• So after Science Class,they went home. Lizzie went with Kathy at her house. It was still 4:00 so they have3 hours to prepare.

    Lizzie: Let's see. What will you wear?
    Kathy: Maybe I should just wear simple clothes.
    Lizzie: Have you ever been in a date,Kathy?
    Kathy: You already know the answer LIzzie.
    Lizzie: Yeah of course I do. That's why you don't just have to wear anything you want.
    Kathy: OK,OK. I get it. So what should I wear?
    Lizzie: (still looking at Kathy's closet) Hey,what about this. (she was holding a red gown with shiny glittering designs) You're gonna look lovely in this.
    Kathy:Really? Ok. I'll go and change. Wait here ok?
    Lizzie: Sure.

    After a few minutes,out came in the closet a beautiful lady in a dazzling red gown looking like a princess. She looked so beautiful that she doesn't even look like Kathy anymore.

    Lizzie: Woh. Kathy you don't look like you anymore.
    Kathy: Well...is it ok?
    Lizzie: Yeah. It fits perfectly.
    Kathy: So what's next?
    Lizzie: Make up.
    Kathy: But you know I never put make up on before.
    Lizzie: Of course I know that.That's why I will be the one to put make up on you.
    Kathy: OK.
    Lizzie: Now,sit here.
    Kathy: Can I look in the mirror?
    Lizzie: Not for now. After this you may.
    Kathy: Ok.

    So after several minutes of beautifying..........

    Lizzie: Now look in the mirror.
    Kathy: Woh. Am I still me?
    Lizzie: Hey it's almost 7. Guess Jasper will be here in a minute.
    Kathy: (doorbell rings) Hey it's Jasper.
    Lizzie: ( opens the door) Hi there Jasper. Kathy's coming.
    Kathy: (Kathy went to the door) Hi.
    Jasper: Woh,you look beautiful.
    Kathy: Thanks.
    Jasper: May I escort you to the car madam?
    Kathy: (giggling) Of course.
    Lizzie: Bye guys. See you tomorrow. Kathy I have to go home now,ok?
    Kathy: OK, bye.

    So they went to the Bourke Restaurant. They ate and after eating their meal Jasper drove Kathy to her house and kissed her on the cheeks before he left. Kathy blushed and went inside her house. It was such a lovely night for both of them.