Chapter 6- Tardis state of affairs

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    It was a day later after the incident when the residential area was attacked by the Bonnes. There were guardian solders, police, firemen, and rescue squadrons to aid those people who were still stuck in the wreckage of pillaged houses. Some were fortunate. Others lost there homes but there were able to ship out special collapsible buildings for the citizens until all the properties were fixed and repaired. The news was full of the stories of the late noon surprise attack. John laid down in his bed in the quarters he was staying and watched the tv.

    Newswoman= Last night shook the hearts of innocent citizens of Abagale this week when a group of mavericks of unknown origin were attacking Eastern Abagale city and was thwarted by the guardians and a mystery man. But last night, that mystery man and the guardians were able to handle the surprise attack on the residential zone south from the monumental park when a group of lower grade ships pillaged and plundered homes of civilians. But at that same night, there was a shake in the hearts of many citizens and servants of the community that they may believe the legendary hero X may have come back to life. It was all seen at a nearby roadblock cave in the zone of the residential area the exact day where the surprise loitering took place.

    John= Man, she's laying it out thick of it isn't she? *sighs* What am i gonna do, why did this biometal pick out me? I can't be no Mega man. What if someone gets hurt or something, or what if I make a fool of myself?

    *The door opens*

    Roll= Morning John "huh?" Have you been watching tv all night!?You don't look so well.

    *Roll notices that John was half asleep slouched on the chair, hair in a big mess and his eyes blood-shotted.*

    John= Urghhhhh, oooohhh, im fine Roll, *yawns* never been better.

    Roll= No your not! Something's got you fixed for some reason, now why don't you turn off this tv, get in that bed and try to get some decent sleep.

    John= Roll, could you stay with me for awhile?

    Roll= Well, ok. Is there something you want to talk about?

    John= Yeah, it's about the biometal thing. It's like real cool and all but I keep getting the feeling that I may not get to see .... them ...... again.

    Roll= Who? What are you talking about?

    John= I need to get up. Let's go to Area Zero and I will show you something. I also need to bring a special "thing" back with us.

    Roll= You want to go back to Area Zero? Why?

    John= Perhaps that "Thing" I was talking about can explain things better than I can.

    Roll= Well, ok. Oh, I had some help making a ship for us to help with patrolling the city and all. I used some of Ciel's special energy sources she developed for it.

    *John and Roll went to the ship hangar and to John's surprise, he saw a yellow and red ship*

    John= What is ... this? Isn't this an airship?

    Roll= Sure thing. I call it the flutter. Of course Ciel is working on an airship herself. Her's is way bigger than this one.

    John= I think it's brilliant. I say let's take it for a ride. What'ya say?

    Roll= Well, I don't see why not?

    (music dies down slowly)
    *The flutter took off and left to the direction to Area Zero. When they arrived at the caravan where Ciel left her trailers, John met up with a few friends he missed seeing as soon as John and Roll stepped out of the flutter.*
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    John= It's been awhile since I been back to Area Zero.

    Roll= Seems like it.

    *John sees some approaching reploid caravaners*

    Cerveau= John, it's been quite awhile since I last saw you. I heard from Ciel that your ok. But I also heard you took action without thinking. I also heard you helped save a residential area from an attack. And you found a biometal hidden in a cave where you were attacked.

    John= Sure did. You will not believe this, I found one of Dr. Light's old capsules Megaman used during the Sigma wars.

    Cerveau= Oh, X again? The capsules, oh, yes. Those data files from your Tardis also contained those.

    Roll= Cerveau, have you found more about the condition of John's tardis? John said that when he was in the vortex, he keeps getting separated from his previous travel companions.

    Cerveau= I really don't know anything about the tardis and the technology it possesses. Even we may cause an error and may make things worse.

    John= Oh, I needed to take Roll to the tardis and see if I can find something that may be really useful. Something I used in Symphonia while doing some salt water fishing.

    Cerveau= And what would that be?

    John= I tell you what, why don't you come with us?

    Alouette= Hi John! I haven't seen you for awhile either.

    John= Oh, hi Alo. Sorry about that. I was heading to the tardis to find some things. Wanna come with us?

    Alouette= Sure. I been wanting to see what's in that tardis of ours. It must contain some really neat technology.

    Hirondelle= And what about me?

    John= Oh, hi Hiro. Why don't you come with us? You wanna see the tardis?

    Hirondelle= The job's been pretty boring lately. I could use a few new pwns anyway. So how about you? I heard you been up to a bit of mischief yourself.

    John= Oh, that? *guh* long story.

    *So the 5 walked to the trailer to the Tardis and stepped inside*

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    Hirondelle= So this is the tardis. Amazing. Look at all of these strange computers. Kina messy in here though.

    John= The trip from the asteroid field was really rough. Don't be surprised.

    Alouette= I think it's pretty in here, even if it's a bit dark in here with all of these small lights.

    John= Im glad you like it. Yes, it's quite different than the 9th doctor's tardis. Oh, lets see, I wanted to find something. Here we go.

    Roll= What are these?

    John= These are special cargo capsules called "CCUnits" I found when I was in Symphonia. I think they will come in handy. Im gonna use one of them to bring the tardis with us. I want to see if the people in the guardians labs could work on it.

    Cerveau= Oh, John. You may want to go to the resistance base and drop it off there first. There's someone who may be able to help out. He's a bit older than me. But im sure he can help you. His name is Doigt. He is still at the resistance base.

    Roll= I have an idea, why don't you all come with us?

    Alouette= Not much we can do here anyway. I say let's do it.

