Chapter 5- Residental crysis

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    In the eastern Abagale city where John was staying in the guardian base with Roll, Ciel, and the 4 guardians, not to menson John met a new face as well. John thought to himself, "This Dr. Mozart seems quite nice. Seems to know allot about Megaman and Zero though. But I wonder how he got a hold to the biometal ideal so quickly? I guess I can trust him too. I know Roll is worried of me but Ciel was a bit mad at me for risking my neck for this new city. Oh well, I like to take a tour of this place today or something. That Leviathan sounded a bit tough even though she's quite hot. <3
    Fenfir seems to be a roughouse kinda guy, but im sure he's got a nice spot. Harpuia seems cool, but quite a clearhead though. Phantom seems quite confident in me and he looks like the stealthy type. Oh well, let's see how things go today." John woke up from the bed from the dorm room he was staying in, then he walked the hallways walking about, looking around. Then he heard someone behind him. It was Leviathan who caught him wondering.

    John= Woah! You suprised me.

    Levaithan= You shouldnt be wondering around. What if Ciel caught you, she be even more mad.

    John= I didnt mean to upset her you know...it's just..

    Levaithan= Oh, ok. You wanted to stop those mavericks from hurting people.

    John= Yes. But please dont tell Ciel about me wondering the place ok?

    Levaithan= Well, Phantom wanted to see you privately.

    John= Him? Oh, ok.

    Levaithan walked John to the training similator room and John saw Phantom waiting at the corner and Fenfir and a few staff members were there as well. They were holding John's biometals allong with the new sea green colored one. John had his eyes fixed on the new biometal but John turned to a row of large capsules big enough to fit an entire grown human in.

    Phantom= Levaithan, you brought him. Good.

    Levaithan= What's this all about?

    Phantom= This young man has some potental, may lack in youth and experiance, but im quite confident in his spirits.

    Fenfir= It took some guts to try to take on 8 of those wierd mavericks at once.

    John= Oh, yeah, they did manage to corner me. I thank you guys alot for saving me.

    Phantom= Oh, we are here to help John train a bit while were all here.

    Fenfir= Oh and John, try not to let Ciel being mad with you keep you down.

    Levaithan= Im sure she did have a reason to be mad at him, even though John IS new to this world after all.

    Fenfir= Yep, but listen bud, dont let a girl try to keep you down.....

    Levaithan= WHAT!!?

    Fenfir= Ops, *guh* nevermind.

    Phantom= Fenfir.... *sighs* (shakes his head) Well, ok. John we found a record of an old battle reploid during Master X's era when he opposed a terrible maverick named Sigma. This mysterious reploid was named "Dynamo", he was quite a fierce competetor and was a bit you could say "charming".

    John= Cool.

    Phantom= He was a fierce rival of both Master X and Zero durring that time.

    John= Master X? Oh, you mean Megaman?

    Levaithan= Miss Ciel also mensoned you rather call our master X that name. Why is that?

    John= Well, I sorta' .... knew him.

    Fenfir= Our master X never mensoned you at all?

    John= He must had forgotten, or kept it secret, or uhhhhhh,....

    Phantom= Ok, lets get to it. John, try on the biometal, and lets see how it fits.

    John walked to the biometal and the biometal levitated and with in a bright flash of light, John was wrapped in the armor of a reploid once again but this one felt different for John.

    John= Woah, not too bad. I say it fits well. Hey, I got a big saber too.

    Fenfir= Big boy toys man!

    Levaithan= FENFIR!

    Fenfir= whatever.... *guh*

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    Meanwhile... back at the sky island with the fortress... Dalton was watching the monitor of both the coverage of the battles and news

    Dalton= *guahhh* Who in the heck is this guy!? I keep getting the feeling I met this man somewhere before. Those spiked teeth, funny hair, and that wierd femmed voice. I keep thinking about him. Man Dr. Wily is not going to like this.

    (Dr. Wily walked into the room.)

    Dr. Wily= Hell hello there Dalton, any good.... *WHAT!?" WHat's going on in that monitor?

    Dalton= I really didnt want to tell you but these 4 wierd robots meddled in your 8 robots when that GUY intercepted them, and your bots were even started to win too.

    Dr. Wily= Blasted fool! Well, I can always make more revamps of my old robots. Speaking of wich, I have a few to introduce you too.

