• Cyd, a man that has just reached the peek of the hill and begun his descent down the path of life that all must travel. His days are passing by him, his history, his footprints are being swallowed up by the overwhelming mound of soil, life slipping away. Defeat reaches his fingertips, as he collapses onto a cold hard white ground, fluffy crystals that burn the skin with a piercing emptiness, but his feeling was slowly falling from his body, and soon he felt salvation seeping its way into his every pore, as the cold wet surrounding became slowly transformed into a cloud, and he began to float through the sky weightless, his consciousness slipping past sensation. When suddenly, he felt something burst out from under his skin, it was calming, but inspiring, it came with the priceless gift of motivation, and soon, Cyd began to feel pulses of awareness like awkward little pines pushing its way along his veins rhythm throughout his body. It was his heart, his heart was providing him with life, and at that point, Cyd knew he had to continue, he would not waste this life, never again. He slowly stood, swayed around and looked out as far as he could, but the scenery was impossible to make out, as the blizzard blinded everything that had sustenance. But he began to see a silhouette in the distance, it was dark and terrifying, it was intimidating, and Cyd knew that all the impulse in the world was trying to get his legs to move in the opposite direction, but he began to walk toward it.

    Cyd walks closer and closer, and ready’s his weapon for a potential battle, the large figure slowly breaks upart, until Cyd realizes that he is seeing a band of 3 or 4 people, walking carelessly through the blizzard. They stop in front of him and stare down at Cyd with a piercing analytical look, but do not show any signs of attack, Cyd eases a bit, but still keeps his guard up.

    Mysterious Figure (Leader) - Who are you, do you follow Gary? State your business in this area or prepare to die.

    The Leader raises his sword

    Cyd analyzes the sword, he knew in an instant from that this man meant business. He thought for a second on how he should approach this, then as he felt the mans tension rising, he chose his words.

    Cyd - Who is this “Gary” you speak of? I know nobody by that name; please lay down your arm.

    Cyd drops his stance, puts his sword away and raises his hands in the air.

    Mysterious Figure (Leader) - Gary; you know not of him? He is the most feared of assassins, and I, Alex, am the mercenary that dares seek out his blood. He is a terror to this land, brings pain and misery to many humble passengers without mercy. And he has implemented the ultimate stain within my very sheets, has insulted my very blood by spilling that which once bound me to my lineage. And above all obligations, I must obtain my revenge, so move aside.

    Cyd senses that this man has a powerful ambition, and felt intimidated because of it, but knew that he was no enemy.

    Cyd – Listen, I have not been touched by Gary’s cold hand, but I can distinguish what is right from what is wrong, so please, let me travel with you, I am without guidance, and will surely die if left unattended.

    Alex – I don’t need your help, get out of my way.

    Pushes Cyd to the side and begins to walk on, his men follow.

    Cyd turns around on his knees, and lets out his voice.

    Cyd – Please, can you at least point me in the direction of the nearest shelter?

    Alex then stops and turns his head a bit to the side so that Cyd could hear him.

    Alex – My destination is a small camp not far away, but you will not follow, it will be no salvation for you, for it will soon fall.

    Cyd then lets Alex and his company walk far enough away so that they do not detect him, and follows there distant silhouettes (the blizzard and winds are too strong for footprints to stay in tact). They walked on for about an hour, and Cyd was barely holding onto consciousness, when the winds began to fade, and the snow stopped falling, and over the hill, he saw smoke from a rekindled flame, civilization at last.

    As he walked closer, he peeked over the hill and saw a village like camp, there were large tents, and some small brick towers with archers on top of them. There were a few brick buildings, and the entire village was hidden within a large trench, surrounded completely by hills and mountains, reaching up past the sky.

    Cyd stays back and watches as Alex ducks behind a large mound of snow (possibly a large rock) with his party. Cyd walked o the side, and sat beside another rock, close enough to overhear them planning.

    Alex (whispering) – and then after you do that, I will have enough time to blast a whole in the prison wall, and free our target. Now lets go.

    Alex walks out into the open and stumbles down the small hill, some soldier like figures began to walk towards him, Alex puts up his arms, but when the two men reach his position, Alex dives at one of them with a sealed weapon, and pierces his throat, then grabs him uses him as a shield against the other mans attack, then Alex throws the dieing man on top of the other, causing him to fall into the snow, the draws his sword and slices down upon the second soldier. Suddenly, a large bell like is rung several times, and like clockwork, arrows begin to plummet towards Alex, as Alex ducks, dodges and blocks every one of them.

