• ((I don't really know if I ever should write this, but I have been attempting to write short novels for a while. I guess I'm iffy about it because of how Kage is. I guess I fear the onslaught from homophobes. I guess you can say this is a yaoi, but Kage is gay. -.-; If you have an issue with that, please keep your bad comments to yourself. Please give me your opinions.))

    There is an underground world that secretly involves itself in the higher up areas of the world. The Organization is a syndicate that deals with assassination, government operations, and body guard jobs, as well as Secret Services.Of course, there is an opposing syndicate called Hunters. With an underground world is an underground war between the Organization assassins and the Hunters.

    Among the assassins is one of their best, Kage the Rose Assassin. Trained since the age nine, he is skilled with stealth and the art of death. His personality makes him the ultimate killer, since his attitude seems to be of someone who is impossible to take a life. He executes his missions perfectly without a flaw. Because of his expertise, he is the major target for the Hunters.

    In Kage's life enters a man named Saichiro Kusanagi. Saichiro rents a room in Kage's large but empty home.Sachiro becomes suspicious of Kage's life, but the subject falls from his mind after the two fall in love. Despite this current time of joy, Saichiro starts to act suspiciously. Kage doesn't understand the odd behavior, until one day Saichiro disappears.

    Kage hunts down Saichiro, only to discover Saichiro's betrayal to the Hunters. Saichiro was a Hunter ordered to eliminate Kage, but instead destroys the files and information the Hunters have on Kage. For his betrayal, the Hunters murder Saichiro. He dies in Kage's arms. After such a tragedy, Kage retires from the Organization and leaves the city in search for a new reason to keep living, his heart heavy with the loss of his love.

    ((Okay, that's the quick version of it. Kage is actually pretty weird. -.-; Part of the story, yeah, Saichiro has a desk job to cover up him being part of the Hunters. Kage's kinda spacy sometimes, so he doesn't realize Saichiro has a job. Kage just figured he disappeared for several times during the day. If you want to know more, please tell me. Again, don't dis on Kage for being gay. Thank you~ heart ))