• Prologue

    It is mid-winter and one week till the soldiers are rushing the king and his army, also called the Dark Knights. On the mountain tops, it is ice cold. The soldiers are gathering their weapons and supplies. The big army is led by a general named Garvaz. He and the soldiers are sometimes called the Resistance. Theor is being trained by the second in command soldier, named Linert. Currently Theor is choosing what weapon he would like to use.
    Picking The Weapon

    “Come now young one. Pick your weapon of choice.” Linert says. Linert is a short, five foot man, with bulging muscles. He wore gray leather pants and a cut sleeved shirt. He always had heavy (not heavy to him) armor around his legs, chest, and arms. On his back he had a giant war hammer in a pouch. He had dark skin and short, red hair.
    “Settle down. It is not like they’re going to attack us right now.” Theor jokes while he goes from sword, to war hammer, to sword again. Theor is abought six feet tall and weighs about 155 lb. He is slim, but he is also muscular. He is tan. He has brown long straight hair, wich goes to his neck on the sides and back. The hair goes right above his eyes in the front. He has dark blue eyes, and while he is fighting, some people say that they have seen his eyes turn grey with anguish until the battle is over and he calms down. Theor wears a light metal armored top with a black leather long sleeve shirt under it. He has metal shoulder plates on his shoulders and black wolf skin gloves, with the tips of the fingers cut off. He wears black, baggy, leather pants because they did not have his size. He has a belt with two daggers equipped to it.
    Linert says, while his temper is rising, “On the contrary, the Dark Knights could attach us at any time. They have just as much resources as us. We should not underestimate him.”
    “He’s the one that shouldn’t under estimate us. They’re probably just under estimating us and sitting on their fat bums all day laughing at us.” Theor stops in front of a set of swords. They were twin steel swords. They had half foot long handles, with blue leather wrapped around
    the handle, and a three foot long blades on each. “Wow... these are magnificent. These would
    workout perfectly. They would be on my back, with my daggers on my belt. I’ll take ’em.”
    “Are you totally content with those?”
    “So you are going to go into a huge battle with two swords and two daggers.” Linert said. His tone said he was concerned and mocking Theor.
    The blacksmith and owner of the armory walked out with a big grin on his face and said, “Only the user himself can pick his own weapon. In this case, swords. So, son, tell me why you like those.”
    Looking at the smith, Theor saw that he was a very large man. He was gruff and was filthy from working so hard. He had no hair and was very white from not coming out much, but no one could tell, because his face was always dirty and looked brown. He was wearing a white apron with brown bear skin pants and black boots and gloves. He also wore a red leather shirt. “I like the swords because of their weight. When I swing, the weight is perfect. When I hold them, they feel like they are part of my arms. The are also very sharp, and they look like they could last a few wars before they wear down.”
    The smith nodded while saying, “ You are a very smart kid. How old are you? Sixteen? Seventeen?”
    “I’m eighteen, if you must know. Anyway, Linert, our spies said that the Dark Knights haven’t started their march yet, and it’s about a 100 mile trip from Lakart, the capital of Igneos to Hilmeria, the town that we are in. Plus they would have to climd up the-” Theor was cut off by Linert.
    “The mountains You must not believe everything you hear You are still young.”
    “I may be young, but I did take out twenty of the Dark Knight’s men at once, without help.
    “That may be true, but twenty is not even close to making a difference. Wow, twenty men out of tens of thousands. You must be so proud of yourself.” Linert said sarcastically.
    “Let’s just go already ” Theor yelled while walking out the door with the two swords in his hands.
    “Good day you two.” the blacksmith called out to us, as we are walking out.

