• "bounce!bounce!"that was the sound of a ball bouncing off on the road.as i saw it stopped i went to pick it up.i ran and heard my mother be careful.i looked left to right and didnt see no cars.i bent down...then...i heard a ring of a bell.it was no ordinary bell it was...different.i looked up looking to see whos doing that.from the right eye i saw bright light coming towards me...but...i couldnt move.i was spaced out.i heard my mother yelling name.my tears starts to fall.i woke up and i saw a car coming towards me.saw my mom coming towards me and pushed me out of the road.i banged me head on the ground all scared up.my eyes were shut but 5 minutes later i blicked slowly and saw an embulance..and also...my mother covered in blood.i could speak i could hear but all i can do is see and remember that night forever.(11 yrs later)I live in a van by myself.but its quite just like my life.as i walked outside the breeze went through my face as if i ghost just pasted me.i turned my head around and nothing.i went to sit down on a hill keep getting these weird feeling someones staring at me.i lay on the grass and looked up it the sky.i still remember 11 yrs ago.a tear fell down my cheeks.i closed my eyes and heard that bell sound...again...
    i opened my eyes and didnt see anything the i thought it might have been my imagination.i keep hearing that sound so i stand up and looked around.i yelled"whos there!?answer!"then from behind my a girl in black came towards my in black."im sue...i came from hell making your life worse..."she said."you...YOUR THE ONE WHO MADE....made..."i started to cry.."YOUR THE ONE WHO MADE MY MOTHER DIED!!!!"i yelled and punched her...but...i couldnt feel anything."you fool im not real im only yourr imagination.your the one who created me...since..you were 3 years old."i looke dat her and tried to remeber.*remembering the past*"mom slammed me and yelled at me."i hate you mom!ugh!"then i went upstairs and draw a picture of a devil."i wish you came true.i wish you killed my mother.I HATE HER!"then i started to cry...*now*i didnt mean that i said to my self.."no..NO!!!!!I NEVER WANTED HER TO DIE!AND WYOU KNOW THAT!!!"I YELLED WITH TEARS FALLING."well how should i know...you never drawed me with a heart...i dont have feeling for you or you mother..."then she vanished.
    sorry i have to go so just pm me baii