    (A group of 8 robots walked into the room)

    Dr. Wily= Say hello to my new batch of minions "well, old minions, remodeled that is" Plantman, Pharoman, Gravatyman, Skullman, Shademan, Hardman, Magnetman, and Topman.

    Dalton= Very impresive. What about Bass and Vile?

    Dr. Wily= Worry not my boy. We will put them in a specal mission when the time comes. We will do our next attack in another location to draw out the guardians and when that happens, this guy you speak of will be bound to show up. Now, about our next mission. There was a group of air pirates that followed us here in this world. There called the Bonnes. They stole some specal suplies from us and we need to get them back. They were last seen near Mt. Abagale. They moved to another location not too far from there. I suspect somwhere in the dead city. Your team will go there and find those wretches who stole our supplies. Bass and Vile will scout out the cities looking for any location of that paticular person you are refering too.

    Dalton= Exelent plans Dr. Wily. Oh and what about this Dr. Wiel you found? What about him?

    Dr. Wily= He still needs work. He's still a wreck from the crash he had but he is still recovering and I am building a new body for him. This guy is more complicated than I thought, turning a human into somthing like that must have been somthing quite facinating. I will keep working on him until he's able to help us.

    Dalton= Ok. Heard that everyone. Let's go find those pirates and make them pay.

    The flagship filled up with Dr. Wily's minions and Dalton as there captain took off and left the fortress in search for the Bonnes.
    (music dies down slowly)

    (music playing- Area C/ Megaman ZX)Download
    Later today after some virtual training in the guardian base similator, John wanted to take a tour of the city and this time he was hainging out with Fenfir.outside of eastern abagale city heading towards Abagale town. John stares around the area which he encountered Dr. Wily's robots.

    John= Well, this place seems quite buisy getting all of this wreckage fixed up. But why were they so different this time?

    Fenfir= Awwww foo! Who cares, they were disturbing the peace and harming innocent people.

    John= I had to do somthing about them, I know Ciel forbid me to rush into things but I needed to do somthing otherwise someone wouldive gotten hurt or worse, killed.

    Fenfir= You did the right thing. You wanna know sumthin pal, us guys risk our lives in situations like this for good reasons. First it gives us opportunities to kick some asses. Second to defend those who cant fight, and third, to impress ladies "and the kiddies" of us beeing awsome under the faces and paths of danger.

    John= Woah, really ... impresive.

    Sudenly, Harpuia flew right into the street looking for Fenfir. Landed and spotted John and Fenfir together.

    Harpuia= Fenfir, I see your in your leave right now, *woah* Oh, he... is with you?

    Fenfir= Oh yeah. Givin John a tour of this place. Gettin some city air.

    John= I do like the city but I wanna check out some places as well. Isnt there a town around here?

    Fenfir= Oh yeah, Abagale town. We got a place where we can play arcade games and you can find lots of food stands. Humans love it, you should check it out. Yo' Harpuia, why not come with us?

    Harpuia= No thanks. Im scouting the city. You keep John out of trouble ok?

    Fenfir= Ok. *sighs*

    John= Oh, Harpuia?

    Harpuia= Yes, John?

    John= How is Ciel doing today? I havent heard from her since last night.

    Harpuia= Im sure she's doing fine, not really your concern isnt it?

    John= If you could do me just one favor please. Let Ciel know im doing fine and im sorry for acting wihout thinking. And if she wanted to come with us and join in for a walk or do some shopping, she ... can.. feel free to do so.

    Harpuia= Well, ok. But dont expect too much out of it cause people like her arre real buisy ok? Well, you behave yourself.

    Harpuia flies off and continues his scouting.

    Fenfir= Dont worry about it, now lets check out that mall!

    John= OK!!

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    John and Fenfir go to the Abagale town mall and checked out some stuff. There were places in the mall where they sold candy that John havent seen before. He even seen an arts and crafts section which was located in a nature shop, then he seen a videogame shop and the arcade.

    John= Look, they have an EB games shop here too. They got Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 as well, Look at this, even the DS. I love the DS.

    Fenfir= Oh yeah, wheres all the good stuff, oh yeah. They got Metal Slug, and Mega Bass tourument, Rough house bowling, and even Guilty Gear DS, oh even Mario Kart DS too.

    John= Sweet. But I also like RPG's too. I even have Brain Age and I finished a few Soduku puzzles as well....

