aside. Frank stood up, towering a handsome and virile six feet and some odd inches. He opened his arms, scarred lavish tan skin beckoning to me. I knew Frank loved me, and I think I loved him too. Think. I wasn't sure to make love out of some of the fighting we partook, every so often.

    "Mmm..." Frank purred deeply, as I stepped into his arms. His large hands traveled down my back, as he stared down into my eyes with his own; being of which were as soft brown color speckled with hazel flecks.

    "Would you hate me if I said I was tired?" I said quietly. Honestly, I knew that when he was like this, he wanted one thing- and I wasn't sure if I would go through with sex only to have to run errands for Paulie in the morning.

    "Err..." Frank growled, pulling me to him. He lifted me up, placing his hands over my bottom and pressing me to him. "If I were to tell ya' that I could get you a day off tomorrow, would you be less tired?"

    Again, he would plead for me. Frank lusted for me, and did so because of his "associates", and how they too, wanted me for themselves. Many in the mafia use to think I was just a piece of meat for Frank to play with, at least until I proved myself. Within three years of moving here from Italy, I had killed nine Americans. Sad, but true.

    "Frank..." I said, beginning to argue. But as he pulled me into a rich kiss, caressing my back and pulling my legs around him- I surrendered.

    And on went another long, and far-too-common night...


    I got up to the smell of biscotti and coffee. It was pleasant, I had to give it to Frank- he could easily make a good husband or father, when the time came for such. He was always responsible, and kind enough to cook and clean for me when I was tired.
    Throwing on a tan silk robe, and tying it around my waist, I moved to our neat little kitchen. It was a nice feel in the morning, with the dusty red stone and darker slate mixed with beige sponged stone on the walls. Frank stood at the coffee maker, stirring creamer into our coffees. He turned, looking beautiful in his topless fashion.
    Though his body was littered with scars, he was still very very attractive. His grin was gentle for that of an Italian thug.

    "Morning Nina." He said gingerly. Frank's morning voice was so amazingly persuasive. So handsome in its own existence that I could only play off my worries that would later arise ten times worse.

    "Good morning baby." I whispered, stepping forward. Frank let the coffee cups be as he wrapped his arms around me, lifting me and sitting me on the counter. I was a lean woman, with a perfect almost seemingly unmarred body. Waves of black hair fell over my shoulder, only for me to giggle and push them back.

    He let an array of kisses make their way from my cheek to my shoulder and back, all in one sexy little trek. I laughed, combing my slender fingers through his hair and sighing.
    Frank jumped back happily, and grabbed the coffee. He placed one cup beside me on the counter with a wink, and the other on the table. Reaching onto the opposite counter, he picked up a plate of chocolate-dipped almond biscotti- my favorite. I smiled, because he knew how to please.

    "So I'm gettin' promoted." He blurted happily, holding his mug in his hands as he leaned on the table across from me. I wanted to frown, but at the same time a promotion was a good thing. As well, I didn't feel like having one of our fall-outs this morning. Things were going good, I'd just let them stay this way.

    "Good." That would be all I said, for now at least. But even that, was too much. Frank could sense the tiny bit of distress.

    "What is it Nina?" He said, putting his coffee cup down. Happy morning- now over. His face told me that he wanted to convince me of something. We would surely be discussing this thoroughly, at least until one of us walked out on the other for a while.

    "Frank, you said we'd get out of the mob. I don't know how you're going to do that if you keep moving up the chain." I stated, putting on my poker face in preparation for the argument.

    "Dammit, now Nina! Why won't you just be happy that I make good money, and that I'm keepin' us safe? Che diavolo?! " He blurted. I winced. Frank spoke in Italian only when he was really angry, and I was ready. Sighing, I kept my voice low and respectful. He had hit me before, and I knew that my Prince Charming was a little... less charming than I would dream.

    "Frank, I just wish we could live without worrying about the poli-" I was interrupted by my body's natural flinching away from the hot coffee that splattered when his cup crashed against the wall beside me.

    "You can't be happy, can you?!"

    "You can't keep a promise, can you!!" I finally snapped back. With that, I moved off the counter, racing to the bedroom angrily.

    I shut the door, locking it. I spent my first few minutes listening to Frank curse and destroy the kitchen. But not for long. Turning to my closet, I threw on my bra and a white tank top, as well as jeans and Timberland boots. I tied up my hair, and slid out of the window.

    It was early, nice, autumn breezes tossing down the streets of North Magnolia. I strode in long steps, getting away quickly without looking back. Just another day. And I might as well start on my own business; working for the devil and Frank...