    Soon after, an explosion shakes the earth, as a small brick tower crumbles to the ground, then three more towers follow. Arrows stop falling, and Alex runs out into the heart of the camp, slicing men as he went, at this point, Alex’s party joined him in the fight, they were cutting down men, and Cyd saw Alex slip out with great stealth, and make his way to a small brick building.

    Alex ran into the building, but found an archer standing in his path, the building was a prison, and there was one cell with about 10 prisoners in it, the archer stood in front of the cell, with the keys dangling from her fingers, and looked at Alex with a smile.

    Female Archer – Are you looking for these?

    She grasps the keys and holds them out in front of her body.

    Female Archer – Well I’m afraid you’re too late, this task is mine.

    Alex stares at the keys and laughs. The Archer becomes puzzled.

    Alex – So you’re here to rescue these prisoners too, how long did you have to “blend in” to this town before you got those things, now I protrude the true skills of a warrior, in one day, I will do what you have been planning for weeks, am I right? You keep your keys and your fancy strategies; I prefer to do things the quick way and easy way.

    Alex extends his arm, and points his fist at the Archer, then a blast of energy comes out, the Archer barely dodges it, and it goes through the bars and hits the back wall of the cell, blowing a huge hole in the structure, dust is everywhere, the Archer looks around to see that Alex has vanished.

    Female Archer – DAMN!

    She runs out of the door, and around the back where the explosion occurred, prisoners were running around like madmen, except for one, a shadowy figure that slowly walked out of the ruble. The Archer ran towards the figure, and he raised his head.

    Prisoner – Well, things aren’t really going as planned are they Mirari?

    Mirari – Who the hell is that guy? Why is he here?

    Prisoner – Lets not worry about it right now, lets just get out of here.

    They begin to run, but are confronted by a group of 10 soldiers, they all point their swords at Mirari and the Prisoner.

    Soldier – so you were against us all along, I had a feeling, well you wont have to worry about anything anymore, because your lives end here.

    One of the soldiers lunge at the prisoner, but Mirari grabs the mans wrist and breaks it, he falls to the ground as Mirari kicks another soldier over, now the prisoner joins in with a few punches, but it seems hopeless, they were outnumbers with no weapons. The men restrained Mirari.

    Mirari – Takuso (talking to the prisoner) just get out of here, I can handle this myself!

    Takuso – No, you’ve helped me too much for me just to run when your in danger.

    One of the soldiers come towards Takuso, but just then, Alex dropped down out of nowhere on top of the soldiers head, sat on his shoulders and with both hands clenching a dagger, plows down on the soldiers face, the soldier screamed and fell to the ground, Alex then spun around with a high kick and slices the head of the man holding Mirari (concealed foot blade), Mirari breaks free and begins to help Alex beat up the soldiers, but it seemed that the more they beat down, the more appeared.

    Takuso - let’s just make a break for it.

    Mirari - alright, I agree.

    They begin to run, but Alex stays behind.

    Alex - I run from nobody, and I cannot leave my men behind, but dont you try to escape from me, I need some information before I can walk away from this situation.

    Alex then disappears into the village.

    Takuso and Mirari run up the hill, and find themselves face to face with Cyd. Mirari quickly lunged at him.

    Cyd – WAIT!

    Mirari stops short

    Cyd – I’m not an enemy.

    Mirari – State your buisiness.

    Cyd – Please, I am nobody worth your temper, I am free of the Evil you seek.

    Mirari steps back, Takuso walks up to Cyd

    Takuso – Who are you?

    Cyd – I am just a traveler, nothing special, my village burnt down a while back, and I was looking for some shelter when I found this place.

    They are interrupted by a scream from the town.

    Mirari – Well, lets get out of here.

    They start to run away, but suddenly, Alex drops down in front of them and grabs Mirari by the neck.

    Alex – I’m sorry, but you’re not going anywhere today, I want to know, who sent you here, and what do you know about Gary?

    Mirari – Hm, you don’t want to be touching me, I suggest you let go right now.

    Alex – Speak now, are you and these two working for Gary, if so than I cannot let you pass.

    Mirari rips Alex's hand off her neck, flips it around, spins him around and presses a dart to his neck in a surprising show of strength.

    Mirari - When I say don't touch me, you had better listen. This dart is right by a nerve, with barley any more pressure I can kill you. So, why are YOU here, who are YOU working for?

    Alex – HA, you really want to know, alright I’ll tell you. I am a mercenary, one of the highest ranked mercenaries you’ll ever see. You see, I received a letter from my old friend Mr. Necromancer a few days ago, he pointed out this Camp in the Valley of Blizzards, and told me that this place is controlled by Gary. I got the money, and I came here to do the job. Necro warned me about a women like you

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