• She sat in her bedroom window looking out at the sidewalk below. Her name was Jasmine but that did not matter since she was a prisoner in her own home. It had been at least 12 years since the death of her mother and the start of her incarceration. That was something she was trying to forget but could not. With a heavy sigh, she laid her head on the glass and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she saw a young man staring up at her. She wondered who he was but did not have much time to think about it since her father had started yelling. “Jasmine, get your lazy a** in here” He roared and she heard the sound of a beer bottle shattering. With another sigh, she left the window and walked into the living room.

    He had been out watching his little sister when he had noticed her looking at them. There were many rumors surrounding that house and the loud voices that people heard on occasion. The main one said that the girl was a homicidal maniac; her father locked her in her room to keep her from killing people. He did not believe that for a minute in fact all the rumors sounded too far-fetched to be true. “Robby…come on you said you’d play with me” His little sister Miranda was pulling on his arm. He looked down at Mandy and pried her off his arm. “In a minute Mandy” He said and looked back up at the window but the girl was gone. He sighed but turned around to go play with Mandy.

    Walking into the living room she instinctively ducked as a beer bottle came flying toward her head. “It’s about time you useless whore,” Her father snarled from his place on the sofa. He had once been a handsome man to her but that image had changed to a twisted and evil monster. If she were lucky, he would drink himself into an early grave before he killed her. “What is it dad” She asked, “Do you need another beer”. She kept her voice in one monotone level but that was never enough to keep him from getting angry. “If you knew that already why’d you bother asking,” He roared flinging another beer bottle at her. She tried to duck but it smacked into her shoulder she did not flinch because that would only make him angrier. “What are you standing around for get me a beer” He said angrily. She nodded and quickly went into the kitchen to get the beer.