• Nancy, the cop that had spoken with me about the trial I was going to have, gave me a ride in a speed cruiser, to a place that looked old and rundown.
    "Where are we?" I asked not pleased with the building in front of me.
    Nancy didn't have to tell me. When we got closer to the building, I saw a sign, dangling from above the door saying "Juvenal Hall"
    "What the heck? This is a joke right?" I was getting a little scared.
    "This is where you will be staying until we do your trial." Nancy looked at my frightened face. "Don't worry, we will room you with a person who wont do much harm to you"
    "What does that mean?" My jaw dropped at the sounds of "Much harm"

    The building, had a fence that circled the perimeter of the property. On the ends of the fence, there were barbed wires that had thorns sticking out from them, making it impossible to climb over. The building was huge, but It looked like no one cares for it.
    All the windows in the building had bars strapped to them. and the windows were tainted black, making it impossible to see in, and I bet to see out. The whole place reeked of death, and total boredom. I knew I would hate it here.

    Nancy escorted me into the building. she then took the cuffs off my hands, and directed me to a lady that sat behind a counter and was typing quickly away at the computer.
    "Rose" Nancy shouted "here is one more" Nancy nodded to me, then walked off.
    "Whats your name miss?" Rose eyed me. Her voice was raspy like a man, and she was buffed like one. she looked huge against the tiny computer. For all I know Rose can be a man.
    "Miss?" Rose asked again. "Your name?"
    "Oh. Samantha Jensen" I stated.
    "Your age?" The raspy voice asked.
    "seventeen" I responded.
    "Ok follow me." Rose demanded. when Rose got off her chair, and stood up, she looked like a giant. I was surprised that the tiny chair can support her huge self.

    We walked down a few hallways. All over the place you see teens around my age or a little older, hanging around, talking, eating. I'm guessing it was break time.
    "Ok Samantha this is your room" she pulled out a set of keys and started to fumble through them.
    "I prefer Sam" I said
    "Did I ask you?" Rose snapped.
    "No" I responded shocked with Rose response.
    "Ok in you go now" Rose came behind me and physically shoved me in the room.
    "This is your roommate Chase. she will be your guide person on our rules here and she will show you where everything is" With that Rose stormed out of the room, slamming the door, and locking it on the other side.

    "Hello, its nice to meet you Sam" Chase smiled at me.