• Walking pass the lockers and students, I see them staring at me and then they start to whhisper to each other. "Oh my gosh. Did you hear that Jake is cheating on Suzuka?", one person said. "It doesn't really matter. They weren't actually going out anyway you know.", the other person replied back. I couldn' believe it. Jake was going to tell me he didn't want to go to the prom anymore. He's probably gonna tell me a lame excuse and not tell me the truth. After all the times I told him I loved him, he breaks my heart. So I text Jake telling him to meet me afterschool. He texted me back saying sure, I need to tell you something anyway.

    Its afterschool. I'm waiting for him at our usual place. "Hey Suzuka!" I turn around. It wasn't Jake. It was Kotauru and Miki. "Oh. Hey you guys." They looked at me in a apolegetic way. "Wait... What's wrong you guys?" "We just saw Jake with another girl and they were..." I knew what Miki meant... I can't believe that he would do this to me. Oh well. "Thanks you guys. I love you guys so much. Tell Jake I know the whole story and tell him that he can ask that girl to the prom. That's all I wanted to tell him anyway."