• it was a realy hot weather tonight. alex woke up from a deep sleep when the door bell rang he saw that his older sister sidney had answered, he went to bed
    again. tomorrow morning the sun was shinning brightly. "who was at the door last night" alex asked his sister. "the mail man" she said."he was delivering an envelope for uncle harry". uncle harry was alex and sidney's uncle, they started living with him after their parents died in a car crash 7 years ago. alex finished his breakfast and then he walked to his uncle's office. his uncle is a well known private investigater, but he didn't have any clients for the last month."uncle,what was in that envelope you got last night.mr.harry wasn't surprised by alex's question. he knew how curios his nephew was."oh, it was an invetation for three to visit the silver doe island, sent from the mayor himself" he said. alex jumped with exitement,"are we going,i always wanted to visit a tropical island." he was picturing himself on the beach wearing a swimming suit, maybe a little bit surfing. "i am not sure, but i must admit that i've been fealing a little boared, you know i havn't had any work ricently".sidney entered the room holding a tray with two cups of tea and a hot chocolat for alex." what are you two chating about" said sidney "uncle harry recived an invetation to visit the silver doe island" said alex " great. said sidney,"we all could realy use a vecation." "yeah, i think we do. fine, we'll go. said uncle harry " 'whooy' said alex cheerfully "when shall we start packing". asked sidney 'well'. said mr.harry " the plane ticket is timed next saturday" "that's four days from now". said alex 'i better start getting ready". the next morning the bristows (for that's what the family name was) were almost packed and were getting ready to leave the country for amonth. the timing was perfect, next saturday was going to be the first of october. sidney's birth day was on october the 3rd, so she was specialy happy cause she will have her birthday on the island.
    it was friday night, the bristows were having dinner and discussing their trip tomorrow. next morning everybody was up early checking their bags, making sure they hadn't forgot any thing.when they were ready mr.harry called a cab. after half an hour it came and picked them up to the airport they got on the plane, it was a 5 hours trip. when they arrived at the island they found that the mayor was waiting for them himself."mr.bristow, how are you, did you had a nice trip".said the mayor " oh yeah, i did, thanks for your invitation"."you are welcome...narcissa,bellatrix come over here". narcissa and bellatrix were the mayors daughter's."hallo,welcome to the silver doe".said narcissa 'i hope you enjoy your stay". "thank you, i think i will". "oh yeah, i belive you are,sidney,alex shall narcissa and i take you on a tour. said bellaatrix " we would like it,thanks". "gaush, this forest is huge" said sidney "yeah, i know, my father always makes sure that it's been taken care of'" "your father seems like a vare nice man, i wonder why he invited our uncle to this place" said alex "maybe its cause of all those letters" wondered narcissa in a whisper "what letters' said alex, both narcissa and ballatrix looked at him suspicously,"just out of curiosity" said alex fast. "we don't realy know much about it". 'so',said narcissa"that's our city centre over there" "is that were our uncle and your father are" said alex, "yup,our father's office is on the 4th floor". alex heard this and wondered what if he could know why they were invited to thi island,he ran hurridly "alex,were are you going". said sidney "er.....the bathroom" "the nearest one is in the harbour" said bellatrix. but alex was in no need of going to the bathroom, actually he wanted to go see what the mayor wanted to tell his uncle harry, and what realy made his drool go on is what narcissa said about the letters. he was walking in the direction narcissa pointed out to when she mentioned the city centre,finaly he reached it he got to the 4th floor and pushed his ears to the door trying to listen. "but you havn't told me what you are going to do about this" said the mayor, "well,at start this conversation must remain extremely secretive,do you understand,the sitiuation might be dangerous"."i under stand mr.bristow".said the mayor.and as far as i understand the three of them are dead then how could they be seeking revenge" "i don't know but i'm telling you, the things in those letters could only be known by the four of us" "well, i can assure that i'm going to do my best to get to the bottom of it" 'thanks mr.bristow' 'oh,it's my pleasure to be in help'. they shook hands and then alex ran out of the place before he gets seen, he was thinking of what heard thi just heard,who did they meant by the three of them were dead who are those three,were they the ones sending those letters,but why?,and why were they seeking revenge .alex was on his way to the exit when he pomped on to a woman "oh,i'm sorry".said alex "you better be, you almost ruined my designer's outfit,oh, now what are a young fellow like yourself doing hear in the governeror's office". alex could tell from her accent that she was from a forgien country, probably england from how she says (yoong fellooow) and (goovernoorer's office) " i'm alex bristow,the nephew of harry bristow the special detective,the one paying you got us here on a special invitation". at that moment alex was thinking ,yeah that serves her right,." the one paying me,.she said,what do you mean the one paying me that dumpass is nothing without me."how can you talk about your boss like this, aren't you afraid that he might hears you. said alex "afraid?, why shall i be afraid?,i'm his wife"! "wife wife, you are narcissa and bellatrix's mother"! said alex looking at her looking cross faced. she looked as though she was there sister. "no, i'm not there mother,i'm there step mother, rita watson". alex was going to say something but he saw his uncle coming "oh,hey uncle" when rita heard this she stormed away without any more word. "what happened".said mr harry "oh, she's having a bad day".said alex. "so, what are you doing here".said mr.harry pushing the door. "i wanted to