    Fenfir= Soduku!? You got to be kidding? Levaithan is into soduku and I cant even figure out a damn thing to get even a single number in right.

    John= Well, I dont pretend to be an expert, but the first thing may have to do with alittle pot-luck guesses. The key thing is to get the numbers in the rows, across, straight, and in it's same boxes.

    Fenfir= Well, if you want to play those puzzles, go right ahead, I can't stand those things!

    John= Well, ever tried the Pokemon games?

    Fenfir= I tried a few, im no good at it though. I keep on loosing to the gym leaders too many times.

    John= You may be not training the pokemon well enough. That game takes a long time to get good at. You need to be realy persistant in training them and getting them to a higher experiance level before chalenging other people and gym leaders.

    Fenfir= You sound like you know what your talking about here. You must be some sort of gaming expert.

    John= Not really, *heh* jus need to take time in things.

    Sudenly, they were kids gathering around the EB games shop. Looks like they were 2 boys and 2 girls looking for game components and computer parts.

    Mayl= Oh, excuse me sir, can I look at these component chips please?

    Shop employee= Certainly miss.

    Mayl= huh, hey, it's Fenfir. Hi Fenfir!

    Fenfir= Oh it's one of my darling fans Mayl. How you doin?

    Mayl= Oh im fine! Im shopping for some component chips for my computer. A few burned out last night... huh, who's that behind you? Wearing those gloves and tights and rather short shorts, isnt that a guy?

    John= *shrugs quickly* Oh, me? *blushes* oh, im new in town! I been lookin for some games and stuff...

    Mayl= I heard someone talking to Fenfir on my way in here, I heard you were into games and computers. Who are you anyway, you look... rather different, but I ment that in a good way.

    John= Oh, im John. I travel ....sorta.

    Mayl= Im Mayl Sakurai. Im a student in a NET community center located in west Abagale city. I heard you giving Fenfir a little lecture on puzzle games and rpgs. *giggles*

    John= *giggles* oh, it's nothin. Just wanna help him out on a few things. By the way, do you play Brain age? You know for DS?

    Mayl= Yeah, I do, infact I own one. See.

    Lan= Mayl, who are you talking too? I never seen him before? Do you work here.... hey, Fenfir!

    Fenfir= Oh hi Lan. Been doin good this week?

    Lan= Sure thing man.

    Dex= Fenfir my man! How you doin? Haven't seen you in weeks!

    Yai= Nice to see you again Mr. Fenfir. What brings you here today?

    Fenfir= *hehehehe* I been givin this guy here a tour of the town. He's a foreigner too.

    Dex= He's not from around here?

    Yai= What an unusual person you have with you Mr. Fenfir.

    John= Oh, hello.

    Mayl= He's a bit new here. His name is... John. John these are my friends. This is Lan Hikari. My childhood friend.

    John= Hi. *shook hands with him*

    Mayl= this here's Dex Ogreon, he's our fellow classmate.

    John= Hi. *smiles and shakes hands*

    Mayl= and here's our class ace, Yai Ayano, she's our class head.

    Yai= Nice too meet you John.

    John= Same here. *shakes hands with her*

    Fenfir= Isn't this great, I got a message on my com link. Great, Leviathan is calling me. You guys, I gotta go. Why do you take John with you for awhile. You can contact me by this number here.

    Lan= Be careful ok?

    Fenfir= You too. Be sure you take good care of that guy ok?

    Lan= We will.

    John joined a group of kids shopping for stuff and later left the mall and headed southward to the residential area but was heading to the park which was the only way to reach there home.
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    Now they were in the park crossing the pavements and rows of perfectly lined up trees and monuments. John curiously looked around craning his neck eyeing a few places that caught his attention.

    John= What's behind that wall over there?

    Lan= Oh that's the monument area. There is a monument that has the statues made in memory of X and Zero. Wanna see?

    John= Sure.

    Mayl= So do you like monuments John?

    John= Absolutely.

    Dex= Careful Lan, he may be taking your girl..

    Mayl= DEX!

    Dex= Just kidding Mayl

    Lan= That's X and Zero, 2 reploids who fought together to save mankind during a war which took allot of innocent lives.

    Yai= Both the Sigma wars and the Elf wars. Sigma was a monstrous reploid who tried to eliminate humans, and Dr. Wiel from 100 years ago was fined for treason and causing the elf wars and he was sentenced to banishment.

