• Loving Shadows
    There stood Alice, beautiful and radiant; almost like a statue, but alive. The moonlight reflected off of her skin as if it were white marble, and her hair fell over her shoulders in silky black waves. The breeze ruffled her silk nightgown and blew the tantalizing scent of her perfume towards.
    “Do your parents know you’re here?” I asked. Things haven’t been very smooth between me and her parents.
    “No,” she said gracefully. “And I don’t care what they say what they think. I realized that I want to spend forever with you.”
    I stared at her for a few seconds. I couldn’t imagine anyone who would want to become a Vampire voluntarily.
    “Do you really want that?” I asked. “You realize that you’ll never be able to see your parents again.”
    “I do.” Alice replied.
    I stepped towards her, placed my hand onto her arm and looked into her ice blue eyes. Then she pressed her lips against mine, and we kissed for a few minutes. I did not wish for these few minutes in heaven to end, but they had to. When I looked into her eyes again, I realized how much I actually loved her.
    “I love you.” said Alice quietly, as she placed her arms around me.
    “I love you to,” I said, placing my arms around her gently, and then placed a hand in her silky black hair. “Now we’ll be together.”
    “Forever and always.” she whispered as I tilted her head back.
    I stared at her neck, so pale and smooth, for a few seconds, before I quickly, but gently, sank my fangs into her neck.
    Immediately the rich taste of human blood rushed into my mouth. The taste was richer than any wine ever created. I’d never tasted human blood before, and as intoxicating as it was, I knew this would be the only time I ever would.
    After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, I withdrew my fangs from Alice’s neck, and Felt her body go limp as the last of her life slipped away.
    “Thank you Jackson.” whispered Alice, with the her last breath of life. I lifted her into my arms and carried her away into the night.
    Later that night I sat beside the bed role on which I had laid Alice on. I didn’t know how long it would take for my Vampiric venom to affect her. I walked to the entrance of the cave on the outskirts of the Ravenwood Manor. I began to wonder if it took this long for me to become a Vampire.
    Suddenly I heard movement behind me. I turned around to see Alice standing a few feet behind me. She was as beautiful as before, except when she smiled, I saw her ivory white fangs.
    “Jackson?” She said, looking confused. I smiled and hugged her gently, pulling her close. She hugged me back, and we embraced each other for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t wait to spend all of eternity with her, the love of my afterlife.