• It's sorta a family tradition to have someone over for a sip of tea they say it's good luck but I think it's more like a house warming gift.Today we are going to the market to pick out my birthday gift it's not a market really it's walmart. My birthday is next week Friday June 14. I lay outside watching clouds when a car pulled up and I sat up. A girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and brunette streaks tied in a pony with the rest of her hair.Katy! I screamed. she embraced me and said that she was gonna stay here for 1 full year then she would stay summer and go for fall come in winter. Basically every other season for 4 years then she's free to go to college and she could go to Farhigh University in California if she wanted. I don't care though she would go to school with me until next year and she would face being new too. She would come back in winter and it will all be good she'll spend winter her in her beach house they rented beside me. Maybe it's the start of something new not copying off of High School Musical. Far away I saw my aunt on the beach with my mom. My mom is having a baby I hope it's a girl because i'm an only child and I always wanted a little sister.

    People think people should get punished if they do one simple crime but without those people the world would be different. Maybe it's good Maybe it's bad but I like to think as everybody people of the universe and everyone can make a difference. By turning off a single light saves energy you made a diffrence for the universe. Weither your 100 or 1 years old you can become famous or do something that will change the country. Don't go crazy but every time we leave 1 simple plug in light on were wasting energy and energy is what runs our life. Today this very moment I did something that will change everything in a good way.