    John= Did you say, Dr. Wiel? Didn't he get turned into a cyborg?

    Yai= Yes he sure did. His body was modified to a reploid body and it kept him from aging and dying. He also had a backup computer put inside of him so he could never forget his memories.

    John= Must have been some punishment.

    Yai= Learned it all in the NET academy.

    John= I wonder how it's like there?

    Yai= It's great. You should try to take... hey wait a minute, look. In the trees!

    Lan= What is it?

    Mayl= Huh?

    Yai= I thought I just saw.... uh never mind. Might have been a cat or bird.

    John= Well, so this is Meg'uhhhh ... X and Zero's monument.

    The monument had X and Zero standing beside one another life sized and standing on a platform within a cleverly sculpted monument that was also a fountain and filled with potted flowers and vines and tree roots surrounding the pavement around it.

    Suddenly, a little kid ran from the residential area to find Lan and his friends. He looked terrified and almost out of breath.

    (music stops)
    Boy= Lan!! *pant pant* We got trouble downtown!! Mavericks!! Were under attack. Came out of nowhere!

    Lan= Oh no! Dex, carry him! Everyone, lets see what's going on out there!

    They all ran towards the exit of the park and stood to the scenic view cliff and viewed the residential area and saw strange ships with a funny skull on each with small robots that looked a little like lego figures.

    (music playing- A shot of crisis/ Chrono Trigger)Download
    John= Oh no! I recognize those ships.... the Bonnes! WHat are they doing here!?

    Lan= Oh no! We got to call the guardians!

    Yai= Where's Fenfir where you need him?

    Dex= This is horrible!

    Mayl= Let's call Fenfir now, huh, oh no! The battery's dead! I forgot to charge it! Shoot!!

    John= Wait a minute, I still have my biometals! Oh yeah, time to really test out this new model too.

    Lan= John, what are you doing?

    John= Only one thing to do at a time like this. Sorry Ciel, but I gotta do this again!

    John held up the biometal and suited up into the Dynamo X biometal.

    Lan= What the heck!!??

    Dex= Awesome!!

    Mayl= John!!

    Yai= You'r not thinking about taking them on are you!?

    John= Wish me luck! Go get help, I'll try to slow'em down!

    John dashed off the cliff and took a cliff slide down the steep hill sliding to the residential area charging towards the air pirate ships. john made it down to the residential area and police cars were being flung by tank like machines and vehicles.

    (music changes to- Blue water blue sky/ Giulty Gear XX)Download

    John= HEY YOU STOP!!

    John jumped high in the air and took out the D-saber and sliced an entire Bonne ship right in half with a fully charged blow.

    Bonne grunt 1= Look, someone's here to get in our way!

    Bonne grunt 2= Let's go get him!

    Bonne grunt 3= We'll show him not to mess with the Bonnes!

    John dashed and took out the D saber and sliced the cannons right off the hulls of the mini tanks and charged to the next ship and did a spinning blade jump and cut the flying ship so badly it fell and crashed on the ground. John then switched to his D-blaster firing large bolts of plasma right on the tank like vehicles. The tanks caught fire and the bonne grunts ran out in a panic screaming as there tanks were ready to explode. John then switched to his Protoman biometal and dashed and attacked the nearest flying carrier that was about to tear up a house. John jumped on top of the engine of the carrier and shoved his P-saber as deep as it could go and jumped off before it gave off. It then blew up and crashed onto the ground.

    Bonne grunt 1= We got a problem! We got a problem!!

    Bonne grunt 2= Miss Tron!!!

    Bonne grunt 3= WAHHHHHH HAHHHHHH AWhhhhhhhh!!

    Tron= What's wrong with you now?!

    Bonne grunt 1= Look, a meanie!!

    Tron stares at the direction of the figure attacking the tanks and carriers.

    Tron= EEK! Oh no! First that stupid blue boy now this guy!? Teisel is not going to like this at all! Get my tank ready, im gonna take him out! He's not gonna get away with this!!

    Bonne grunt 2= Yes!

    Tron climbed into the jumping tank vehicle similar to the MML serie boss vehicle and headed towards John's location.

    Tron= Hey you!! YOU!! What the hell are you doing?

    John= I like to know that about you too Tron Bonne!

    Tron= HEY, How did you know my name!? Your not getting away with this!

