• Chapter 3 Trial Of Blood

    The court was made up of vampires, a stone slab at between the pleading table and the judge’s . even though it was close to nightfall the court had already been informed. The excited faces of the crowed showed that it may be a blood bath here. Most people watching eyed the slowly setting sun. I watched as the jury of vampires began discussing amongst themselves. The trial was forced to wait till the last rays of light had disappeared behind the mountains.
    “Has the jury come to a decision?” the judge asked eagerly
    “yes your honor we have, the defendant will be clear of charges following he can escape the pit.” They said as the stone slab began to move.
    “Cast the defendant to the pit!” The judge shouted.
    Raiga forced me into what looked like a well, But much deeper. I in a wall of water that seemed to give way under me, a large splash, a smaller splash followed me. Getting up and looking in the ground there was a silver sword in the ground. I got a quick look of my surroundings. it was a catacomb, skeletons, and rotting corpses laid to either side of me. The place reeked of decaying flesh, blood, and death. I plucked the sword from the water, then searched for a way out. But there was none except for the hole I fell down.
    When I retched the wall I felt a clod glare on me, I took a quick glance around the returned to the wall. As I placed my left hand into a hold, I was dragged backwards by an unknown force. My back bashed against the brickwork of the old catacombs. As I looked up there was a black cloaked figure, it’s eyes pure red as it glared at me, as if it was looking through my being and into my soul.
    “Finally the diablerie has appeared,” they called excitedly as a creature, something between man, and vampire, stood over me, its eyes glistening a bright red, gone mad from the vary vampiric blood it feasts upon.
    I slammed my blade into the creature’s shoulder, giving it only a shallow cut. The blade embedded into its shoulder was a mistake. It grabbed the blade and forced me into its grip, it slung me around like a club beating old entry ways, and ceilings, before it threw me into a wall.
    I picked myself up and faced it head on showing no fear. Stabbing it through the shoulder, and bones I tried to slice through it’s arm. Upon closer inspection it was only barely wounded. Some blood dripped as I pulled my sword back and dodged a fanged bite.
    “Damn it,” I shouted, the sword in my hand was useless, against its skin.
    It gave me a hungry stare, its blood stained teeth showing in an evil grin. Even though I was growing weak from fighting it, I knew there were only two options, one fight and kill it, two die running. Since a diablerie is a vampire that feasts upon the blood of other vampires, I would have to introduce it to something different, I thought. I dodged yet another swift blow from its claws, then struck back stabbing through it’s right arm finally severing it.
    “Yes I severed an arm!” I cheered. It struck me back, leaving three large gashes on my chest. Crying out from pain I knew it would be fatal if I wasn’t half vampire. The vampiric blood flowing through my veins started to heal my wounds. Although I’m not sure how long I could heal like this, I already stated sapping strength from the blood now focusing on healing also may drain me. I closed my eyes listening around me hearing it breathe, the small splashes in the water, focusing all my energy into my next swing. As I concentrated the diablerie would not be so kind, to let me finish. It roared then charged forward. My eyes snapped open, then I swung. Pools of red filled the catacomb. First small splash, then another larger, I looked, seeing fatal gashes on my sides. As I used the last bit of energy to give a victorious shout.
    “Goddamn vampires pissing me off.” After that my body joined the water. The water red with the spilt blood of my wounds, and the defeated creature.

    “The Red King never will be defeated by such pathetic creatures.” a voice roared. As bodies flew across the place. A crimson armored warrior stood before a mass of gremlins. He lifted his spear, the head of it somewhere between a sword, and a axe. The warrior spun it and began his attack slicing and stabbing through the ranks of vampires before him. Blood splattered upon the floor, and wall of the old cathedral. As the warrior stopped he stabbed his spear into the ground. “Kyle Chivance is undefeatable” he said wrapping his spear in a cloth, then strung it on his back, and began to walk away. He opened the door allowing rays of sunlight to flood the room. Showing the place crimson red. The old wooden pews, now painted red, the alter inked in blood, and the walls coated with a fresh paint of red. As he exited the church there was a man wearing a black tuxedo, black top hat, blond hair streaked down his face, and carrying a lance.
    “Looks like you killed them all, I thought you would have spent at least another few minutes fighting.” He sighed readying himself to fight. “Oh well, looks like I’m going to have to slay you here.” He said with a troublesome tone.
