• "AAAGGGGGHH" We all screamed at the top of are lungs. but that thing in the grond went right pat me... and was going to the guy next to me! It sucked him in, but, he grabed the floor. "HEEELLLP" He screamed. but it was too late. he was sucked right trough the floor. The other guy ran out screaming. HE DROPED THE KEY! i ran toweds it. "yes!" i siad to myself. the bomb fell to the floor... but i didn't put key in yet. what? "10 SECOUNDS LEFT, TILL DESTRUCION!" WHHHOO that thing is going to exsplode... NOW! i ran as fast i could. But i still heard the "3..." "AAGGGHH" "2" "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH" "1"
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" I ran into a closet that was that was right infront of me. "0" i was in closet when i heard the KKKKKAAAA-BOOOMMM!!!! I was leaning on the door, so, the inpact floo me to the wall on the other side. SMACK! "ooohh" i groned.*gurgle* *GASP* then i past out. END OF PART 2! PART 3 WILL BE CALLED: "Whats going on!!!"