    (music changes to- Opening introduction offensive/ Megaman Zero)Download

    Tron's long legged tank jumped high in the air shooting a barrage of bombs but John dashed out of the way and fired at the walking tank. Then the tank jumped again and landed on the parking lott crushing every scattered car in it's path. Then it took a big dash and tried to run John down but it failed again and John fired at the tank. Then it used it's flamethrower and John dashed backwards and used his protoshield to block the flames. Then John set both his blaster and saber to auto charge mode. John jumped to the light post and to the next one to get a shot at the cockpit. John fired a charged shot on the hull and hit the side of it but not directly. Tron inside was holding the controls with her teeth grit and all angry. Now she used missiles and fired them at John. John jumped to the top of the tank and struck the top with a fully charged strike. Then the tank began to overheat and collapse due to the massive damage. Tron jumped out and ran to safety before her legged tank exploded.

    Then Tron got a call from the grunts saying...

    Bonne grunt 1= Miss Tron! Are you ok?

    Tron= Our team's been intercepted and received major damage. Request immediate rescue!!
    Contact Teisel immediately!

    John= Hey you! STOP!!

    Tron= Keep away from me you creep!!

    John= Your under arrest!! Just surrender and I promise not to hurt you!

    Tron= Screw you!!

    She ran as hard as she could but Suddenly, Harpuia flew out of nowhere and grabbed Tron before she could escape! Tron was shaking and struggling and screaming!

    Harpuia= I got her John! Go save the residence!

    John= Thanks!!

    (music changes to- Blues confrontation"intro stage"/Megaman & Bass) Download
    John ran towards the residential area and switched to his Bass biometal and opened fire on any offensive Bonne tank and helped nearby residential human escape there mangled homes.

    Woman= Thank you sir!

    John= No worries, you better go to the shelter.

    Woman= Im in your debt.

    Man= Thanks for fighting back those mavericks.

    Then John ran to the other side to check for more. John saw Fenfir already clashing and trashing the Bonnes vehicles and leaving them in a sloppy pile.

    Fenfir= Oh John, Im glad I let you stay with those kids! Man if it weren't for you, these people will be all in trouble! Your a great pal, now go lend a hand. I got this place under control.

    John= I should thank you Fenfir!

    John then dashed to the trailer park area where lots of RV's got turned over and saw another pile of dispatched Bonne grunts and there vehicles but covered in some ice blasts. John saw Leviathan had already been here and helping the people here. John dashed to the far section where there was a heard of Bonne carriers fleeing the area. John charged at them but his com-link went off and hailed a message...

    Phantom= John, this is Phantom. Do not intercept the fleeing vehicles. Stay in the residential area. We will deal with them another day.

    John= I copy that Phantom. Thanks for that training, I really am grateful.

    Phantom= Ok, now come back.

    John turned away and headed back to the residential area and found the mercenaries and found some bonne grunts loitering and gathering all they can. John fired his bass buster and with lots of rounds fired and hit the bonne grunts causing minimum damage and John was able to collect some scrap parts of there vehicles as well. John helped a merchant escape out of the wreckage and showed him that the guardians were here.

    Merchant= Thank you young man! Im heading to the shelter.

    John= No problem.

    John took off to another area but it looked like Phantom already occupied that area so there was no reason to go into it. Then as soon as John was in the center of the area, Suddenly, the black reploid Bass returned. He' jumped right in front of the direction of his path.

    (music changes to- Bass theme/Megaman cool Download
    Bass= Looks like you got a bit busy here poser! How dare you look like me!

    John= Bass! What are you doing here?!

    Bass= I been doing a bit of thinking and I found out who you are... JOHN HARRIS!!

    John= You knew? You finally found me out Didn't you.

    Bass= Now im gonna hurt you good for what you did to me back in that cave in Area Zero!

    John= I got people to help here, cause the Bonnes are here.....

    Bass= I got no clue on what the heck your talking about!

    John= Look around you! Don't you see it? These things attacked this residence.

    Bass= I Don't care, and neither should you, well, after im done with you.

    Harpuia= HEY YOU!! STOP!!

    John= Harpuia, that's Bass, he's the one who attacked me back in Area Zero.

    Harpuia= John, you go help everyone, I will deal with him myself.

    Bass= John you lucked out this time you coward! Ill be back when you are alone and with nobody to protect you!!

