• The Life Of My Family
    Well, let me introduse me first. My name is Claranet Harp. People call me Ilik. I think it is a nice name. My fathers' name is Rubic Harp and my moms' name is Lolie (Tint) Harp. I have two yonger brothers and I am the oldest. One of them is called Pioson Harp. His middle name is Ivy if you were wondering and he is called Super Harp. He came up the name Surper for people to call him that and he likes the name.(Super weird huh) The other brothers name is Humming Harp. He chose to not have a middle name. He is called Mud Boy because he is always dirty! He also hums a lot! I think my family is the weirdest.! You should come and see for sure!
    Before my brothers were born my mom was the fav. in the family and I was three so my dad was always so busy so I didn't spend time with him.(It feelt like having no dad) That is why I realy did not care for him but when mom had Mud Boy and dad quit his job to help mom with me and Mud Boy. That was when I started to like dad more. (I was six when I liked Dad more)
    After all the "I like dad more than mom thing"dad played with me more often and got a half time job. (When I was seven this commosion happened) Then out of no were dad said he was going to a help a girl at her house and don't tell mom. Just say that he was at a store. I then just said yes. It wasn't surprising because dad was always nice. If someone asked for help he would never refuse and he was just one of the guys that was caring. That was the best thing about my dad!! When dad got home (two hours later) mom was curies! She was wondering were he was. She asked and dad smiled. Then she screamed something like you were with another girl wernt you. Dad just shocke his head up and down! Then she kicked him out of the house. Dad wanted his stuff and somthing he could keep that was her. She gave him his stuff and nothing was hers.He then left!!!!
    After that day it was known that mom had divoraed dad. She told us to say nothing about him and she turned to me and told me I could not wright letters out to him nether phone him! (She was really mad about him and a year later and she STILL is) I miss dad every minute plus I am always bord now. No one in the house scince dad has left smiled. Mom cries in the bathroom or in her room. We give her space because she will be upset if we don't!
    Soon I was in my room looking at the cilling on my bed and I heard the phone rang. I sreamed to my mom that I would answer it. When I picked it up it was my dad. I almost screamed.
    I wish I could see you right now but you know your mother wont allow it.
    I know I hate that but anyway how are you doing.
    fine but things could be better if I lived with you.
    I have an idea I will run away and I will meet you at the neighborhood wishingweel.
    I do not think that is a good idea and your mom will be worried
    she does not care about me.
    yes she does
    she likes my brothers more and i like you more please
    fine but if we do I need to know when we will meet and time. Bring you clothes
    saturday at 2:00 I HAVE TO GO MOM IS COMING BYE
    my mom came and asked me who I was talking to.And I said a friend Because if she new it was dad then i would be in MAJOR TROUBLE.I asked my mom if I could have a sleepover for one night. And she said it was ok.
    The next day I sleepover at Mina my friends house. It was aranged! That morning I told Minas parents that my mom told me i could walk home but instead of walking home I walked to the nighborhood wishingweel and i met my dad. I was so excited that I ran up and gave him a big bear hug!! He grabed my stuff and tears were running down both faces. When we finnally got there his walk way was all cleared. There was a frame that I gave him when I was seven and in that frame was a pitchure of my mom and dad with me at the nighborhood wishingweel. My parnts were kissing. I thought of the times when my parents did love each other-
    -Everyday dad was out we all went to Sea World
    -During weekends when I was at shcool mom and dad would go out for breackfest,Lunch,and Dinner
    Then dad enterupt my thoughts. He said we would leave to go to Boston on Monday and we will be back at Friday. I smiled and huged him tight.
    The next day I got up and searched for a basket. There was a woven one and that was it. I went to pick it up and I headed out the door to the river were mom always wants me to get a pale of water! I was very tired and I slumped over to the river didn't even looking at the veiw and did not listen to the birds chirp forever. I came back home with a very heavy basket with water and I brought it in the kition. Dad stared at me and asked what I was doing. For a moment I was confused and then I laghed at myself because I do that at my moms house and apperintlly I don't have to do it at dads house. Dad laghed with me and we both had ceral. Dads kition has lots of boxes that are emptie and full!
    When Monday came Dad packed his bag and mine! We got on an airplane for the first time! It was asome!
    When we came back from boston dad said I have to go back to mom and I cried and he was mad and said that he dose not want my mom mad. He told me we could meet at the naborhood pool at 12:00 Midnight on the first 0f July and I agreed. As I walked home I admired what village he lived at. It was not busy like mothers and they stilled used horses!(I was glad) Were the wishingwell was it seemed to be dividing the to village. Dad and the other people had cabins while mom and the other people had brick houses! I was amased at were my dad lived! I new no matter how bad my mom wanted me to stop here from going to dad I will still go!
    When I reached the house I knock and mom answered and hugged me very tight and started to cry! I was puzzled till mom said how much she was worred about me and how much she loved me!!!!
    Mom know lets me go to dads whenever I like and mom is much better now! She has finallly smiled because I got her to talk to dad. My parnets can talk and vist but I and they think it is best if they don't marry! So I keep visting in dad and every one was cheerful.