• Prologue

    The moon's light shined through the windows as I walked past them through the quiet hallway. My heart was racing as I carried the piece of parchment in my hand. I looked forward towards the large two doors that casted an eerie shadow across the floor.
    I wonder what father will say? I thought to myself as I got to the door.
    I heard people talking in there. My dad and another deep voice I assumed a man. I peeked through the door and listened.
    " What do you need?" asked the other man.
    " Well you see.....we're in debt so I need the money," my father said in a calm cold voice.
    " So what does this have to do with me?" the man asked and I saw he seemed to be kind of bored talking with my dad.
    " I want you to buy my child for adoption." my father said bluntly.
    I dropped the parchment and stared through the door. My eyes were wide and my heart was ripping in pieces. I fell to the ground and my hands fell down at my sides like fallen leaves. Not a single tear came out. You'd think I'd cry but I was to surprised to cry.
    " But she's your child!" the other man shouted at my father.
    " Do you want me to let out that secret? I could just let out that little secret and then your buisness could die out. Would you like that?" my father said.
    " ..........No."
    " Alright then."
    Without a word my father walked into his door to his studies and closed it locking to make sure no one would come. I took the parchment and ran off to my room crying.
    WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! WAS I BAD A CHILD?! FATHER WHY? my thoughts screamed in my head and I fell on to my bed holding my pillow crying in it.
    The next day it was obvious I knew what was happening. I was taken away by a man with blonde hair and smiled kindly. He took me into his home and treated me ever so kindly. But it didn't help. My heart was in agony and pain. My father hated me just because I was not a boy. He didn't think I was worthy of his title. I was not my usual happy self.
    I was replaced with a cold person with a blank face and didn't show any sadness, happiness, or anger. Just plain blank.
    I am better now but I can't help but think about the man I hate most. The man who hurt me because I just wasn't a guy. The man who changed my life forever. My father.