    *Bass teleported*

    Harpuia= What? He ... teleported.

    John= He's not with these Bonnes guys Harpuia, he's with.....

    Harpuia= Go! Back to the people, that's an order.

    John= Yes sir.

    *John's com-link hailed frequency and was giving a message signal*

    Ciel= John!! Are you ok? I go the same reading back in Area Zero! It was him again wasn't it?

    John= Sure was! He wanted to fight me again but Harpuia...

    Ciel= Good. He protected you, now go help the residence from this attack.

    John= Will do!

    (music goes back to Blues confrontation)

    John turned back to the direction of the residence and went back to the area where he was supposed to be. John said to himself "Why was Bass here? He figured out who I am now. I hope this doesn't put me in jeopardy, better yet, I hope Kaolla and the others wherever they are are all alright?" Then, John's com-link went off again ....

    Ciel= John, I want you to go into the cave nearby, there's something I need for you to get there.

    John= What about the residential area?

    Ciel= Just do it!!

    John= Your still not mad at me from that day are you?

    Ciel= I will forgive you if you di this for me ok?

    John= Well, ok.

    John turned to the caves... meanwhile, Harpuia received a message himself.

    Ciel= Harpuia, Thank you for saving John. If anything happened to him, I wouldn't know what would happen.

    Harpuia= No problem. He is in good hands, I sent him to the residential area.. Hold on, his signal is showing up in the caves? What's he doing there, something else too. Some unknown frequency is jamming my signal, I cant hail him!

    Ciel= Mine nether. Something's wrong. Im picking up a massive reading inside there but it's not Bass or a Bonne. Something's wrong!

    Harpuia= I will send Colonel to help him out. Colonel, are you there?

    Colonel= Yes sir!! I hear you loud and clear Harpuia.

    Harpuia= Miss Ciel has informed me that John has wondered off to the caves near this residential area, John may not know this but I believe this has something to do with his attacker on Area Zero. Go help him out!

    Colonel= Roger!

    Colonel dashed towards the cavern area after John, but John was already ahead of him.

    John= Why would Ciel want me to come in here after all of this has happened? Huh, a dead end, nothing? What's going on.

    (music goes to silence)


    John= Ciel, what's so funny!?

    Ciel= You big sucker!! Do you think Ciel would actually want you to go into a cave while people were in jeopardy? You really are a dense one kid!

    John= Kid? Hey, im older than you honey!

    {Suddenly the voice of Ciel's changed to robotic and rough}

    Voice= Couldn't you even tell this wasn't even Ciel talking? My voice hacker device worked so well then. I warned Bass if he ever missed out, there would be nothing left of you.

    John= Who in the sam hell are you then?

    A reploid jumped from a cliff in the cave and it wore a dark frightening helmet with a huge canon in his back.

    (music playing- Vile/Megaman X)Download
    Voice= I am called Vile.

    John= Vile? Who are you with then if your not with the Bonnes? No Dr. Wily!?

    Vile= So you know huh?

    John= Yeah, and I Don't know why you are in this era anyway? Did Dr. Wily resurrect you?

    Vile= As a matter of fact, yes he did, but it doesn't matter now. Bass was too much of his own inner child to face you off in front of that Harpuia, now you are with me now, you are going straight to hell!!

    Vile set his canon on his shoulder and equipped his other weapon and was ready to fight, John prepared himself too.

    (music changes to- Vile battle/ Megaman X)Download

    Vile jumped high in the air and fired his canon but they were no projectiles John ever seen before, Jon dashed to avoid the shots and returned fire at Vile. John fired his Bass blaster but was only doing minimum damage. John set his charge systems to maximum and switched to his Dynamo biometal. John took a swing at Vile but he dashed backwards too and John completely missed. Vile fired his blaster and John got hit. John flung backwards and hit the ground. John got back up quickly and swung his charged saber at Vile this time hitting him, but Vile tried to use a tackle but John but jumped and performed a helm splitter attack. Vile was hit and stunned and John used his own version of charge tackle, and Vile dropped a few feet away.

    Vile= You managed to gain some slight skill, impressive, but it's not enough boy! How about THIS!!

    *A huge object teleported and Vile climbed inside and it was none other than an armored carrier*

    Vile= Let's see you try to fight THIS!

