• The sun shone brightly on this warm spring day in Holyoak. A peaceful morning it was. A boy, who looked around his teen years bounded into the woods. A crude bow was in his hands. On his back he bore a quiver, holding many arrows. The boy halted, kneeling on the floor. He fingered a track on the ground, The deer were not to far now. The boy whistled what sounded like a bird call; another boy, around the same age came from behind the trees. He knelt besides the boy who was leading the hunt. In a whisper, the older boy spoke. "Johnathan, keep your bow at the ready, and your aim true." The younger boy Joshua, smiled and nodded his head. He knocked an arrow and slightly pulled the bow string. He also spoke in a quiet voice. "James, which is the one we want?" Now the older boy, James spoke. As he did, he made a hand motion, beckoning Johnathan to come. They moved closer to a clearing, where many deer grazed or rested. A doe rested towards the edge of the pack. She seemed to be tending to her wound. Johnathan moved with care, so he was in range of the wounded beast. James counted with his fingers. 1...2...3! The arrow shot forward with a twang causing the deer to scatter. The doe, could not react fast enough, and the arrow dug between her ribs, felling her instantly. Johnathan let out a yell of joy, as he and James ran toward the doe, examining the kill. "We will feast tonight!" Bellowed James as he prepared the deer for the journey back home.

    Half way across the world, dark magic brewed in the castle of Arden.