    “Don’t screw with me!” Kyle shouted rushing forth stabbing at his opponent, but missing as his opponent stood of the tip of his spear. He stood there giggling as he jabbed at Kyle’s chest, only missing barely as Kyle shifted his spear. As the duel continued each time clashing in a stalemate.
    “Hmm. Your not bad for a human.” He said deflecting a shot aimed for his heart. Even though they were of different races, their skills were evenly matched as they attacked back an forth. Kyle shot his spear forward striking the vampire’s left leg.
    “This battle is mine.” he grinned as he pulled his spear back and aimed for the vampire’s head. But it dodged then flipped to it’s feet.
    “Sorry but vampires aren’t that easily killed.” he grinned as he spun his lance around in the air forcing his opponent back. He lifted his lance and slammed it on Kyle’s shoulder. “Now I’ll kill you.” he shouted drawing his weapon back.
    “Kosa stop there!” a voice demanded, making the vampire drop his weapon.
    “Well if it isn’t the b***h in the red dress.” Kosa said looking up on the top of the cathedral to see a young woman, silky raven hair dangled in front of her, her crimson eyes cold, a red velvet gown possibly stained by blood, a bow in her hands with a quiver of arrows at her side.
    “Say that again.” She said with an arrow aimed at his heart, the bow fully drawn.
    “I said Rin the most beautiful vampire in all the land.” he covered himself incase it didn’t work.
    “That’s what I thought.” She said returning the arrow to her quiver. “Now lets go, were having a special ceremony for the fact we found the old half breed.”
    “So we finally found that kid.” Kosa sighed, knowing somehow that it was going to be a pain in his a**. He picked up his lance from the ground. “looks like your saved for now kid. Next time I’ll kill you though.” He warned Kyle as he leaped up next to Rin. Then the two vampires set off toward the mountains.
    Rydal stood at the front of the mansion raising a cigar to his lips, as the duo came into sight.
    “A little chummy Kosa, Rin are you two on a date?” he smirked as they entered the mansion.
    “The day I see this disrespectful b***h, is the day you can kill me Rydal,” he protested , seeing Rin give him a grin.
    “Am I that bad Kosa?” She asked disrespectfully. Her bow still in an easy grip, the arrows right next to it.
    “No your not.” He said trying to change the subject, as he heard Rydal laugh. Then opening the mansion door he hid his face. As they went inside there was a swirl of people talking. Mainly on the fact the diablerie was defeated by Hiro. Their surprise followed as Kosa asked what had happened.
    “Well the new recruit sounds like a handful,” Kosa sighed, knowing he would possibly disregard the vampire rules set down, by the king himself. Kosa walked straight forward and up the steps, Rin beside him both interested in seeing the boy.
    As I awoke I found myself in the same room I was chained in earlier, three people gathered around the bed I was in, only one familiar face, was Rydal standing there with his cigar. The other two looked at me as if they didn’t know what to think. The two were new faces , a boy, and girl. The boy looked like he was in his early twenties, his attire the same as Rydal, except he had blond hair streaking down his face. The girl had silky raven hair, crimson eyes like the rest of the vampires, a red velvet dress, her features were warm, she smiled noticing my observation.
    “Such a young boy, and yet he is stronger then most.” The girl said running her hand through my hair.
    “I give him a week Rin.” The other said reaching in his pocket and bringing a flask to his lips. Lowering the flask his lips were stained red making my stomach turn. “And it seems he can’t tell blood, from red wine.” He sighed reading my mind, as he sipped it again.
    “Shut up Kosa I know your just intimidating him.” She sighed slapping him across the face, but applying a little too much force and knocked him into Rydal.
    “I didn’t ask to have your lazy retard thrown at me!” Rydal remarked, getting a chair thrown at him. I laughed a little at the three adults fighting.
    “Hey shut up!” all three said in sync.
    “Well at least you agree on something.” I laughed more unable to stop. Well until Rin slapped me slightly, but it was more of a playful tap then an attack.
    As they calmed down, I got up from my bed, minor difficulties followed as I stood up fully. Mainly pain spread through my chest which was now bandaged, my side had most of the pain in it. I nearly fell taking my first few steps, only to be caught by Rydal.