    John dodged out of the way as it charged and John opened fire but the shots were doing very little damage. Then the armored carrier, fired shots and John slid out of there way. John wall kicked up to the top to get a better shot of Vile but Vile hit the wall to knock John off and John lost grip and fell, but John dashed out of the way as it tried to clobber him with it's huge fists!

    Colonel= Harpuia, It's as you predicted, John was lead to a trap!

    Harpuia= Save him NOW!!

    Colonel jumped and turned his saber and swiped Vile from behind.

    Vile= How dare you!!

    Colonel= JOHN! RUN!!

    John dashed toward the direction of the cavern exit but Vile attempted to fire his missile onto him but hit an area to the ground and John fell into a hole and John fell in!


    (music dies down slowly)

    John landed to the bottom where were some scattered parts, enough to give him a safe landing, but John Couldn't hear anything. He was in a dark ,dank cavern where an old laboratory was once held in.

    (music playing- The ruins of lab/ Megaman Zero)Download
    John= uhhhhhh! Man, what a fall. Luckily this pile of junk broke my fall. I thought I was gonna piss myself falling like that.

    *John tried to use his com-link but all he heard was static.*

    John= Great! Just great, no signal. I better use my lights. I better have a look around. Better find an exit before that Vile shows up again.

    John walked to the area where he spotted a capsule device. It was still active for some reason, he Didn't have a clue why? John touched it and a voice called to him.

    Voice= You,.... I know you.

    John= Who's that!?

    Voice= I will not harm you. This Isn't a trap like that fowl reploid used.

    John= How dod you know about..... hey, your voice sounds rather familiar. I think I know you from somewhere.

    Voice= It's in this capsule, I will open it and explain further.

    The capsule opened up by itself. The hologram device kicked in and it was the spitting image of Dr. Thomas Light

    (music changes to-Mysterious voice/ Megaman Zero)Download

    John= Dr. Light!!??

    Dr. Light= Indeed. It is only coincidence that the power in this capsule still had it's power even from the Sigma wars. But you had to give Miss Ciel that biometal plans have you? Dr. Wily has disturbed the fabrics of this era with a time machine from Daltons world.

    John= I know. I seen Dalton.

    Dr. Light= You need my help too. Just incase this would happen, I made a biometal to help you, even though it's still in need of enhancements. I managed to gather the old capsules and locate them to other places in order to prevent them from being misused. This Biometal will help you find them all and this biometal will only be able to use them. Take it with care John. And good luck. When you receive this biometal, this capsule will be as if it never existed. Now take it. Step into the capsule.

    John= Alright doc. I believe you.

    (then John steps into the capsule, and his Dynamo biometal un-equipped itself exposing John's human form and a new light shrouded John)

    (music changes to- Opening/Megaman cool Download

    This light surrounded John and he felt a new biometal forming onto him and when he stepped out, the lab's lights shined on and there John saw his reflection on the water and he saw himself as if he has a new biometal,resembling ....

    John= It can't be!? Megaman!? I have Megaman's form now.

    John walkicked out of the area he fell in and with a burst of energy from his delight of getting the new biometal, John ran towards the exit of the cave and fired at the figure resembling Vile.

    Harpuia= Colonel has been injured, badly, Huh? The maverick has been hit!

    Guardian solder= Harpuia look! You will not believe this!!

    Fenfir= NO WAY!!!

    Guardian solder= That blue armor, it can't BE!!

    Vile= No, no... NOOOOOOO!!!

    John= VILE!! You dirty rotten..... huh?

    (John hears a huge crowd cheering and applauding with there mouths jawed and opened of surprise)

    Fenfir= Master X!? NO wait that's JOHN!!

    Vile= You... YOU.... YOU!!!!!!!!! Im getting out of here, and next time you will not be so lucky you slick human!!

    (Vile teleported away but John was surrounded by the Guardian syndicate ... He saw a chopper had just landed and Ciel was running towards him in full speed.)

    John= Ciel?

    Ciel= JOHN!!!!!!

    Ciel jumped and glomped him as he made a thud on the ground!!

    Harpuia= I am not seeing this? A new biometal?

    So John received a biometal he never expected to ger, as Dr. Light's capsules, what did he mean about them, and what about the Bonnes? Well, John said to himself "Well, HE had to find out about it, and it looks like he's made me the new Megaman and I have to deal with these crazy villains. I think im going to have a long day of this and what else can possibly go wrong now?"