• "Equations are a part of algebra......"

    My eyes were filled with daydreams as my mind drifted in Math class. My teacher’s voice could be heard droning through our Algebra lesson and even though she was very strict no one heeded her and gross spit balls and pencil shavings flew constantly through the room.


    My eyes became clear as I heard my teacher’s distinct and sharp voice ring through the classroom, bearing on its lips my name.

    I sat up and looked at her.


    "What makes an equation different?"

    Well obviously I had no idea what she was talking about and for a while I just looked at her with an impassive stare. Eventually she spoke rabidly:

    "See me after class."

    My head sunk low and my thoughts turned into melancholy murmurs and swearing under my breath. But I still couldn't focus on the lesson. My thoughts kept teetering between it and my dad, gone for weeks in his lab in London.

    What was he doing there? Every week he would call and tell me how he was doing. I would enjoy the call but always wanted to know when he was coming home, he had already missed my birthday. He said soon every time but that hope had died with the autumn leaves and I was left with no dad. But there was one phone call that was etched clearly in my mind.

    "I'll be home soon sweetie, were working on something very important in the lab and its going to take a while."

    "What are you working on?"

    "Well I can’t really tell you but....It’s for the military. It’s a sort of tonic that will make soldiers stronger and might possibly alter them a bit...... Well have to go sweetie talk to you soon."

    What would the military want to alter soldiers for? Why would.....

    My thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream and a thump as if someone had hit the floor. I looked up to see my teacher unconscious and a red dry eraser marker writing on its own on the board.


    Penny Mary Rogers.

    My legs began to tremble uncontrollably and the pencil I had been twirling fell to the floor. No one dared to move anything except there heads to look at me. I wanted to run out the door screaming, just hoping an adult would take me into the safe office of the principal even if it did mean Id probably be suspended. I kept staring at the letters hoping they'd change to something like L.R.E or A.T.S but they never wavered and remained the same. Then the marker wrote more.

    Come to me

    The door swung open and I didn't know what to do. If this thing could write on its own surely it could kill me. But then it could probably hurt me just as bad if I tried to run away.

    I stood up from my chair, steadying myself with my desk, and stumbled to the door. I heard shocked gasps and kids standing to follow but the door swung shut and I heard the lock click tight.

    I didn't know which way to go. The board had said come to me but where was that? I automatically chose the right and started walking but something stopped me. An invisible wall of some sort blocked my path and on the cheap tin of the school lockers letters appeared.

    Go to the left and enter the girl’s bathroom

    Seeing no point in refusing I walked to the left. I realized that I no longer felt afraid. I had no idea why but I felt as if ice covered my veins and kept me calm. This reassured me as I entered the bathroom.

    But as I walked into the room the ice melted and my mind was sent into turmoil of fear.

    Before me stood a creature about a head taller than me with unnatural green eyes. It limbs were abnormally long and it’s back slightly hunched. Its build was similar to a humans only each foot and hand had seven fingers or toes. But weirdest of all was its skin. It was a vibrant green with shiny scales that covered its entire body.

    "Hello. I won't hurt you and I’m sorry if I scared you during your class but this is urgent. You father is in danger. He has mutated many people, such as I, but they have all turned out wrong. The "creations" are turning against him and he will soon be dead. I am the only sane one left. Your father told me to give you the message that he needs you in London."

    I stared, unable to speak, shocked at this creature. I didn't know whether I could trust this "thing" or not but I had to help my dad. The creature agreed to inform me more as we traveled to London then we left the bathroom. But as we were walking out the doors I said:

    "Wait. Who are you?"

    She just smiled and said: