• “Hold it right there!” The guard shouted angrily while chasing a shadow through the narrow alleys.

    The dark figure made a sudden stop, causing her black robe to fall off.

    The moonlight shone upon her as a spotlight as she walked towards the end of the alley. She wore a black T-shirt which made her hair look snow white. Her shorts were black and they looked like they were going to fall off if it weren't for her white suspenders keeping them in place. Around her right leg she wore a white holster, the gun was missing though. She lost it while trying to shake off the guard chasing her. She also carried a package in her left hand.

    “Giving up already?” The guard asked amused.

    “Shut up fool” She sneered. “I'm lost thats all.”


    “Whatever man”

    She kneeled down as she prepared to jump.

    “Catch me if u can” She said smiling and jumped on the next 4 story high building.

    The guard quickly took out his gun and shot on her. He wasn’t even close.

    The girl’s white eyes widened with fear though the guard missed her. The package had slipped through her fingers and was now falling towards the smudgy street. Although no one told her what it was she had a slight clue about it. The ticking noise coming out of the box annoyed her from the start.

    Her boss gave her this assignment. Steal it from the research lab and dump it far outside the New City. As soon as she stepped outside the research lab, she noticed the ticking coming out of the box . But she couldn’t go back anymore. If she left it there it would mean she failed her mission, and if her idea about what was in side was right, she would also kill hundreds of innocent people. Now that she thought about it, the guard chasing her was probably the only one who could defuse it. She glanced at the guard but he was already running away.

    As she looked at the falling package, she thought to herself: I can’t die here… I just can’t. God, I really am an amateur.

    A tear rolled down her cheek as she saw the distance between the box and the ground grow shorter, and she closed her eyes on the moment of impact.