• Time passed ever so slowly for the High Elf priest Jovis and her companions, the time between the sunrise and sunset felt as though they were centuries apart. A gentle breeze brushed her hair away from her face as the priestess remained perched on a balcony in Dalaran, her head dipped downwards. Hundreds of yards below her would be the bustling activity of Horde and Alliance who used the sanctuary as a meeting place. Thousands of mortals walked the city, all with the same blood lust that frightened her.

    Because there was a war going on and for once it wasn't mortal against mortal - it was a war against her kind. Because Jovis was in actuality one of the children of the Spellweaver, a blue dragon. Most of her years were spent assisting mortals as a priest. It was her experience in that time that gave her the insight to be strong for them, to defend them still.

    It had been a little under a week since the incident at Naxxramas, where her allies had been separated into the different wings of the citadel. Her magic was nothing compared to the Lich King's finest, who saw through her guise and stranded her in the area worthy of her power. She never had the experience of fighting a frostwyrm before and to fight a powerful one such as the famous Sapphiron... It was an amazing fight. The priest bought her hand to her chest, feeling how hard her heart beat was at the very memory of the fight.

    "Priestess." A voice called out from behind her, as Jovis sharply looked over her shoulder. There stood an unusually tall High Elvin man, clad in regal blue and golden armor. Ah, the General... her secret savior.

    "General." Jovis would respond in a polite tone, turning around to face him. She'd extend her arm, letting the cloak that draped around her fly over and behind her form, standing in her usual battle regalia. The bandages on her torso were visible through the straps of her robes, keeping her fully covered. "Who let you into this room?" She'd add with a laugh, amused a man was able to slip into a priestess' room without trouble.

    "I let myself in, of course." The Elvin man would say in a quiet tone, walking towards her. "You are already dressed for battle again, my love. This does not settle well with me." With another few steps, he'd reach out to place his hand on her cheek. "You've still got a fever. Do not tell me you plan to return to the dread citadel. You'll catch a plague far easier in your current condition."

    Jovis didn't plan to return to Naxxramas as her arm slunk down to her chest, clutching an object beneath her robes. The general's facial expression grew grim as he shook his head. "Are you mad, Ceruleagos? Where did you even ACQUIRE that?!"

    "Sapphiron's temporary fall blessed us more than I let on." Jovis' reply would be stern with her determination, as she pulled up on the chain, letting the thrumming gem rest against her chest freely.

    "That... that is a key to Malygos' domain." The General's words were of shock that she held such a powerful item. "Not only that, it looks as though you've been blessed by the Dragon Queen herself..."

    Jovis would give a nod, allowing her arm to drape back to her side. "The Aspects deem it so."

    The General shook his head, taking a couple stunned steps backwards. "Ceruleagos, I can not allow you to simply walk into the Eye of Eternity and do battle with the Spellweaver."

    "Cobaltaan." Jovis would lift her gaze to be leveled with his own. "These mortals are willing to die for the Dragon Queen to end the Nexus War. They have her blessing, as do I. I do what I must and neither your words, nor your actions, will stop me."

    "Ceruleagos..." The General grit his teeth. "Even if it is against the will of the Life Binder, I will not have you endangering yourself to do her bidding!"

    "Perhaps your loyalty to me is a guise for something much deeper." Jovis took a step back, her hand reaching to the dagger sheathed behind her back. "I am starting to believe your loyalty to the Spellweaver is more than you let on, faithful General."

    That got under his skin as he quickly unsheathed his sword, pointing it out towards her. "You are my mate and I simply will not allow you to walk to your death! Now stop with this nonsense and come with me."

    "I'm afraid I cannot, my dearest." Jovis would say with a heavy sigh. "I have been charged with this, General Cobaltaan. Do you understand who my support is for this fight against the greatest mind to have ever existed?" She would be against the edge of the balcony now, a smile on her lips, as the General continued to walk up to her.

    "Ceruleagos, you do not understand the trouble you seek. He has been tapping into the ley lines and has access to magic you could never comprehend. The Dragon Queen only sends you to your death! Do you think she is capable of letting her own brother fall?" He'd flick the sword upwards, taunting his mate. "Would you let Azurous die, even if he had grown insane?"

    The words pained her as she forced a nod. "That I would, if he endangered the world as is. Our Aspect... no... Malygos needs to fall..."

    "Ceruleagos... please..." He'd finally lower his sword towards the ground, trudging towards her. "I've lost so many others due to this war. I can not bear to lose my one and only as well."

    "My love..." Jovis would say with a smile and confidence in her voice. "Why do you insist you will lose me? Taking the life of our aspect will not be the thing that kills me, believe me when I say that." A bronze drake would fly up directly behind her in the balcony, magnificent in comparison to the two guised dragons, gently scooping up the priest. "For I've found a greater mind than Malygos to believe in. I just hope our love is strong enough to withstand this trial."

    The General laughed, watching her be lifted, his worries apparently ceased. "Our love has endured more than a meaningless war.”