• Chapter: Faithful Lust

    Tony picked up Amanda, as they ran towards a safe place to go. They have been friends since they were kids and always thought that it would always be best for them to protect each other from any harm. He held her close to him, his hands held her tightly close to her, wanting nothing to go wrong. Soon enough there was an empty house, everything seemed new, but with the danger out there the owners must have left. Vampires, why would they be here now? As he went in the room he locked it still holding her in his arms, looking down at her face, he couldn' believe what he saw, a small spark of lust to her, to kiss thoes gentle lips that rested upon her perfect face. Her eyes opened a bit looking up at him seeing that he blushed for somereason, but she closed her eyes again, and opened her mouth, breathing loudly coughing. He got startled and laid her on the soft bed.

    As he looked at her peacfully he couldn't help himself but look from her from up and down. He shook his head, now was not the time. He walked to the curtains and took a peek. They were gone for now, but they would be back. Walking back to the bed, he sat on the edge of the bed. He closed his eyes and heard Amandas voice velvet and soft . "Thank you, tony," She said softly rubbing her eyes and sitting up. She sat right next to him, her feet touched the cold wooden floor. Her head rested on his shoulder. He turned his head looking down at her, looking at her. "Not a problem, I wanted you safe," he said smiling,"She stood up she sawyed back and fourth with her small skirt she had somthing on her mind. "I...I am sorry that I got you into this," She said coming closer to him he layed down on the bed as she came closer to him, his eyes wide with cirousity. She blushed, and licked her bottom lip.

    Tony shook his head should he stop her from making a mistake what was she going to do? Her legs came on the bed both spreaded out both trapping his legs. Blushing gently she sat on his legs and breathed hardly looking towards the window. "Amanda, stop this is not what you want you want someone better, right?" he asked confused and looking at her lips lusting to taste her. She looked down at him a deep cherry color went over her face. "I...I Don't want anyone just you," She said velvet and soft. Tony closed his eyes, he was a Vampire, saving her, and falling for her. They met along time ago when children, but he would never hurt her. he felt a little out of breath gulping. She came down her body laying over his. her lips brushed against his. He couldn't resist he started to kiss her, his hand on her hips. Was this right? Was this what she really wanted?

    her lips started to move with his in the pattern of the flow. the taste between their saliva how delightful it tasted to him. Amanda moved her lips faster, but gentle at the same time. her breathing became fast, but his was the same of course it was hard for him to get into breathing hard. His hands were uncontrolable, his fingers on her pi sliding up picking up the shirt so his fingers could feel the warmth of her delicate skin. He parted from her and shook his head. "Amanda, I know what your doing, I don't want this, this isn't a gift for me is it?" he asked thinking because saving her from his own kind. But she didn't speak her eyes were closed, and she kissed deeply to his. His hands still stayed upon her gentl hips. The smell of her blood, the taste of her how very rare, how very lustful to have.

    She kissed him further moveing her lips fast, but what was he to do to protect her to not hurt her. He parted from her lips and moved her away from him. Standing up he walked to the window he was sweating, she was cute and hot, but that was his friend. She sat there her hands on her knees. tilting her head she looked down at the floor her left hand finger circled on the blanket making a small pattern. "Sorry, Tony," She said looking away from him. A large bang hit the door startiling herself she pushed her back against the wall. Tony looked towards the dooor and growled, not wanting anything to happen to Amanda, not one bit, he would give his own dead life away to keep her alive.

    Tony walked in frount of the door his hand reached the knob opening it, there was a young girl who ran to the wall, breathing heavily, her eyes full of fear as she looked at his eyes, the eyesof a vampire. She was about to scream but then she saw Amanda smiling towards her. "Please come in young one, you'll be safe with me he won't hurt you at all promise," she looked up at Amanda and ran past Tony walking to her she walked to the bed and hugged her. Tears bursted out as she builded up tears. "Momma, and daddy, they wanted to k-k-kill me," She said crying clutching on to her.

    Amanda held on to her tightly feeling her pain, feeling it. She lost her parents when she was five. She sang a soft lullaby as she looked down at her softly moveing away the sweaty hair away from her face. "whats your name?" manada asked softly with her velvet voice. The young girl answered in a tired tone. "My...My name is Hope," she said softly her hands clutching the blanket as she feel in deep sleep.