• As I woke up from my slumber i rose to see the oh so sacred bathroom. Then my life was in turmoil . . .

    "MADAY! MADAY!" Pedro Shouted into is walkie talkie thingy mo bob, i was out cold in the floor of my bathroom.

    some guys in white took me on this stretcher what's a ma call it, they kept on saying " hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup"

    " Stay in there son, here your favroite King kong vs. beetoveen toilet seat cover." pedro said

    "Oh pedro (cough)" i said "is that you (exhale) if i don't make it. . tell lola . . .tell her"

    " Tell her what!?"

    " tell her she's weird" and then i passed out

    the next thing i know i woke up faced to a marble floor.

    Noel crawed up to me and said non chalant(sp) tone " you ran outta hair dye to. "

    "yup". Then Mike was crawling with a note in his hand. Gave it to noel . and she said

    "Dear Noel,

    gone to take care of my sickly girlfriend
    back in 2 weeks
    - Micheal "

    Next thing you know mike tried to hit me for stealing his taco last week
    (i blocked with the toilet seat cover )


    Janice came and read the note

    " Micheal just wants to support his girl friend " she said

    " Then get her a bra! "

    in retrospect i probably shouldn't have said that .