go to the bathroom but i got lost".said his uncle. "well you can use the bathroom in our motel room cause it's already sunset and sidney is waiting for us there".they were walking in a narrow road full of trees which was the fastest way to the island's motel by foot. the motel was very nice and it would give you a fealing as if it was your home. mr.bradley the owner of the motel was a vary respectful man, he always made sure to do everything by the rules and that his employes did too. "hallo, welcome to the silver doe motel. i'm joan bradley, the owner". "oh,hullo. we're cheking in, there is a reservation under the name bristow". said mr.bristow. "oh,hey mr.bristow,up stairs the third room to your left, your daughter is alredy here". said the owner. " thanks". mr.bristow said while he and alex were heading to the stairs."this looks like a fancy place"said mr.bristow "yeah, they have got pools,jacoosi,hottubs&all". they were headed to the room which the owner had told them about they pushed the door open ,"sidney it's us". said mr.bristow. "who is there" said a non familiar voice. it was a man sitting on a chair beside the window with his lap-top on his lap."oh,sorry wrong room" said alex. they got out of the room at once then they realised that they where on the right side of the corridore they went to the room on there left. they opened the door and then they saw sidney wondering out of the window,beside here was a chair just like the one they saw at the other man's room "oh,it's you,finaly.where were you"said sidney. "we went to a wrong room".said alex "by the way sidney, i was talking to the mayor and i mentioned that your birthday was the day after tomorrow, and he is threwing a party for you in his house".said her uncle "oh realy, i can't wait to have my birthday party on an island ,it must be great".and they all went to sleep after discussing there day.the next morning was a sunny y day,the bristowsy woke up early,they were going to spend this day as a vication on the beach swimming and getting some suntan. they all left the motel heading to the beach ,when they arrived there they started to put there things away in the spot they chosed and alex was already in the ocean when narcissa and bellatrix the mayors daughters arrived each holding hands with a man (there fiances) "hi".said sidney " hi.said narcissa,"this is my fiance thomas" he shook hands with mr.bristow "and that's bella's fiance rupert".after they shaked hands the sat together after an hour or so alex got out of the ocean and said that he was hungry they all went to the cafeteria on the beach to eat there lunch.then they saw the mayor and another man getting in, apparently they were looking for them "oh hallo just the party i wanted to see" said the mayor " this is mr.alexander gaunt he is my partner and best friend and also he is thomas and rupert's father." oh hallo, plesure to meet you said mr.bristow 'this is my neese sidney and that's my nephew alex" .they talked together for the rest of the lunch time and then they all went to the mayors place till the night fall then they all went to there houses.mr.bristow and his family returned to the motel and slept. the next morning they woke up with exitment it was sidney's birthday today.and the mayor said it would be a great party.they all put on there best outfits and went to the beach were the mayor told them to go .when they arrived they found a craft in the water not far from the beach and a smaler boat at the beach then cissy and bella the mayor's daughters came and they all road the boat to the craft they got on the craft and then alot of people appeared and said "surprise".
    sidney was surprised the craft seemed empty when she was getting on it but now it was full of congratulators and the inside of it was dicorated.it was a beutifull party they mixed with the people and it all was great until sidney said she was gonna get some fresh air on the board of the craft then about ten minutes from that they all heard a terrible scream.all the people frooze in there places, "that's sidney's voice " said alex "right, on the board" they all ran to the board of the craft to find sidney looking befudled. "what happened " said mr.bristow. then sidney pointed at something on the floor it was a bloodstaind hammer and blood allover the floor till the border the looked off the craft a body was hanging over one of the life buoys, it was thomas's body. narcissa gave a loud cry once she saw the body she seemed to be strugling she was escorted to her room on the craft by sidney and bellatrix. there was a doctor abored docter ziva david she examined the body then she said that the cause of death was a stap in the heart."this crime couldn't have been comittad by any one from outside the ship".said mr.bristow "there is a killer amonges us people". horror struke onto all of the all the people's faces," i'm going to need to meet every possible suspect, i'll need your alibis during the time of the death" said mr.bristowmr.bristow & the mayor went to the control room to ask the sailor to turn bach to the siver doe's harbur but he said he couldn't cause there was a storm aprouching and they might be stuck untill it's over and the coast guard can come for help.then they went to the mayor's room to interrogate one suspect at a time the first one was mr.jethro gibbs the islands tower man " i have got whitnesses thet said you and mr.thomas has had arguments because he wanted to demolish the tower to ecsecute another project which meant that you would loose your job".said mr.bristow,"yes,it's true that we had arguments but i would never kill him never", "i'm afraid you are still one of our primere suspects,plus you had no alibi and i myself don't recall seeing you when the mayor said his speech. " said mr.bristow. then there was the victim's brother rupert he had a really good alibi he was sitting on the same table the mayor was sitting on the time the mayor gave his speech wich corospondes with the time of the murder, then they went on to see who is the next suspect hoping to find the person who comitted this crime Alex was going to see narcissa and check on her bellatrix and sidney were with her her face was very pale as though she has just seen