    The Legend

    Linert and Theor were walking down the road and Linert says, “Hey, I have to do some business that doesn’t concern you. You should either go spar or rest up. You do what ever you want. Just don’t include me.”
    Theor put the two swords on his back and opened his mouth to answer, but before he could he felt a pull on his shirt.
    An old short lady, in red and orange rags had walked up to Theor and pulled on his shirt. Since she had his attention, she asked, “Are you Theor the Great?”
    Theor could not help, but to put a small smile on his face. “Well I wouldn’t say great,” he looks at Linert, who has a frown on his face, “but yeah. I’m Theor. Who needs to know?”
    “Great. Great. Will you come with me to my house? It concerns you and the war to pass.”
    “Just tell me now, grandma.”
    “Now is not the time If you don’t know what I am to tell you, you won’t know what to do when it does happen ”
    A puzzled look came across Theor’s face as he looks to Linert while saying, “I guess I have plans. I’ll see you tonight or tomorrow. When shall we meet.”
    Linert replied, “The day we march for war it will be then. Have a fun time.”

    * * * * * * * * *

    The old lady brought Theor to a house about half a mile out of Lakart. Theor says, “When do we get there? I have my own things I must do.”
    The old lady replied, “We are here.” She pointed at a house up on a hill. “I chose this place to build, because there are hardly any hills in the mountains. Aren’t I lucky?” she asks while gazing up and around at the amazing view.
    “Yea, yea. You are truly lucky you have the spot where enemy archers could take you out without a problem. Now, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”
    “Yes, back to the point. I brought you here so that no one else can hear.” They walk into the house, and the old lady closes the door. “I’m sorry I had to bring you all the way over here just to talk to you.”
    Theor mumbles under his breath, “You better be.”
    The old lady gave Theor a sharp glare and said, “What was that dear?” She was waiting for a response, but since she did not get one she continued. “Have you ever heard of the Lunar Guardians?”
    “Let me tell you then. The Lunar Guardians were ordinary people, until something
    happened. Some people think, the gods thought to give random, ordinary people these powers to
    make the world balanced.”
    “What were these ‘powers’?”
    “All five of their senses became, as some people say, perfect. Their strength, speed, and
    knowledge grew to exceeding lengths. It is said that they never die. They eventually find each other and they start traveling with each other”
    “How many of these ‘Lunar Guardians’?”
    “In the books it says that there have been four so far, but in the legend, in the end, there are five. They all had different weapons. These following are the weapons: one had a giant sword, another had a battle hammer, one had a bow and arrow, and the last used the spear to stab and for throwing. In the legend, it says the fifth had twin swords.” The old lady stops for a second and looks at Theor’s swords before continuing. “One trait was, when they were in battle, their eyes would turn grey.” She stops again and stares at Theor’s eyes.
    Theor starts to get angry, and he says, “Where are you going with this?”
    A look of mournfulness came into the old lady’s eyes. “I think you might be the fifth
    Lunar Guardian. All of their abilities were inherited at a young age.”
    “How young?”
    “Fifteen to twenty. It’s not something that is bad, young one.” She gives him a pat on his right shoulder. “It’s all right.” she said in a calming tone.
    “I won’t believe this rubbish. It’s not true If I give in it could cost the war. I’m not going to give in ” Theor ran and burst through the door. He kept running all the way to Lakart. When he got there he slowed down. While he was walking down the road he noticed a bunch of people murmuring things to themselves. Theor herd a bit of what they were saying, “-herd he was-” “-he must be the-“ and more like that. He thought to himself, The old lady must of spread the rumor fast, or everyone already knows it. I am the one. I remember the last time I was sparring, I started hitting my opponent faster than humanly possible. I thought it was my head playing tricks.
    Then he saw them. They were standing on top of a building. There were four of them, and they all had blue armor on. Then a flash of light came and Theor was blinded. He sparred the whole next day. The day after that, he disappeared. It was a full moon that night.

    The War

    A week later, Linert is in the battle field and thinks to himself, Theor is probably already
    in the front line ready for battle.
    In the middle of the war, the five Lunar Guardians showed up, and they helped the Resistance to beet the Dark Knights. It was a very bloody and gruesome battle. The Rebellion lost a lot of soldiers, but with the help of the Lunar Guardians, they defeated the Dark Knights. The Lunar Knights said their blessings to the king of the Rebellion and left. They were never seen again.

    The End