• He kissed her gently on the lips and picked her up. He smiled at her as she smiled back. He goes to kisses her again and as he did he heard the loud crack of a gun going off. He felt the impact of the gun through her body. As she fell out of his hands to the grass.
    He saw the blood from the shot surround her body. Just then He awoke with tears in his eyes. He got up and went to his kitchen and pulled out the water. He popped the top and drank it. He went back to his bed and crawled back in.
    Then he hear the soft voice that he loved. "Is something wrong?" she said. he replied with the same answer he always did"Yeah it's the same dream." He couldn't stand it. The voice that she had her body it just made him feel whole.
    He went to lay back down. He fell asleep and went into a hard and deep sleep. When he awoke he noticed something different. That his love wasn't by him. He went down stairs.... not a sign of her. He went to turn the corner and saw her. She was duck tapped over the mouth and had been tied to a chair.
    He went to untie her but as soon as he got the tape off her mouth she screamed and he felt a WACK over his neck. He fell limp to the ground. When he came back around he noticed that there was a note that read. " If you wish to see your love alive again call this number 974-982-5642." He did as it said he called the number. When a man answered he heard the instructions then hung up.
    He got in his beat up old car and went to the adress he had scribbled down. It was in Brooklyn a beat up old building. He got out of his car and went to pop the trunck. He looked in and decided on taking the silenced pistol and his usual baby desert eagle. He tucked them under his shirt and walked in the door.
    It was dark he stood still for a long time and heard just faintly the voice that he loved. He took of sprinting and kicked the door in and saw it. His wife with a knife to her throat. The man with the knife said " Would you like to be with or with out a wife?" He went for his guns and he was to slow the man was two steps a head he slit her throat and pushed her to the ground.
    With that he aimed the gun and released a round into the man. Then took his baby eagle and fired another round into the already dead mans head. He dropped his guns and went to his wife. She now layed slump on the cement. He walked to the window and kicked it out.
    He stood on the window and was thinking why? Why must it be. As he jumpped he felt a weird sensation come over him. He hit the ground head first. He blinked and said "With or with out you I shall not be."