a ghost then she said "they murdered him. then she sobbed "what do you meen" said alex " he was about to make an important discovery about a plot at work" she said "what plot?,who is plotting it ". "i don't know, he never told me, all what i know is that it involved his father's business with my father". "okay now whatever it is i'm sure my uncle will get to the bottom of it " said sidney. " we sure hope so" said bella. then she left to go to the bathroom, then alex and sidney staied to make sure th at narcissa was okay then aboyt 20 minutes later alex left the room headed to thomas's room hoping to find something thet would give anyone the motive to kill him and once he opened the door he saw something horrefing and then every thing went black he could barely stand then he fainted.mr.bristow was at the mayors room now interrogating the maids and the jenators to see if any one had seed any thing out of the ordinary,all he got was that bellatrix had gone to the board twice and that the last time was 5 minutes before the emt, now bellatrix was the primere suspect and they had to find her she wasn't in the main room with the other people so they went to narcissa's room but she wasn't there "where is bellatrix" said mr bristow "she went to the bathroom but that was like half an hour ago" said sidney so they were going to bella's room when they found something lying on thomas's door step it was alex "ALEX".screamed sidney, she ran to see him but once she could see the inside of the room she screamed "what is it"cried mr.bristow, he and the others ran to see what happened then they all made a shocking discovery, there was a body lying in side the room, a dead body, it was bellatrix's bodybellatrix was lying dead on the floor but there was no blood around her there was only blood on the bed and no blood signs that indicates that she was dragged from the bed so that blood had to be another persons blood, but the only other victem was thoms but how could his blood be here will his body was found on the boared of the ship, "oh no, NO"sobbed narcissa. the mayor looked devistated then he said "excuseme, i need to go" "sure" said mr.bristow then then the doctor said that the cause of death was suffcation, so she gave no blood.alex opened the closet all suits were coverd in there covers exept for one then there were some papers he read them and then he put every thing back to its place and closed the closet then he went and whispered something to mr.bristow he looked surprised by what he just heard then the lights whent out every body frooze in there places then they heared a voic SAIS HELP it was the mayor's voice then mr.bristow said "the bathroom, hurry " by the time they arrived at the the bathroom the lights came back on then they saw the mayor lying on the floor and blood surrounded him.the doctor said thet he isn't dead and that it is just a stab in the leg she put bandetts on it and the mayor was okay. "what happened" asked mr.bristow "he attaced me when the lights went off" said the mayor "who attacked you?" asked mr.bristow "i couldn't see his faca it was dark" "then mr.bristow, did you find out who is the murderur " said narcissa "well first we find thomas's body on the rescue bouy and we have a proof thet bellatrix could have done it but she turns up dead and we find thomas's blood on the bed in his room and then the mayor was attaked in the bathroom while we all were in thomas's room " "who comitted those murders and how was thomas's blood was completly seprated from his body and how was the mayor attacked while we were all in the crime scene all these questions i think have an answer for them which means i know who the killer is, its you.Mr.bristwo was pointing at the mayor, "you are the killer" "what,that's impossible"no its not said mr bristow you killed thomas in his room and then you put him in a suit cover and carried him to the board and then got him out and tossed him then the cover unfortionatly his body kept hangig on the rescue bouy but bellatrix saw you and threatned to kill her if she said but then she couldn't take it any more you told here to meat you in the room and then you sufceted her to death and you stabed your self in the bathroom to keep the eyes off you but i knew before thet the proof was in thomas'e room. every body in shock."the papers in his closet the evidence that you have been dealing witl drugs he threatened to show these papers to narcissa if you didn't gave him 51% of the company , so you killed him but while you were disposing his body bellatrix saw you, she was your daughter and you killed her,you are so cold hearted that you killed your own daughter for your sake,"she isn't my daughter"said the mayor. "what ; said mr bristow in amaze. "you heard , she ain't my daughter" "but you invited me here, because you said that you and your family were indangered by your three previos asossiates". "and they say you are the best!,i lied to you there are no dead asossiates, there is only one. but he isn't dead" "of course,you did all of this to avenge, your drug dealings weren't why you killed thomas,was it,na, you could have just bribed him.)
    have you any idea how much trouble he could have caused me, he could have got me killed for godness sake." (but why)asked mr.bristow. (the symphony) "what symphony" the moon light's symphony" (my wife used to play this symphony all the time, it was her favourite symphony,she even played it in our wedding" (her husbend played that symphony while his house on fire with them inside, she only survived ) "what about the kids" asked mr.bristow, they weren't even in the house " what kids? asked sydney." there kids".the phone rang then rita watson picked it up " that's for you richard" ( can i take this in the other room ) said the mayor ( 'hell you won't ) (i'll go with him) said rita.(sidney, would you come with me) "sure, i'll come" ( fine, i'll come too)said mr.bristow ( oh,that shan't be neccery ) said rita. then they walked out of the room. after ten minutes or so they heard a loud gunshot.
    the sound of the gunshot was so loud and clear that it almost seemed as if it was coming from the room where they were standing."what was that", "it's that way,comon" said mr.bristow