• The night moon was heavy with blood. The air stiff and hung close to anybody who dare to walk in this hour of night. The Irish wind blew crisp and strong. Only one human dared to walk this road. She wasn’t brave, but she was curious. Her long brown hair swirled about in the wind as she reached a castle ruin. “May they come swiftly and strongly.” she whispered. The women’s face was more beautiful than any normal human. She looked around the ruin for hiding spot. Satisfied when she found it. Thoughts raced through her mind. -what if this doesn’t work?- her hearted beated faster and faster. As she climbed on a shelve over looking every thing. From this spot she can pounce.
    She didn’t hear it at first, but than she heard horses come her way. The women turned her head seeing golden figures in the distance riding her way. Each seconed they got closer. Then she saw them for what they were. Four beautiful sidhe men rode her way. Only one in the middle. The rest circled him. But he was the most beautiful and elegant of all of them. HE had sliver hair that ran down to his shoulders. His eyes were of the brightest green. He wore golden armor decroted with many designs. HE took her breath away.
    He got near her close enough that she could easily pounce on him and that was exactly what she did. She fell on him. Making him tumble. But that ruin was on a hill and they rolled down the hill taking turns on rolling on each other. Soon they stopped he was on her head on her chest face first. “Uhhh…………… could you get off?” He didn’t get off but put is arms on each side of her. Allowing him to look straight down on her. “A human just knocked me off my horse…” she knew he wasn’t talking to her but just examining her, “You do know that must humans would never do that?”
    “But, why did you do it?”
    “that’s for me to know and you to never know!” she snapped.
    “Very interesting………what is your name human?”
    “Never will I ******** tell you!!” she bit on her lip and forced her eyes to look at those beautiful eyes of his.
    “IS that so? Then I will just have to……………………”
    “Ahhhhh, what a beautiful name. It fits you well you know. Again why must you attack a Sidhe King?!”
    “Stop ******** talking to yourself like I’m not here!!”
    He looked down at Sarah and smiled.
    “You have such spirit!”
    “******** you!!”
    She was surprised at her self. She never could talk this way to anybody ever. But being able to word off a Sidhe without trouble was bad…In her case.
    “No not right now my love.” he chuckled.
    Sarah’s mouth hung low at his comment.
    She couldn’t move any where, for the King pinned her.
    His bright eyes smiled playfully down on her.
    “I must take something from you my love……”
    Sarah’s heart almost beated out of her chest.
    “I hope it’s ‘my love’ thing you got going on right now.”
    He smirked with glee and did a push up down to her face so close that he could kiss her. His warm and sweet breath warmed her face up as he spoke softly to her.
    “I will take you way my love………… One of these days you will be mine and I will be yours. For it’s midsummer’s night and I want to claim my bride.”
    Sarah’s heart froze in terror. -he did not just say that. He did not just say that, he didn’t say that! A ******** hot a** guy not even human wants me! I don’t know to be sacred or happy!! He actually thinks I’m hot!!!-
    Sarah open her mouth to speak but to have it covered with a finger of him.
    “Hush my love, for I will claim you two nights from now and you shall be ready for me.”
    Sarah’s eyes became heavy and his lovely face began to fad away.