    Hirondelle= I agree with Alouette. I say lets go to the resistance base and drop by.

    John= How about you Cervy?

    Cerveau= Well, alright. I suppose I need to get out for awhile.

    (music dies down slowly)
    *So the 5 prepared and stepped out from the tardis. John held one of the CCunits and the tardis disappeared from it's resting spot in a flash. John put the CCunit in his pocket and walked out from the trailer. The Flutter took off carrying more passengers towards the resistance base. Later they arrived at the base and disembarked and walked inside.*

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    Roll= Were here.

    John= Hey, not bad. Nice place you have here.

    Alouette= I liked our first base better. That's when that creep Elpizo was running the place.

    John= Elpizo?

    Hirondelle= He was an ex-Neo Arcadian citizen who ran as leader here once. He went mad after his attack on Neo Arcadia went for the worst years ago.

    John= Oh, I see.

    Hirondelle= Yep. Zero was around at that time too.

    Hibou= Oh, Hey guys, your one of us aren't you?

    Hirondelle= Oh Hibou, haven't seen you for awhile buddy. How's it going?

    Hibou= It's been boring but were still keeping peace. O, who are they? I never seen that girl in red and that guy in the purple.

    Hirondelle= That's Roll. "the one in red" she is our new inventor and mechanic. The guy with the tights and small shorts is John. He's from another world.

    Hibou= Like an alien?

    John= Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.

    Hibou= Oh, your John. im Hibou.

    Cerveau= Oh, let's go inside.

    (music dies down)

    *the 5 walked inside the complex and passed a few rooms till they reached Ciel's old room in the data room*

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    Cerveau= You guys wait here. I will get Doigt.

    John= Now about something else I want to show you Roll. It may come in handy. This came with the tardis.

    *John holds a weird light like device*

    Roll= What is that?

    Hibou= Looks like a light pointer.

    John= More fun. It's a sonic screwdriver. All you have to do is point at what you want to use for fixing and click. Like this broken wire here.

    Hirondelle= I dunno, Ciel was trying to fix that cable and she would be really upset if you....

    *John clicked the button and the wires connected together in a flash*

    Hirondelle= I can't believe it!

    Hibou= Ciel was trying to fix that for weeks! You did it!

    John= Ha!, nothin to it. Roll I want you to hold on to it for awhile ok?

    Roll= Ok.

    Cerveau= Ok, everyone. Here he is. John, Roll. This is Doigt.

    Doigt= Hello you 2.

    John & Roll= Hi!

    John= Doigt. I want to show you something. I want you to look at this.

    *Later for approximately 1 1/2 hours.*

    Doigt= Amazing! I never seen such a thing before. A tardis? I never thought I see the day I meet someone not from our world.

    John= Im not the only one however. There 3 girls who are my travel companions. Here's a photo.

    Doigt= Man you are one lucky dog! Having 3 pretty girls like that traveling with you.

    Hibou= Are you trying to be some sort of ladies man or somthin?

    John= C'mon man, it's not like im some abductor or perv or something!?

    Roll= Calm down John. Doigt, is there anything you can do for us?

    Doigt= Sorry. I can try but I am going to need not just Ciel and Cerveau's help.

    John= Crap. ....., Oh, do you know anyone else who would be able to help us?

    Doigt= hmmmmmmm. I heard there was a continent called Abagale. I heard the mayor from the eastern cities was once an inventor and electrician specializing in bizarre things like this.

    John= Fantastic!! Doigt, your a genius. Why didn't I think of asking Harpy about the mayor before? Im such a klutz!

    Roll= *giggles*

    Cerveau= Well, lets go back to Abagale shall we? We will be taking one more companion with us.

    Hibou= What about me?

    Autruche= Look, Hibou, I will keep working here, while your gone. It's ok. Go with them.

    Hibou= Really? You mean it?

    John= Well, I say let him come with us.

    Roll= John? Uh, alright.

    Hibou= John! Thank you so much! You're really a nice guy.

    Autruche= Take care of yourselves. Oh and nice to meet you too John.

    John= Oh, nice to meet you too.

    Cerveau= Well, make that... 2 companions.
    (music stops)

    *They all left and flew on the flutter and headed back to Abagale*
    *Meanwhile......... back in Abagale, in the north western town, the abandon town*

    There were a place where old and condemned buildings where people once felt free to live, but not anymore. There were bunkers where the same lego figure like robots called "Servebots" were patrolling areas. This is where the Bonnes were hiding out.

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    Tron= Man, it's going to be a big hassle to get back on our feet again. Who was that guy we saw at that area where we were robbing?

    Servebot 1= He didn't seem so bad to me, unlike those 4 tall robots in the purple, green, red, blue.

    Servebot 2= They were really scary. They were quite rough with us. They killed allot of our units. But this other guy? He let us go.

    Servebot 3= His face was also different too. He also had some beastly teeth too, but I think his heart wasn't like the others either.

    Tron= WHo does he think he is? Those roughians treating a girl like me that way, you did see that green one pick me up didn't you?

    Servebot 1= Oh yes. He was supposed to be the leader of those white spandex roughians.

    Servebot 2= And I thought that Megaman gave us allot of trouble, these guy's are just way too much. That guy they call Fenfir was a real bully. Did you see the way he trashed our tanks and *gulp* our units?!

    Servebot 3= That purple one was real spooky too. Did you see the way he fights?

    Tron= I don't know who those girly men are, but they had no right to get in our way. I hate it when that happens.

    Teisel= I saw the news, who in the heck is that weirdo!? That guy who wore that indigo armor and changed to red and violet? How can someone do that?

    Tron= The servebots say he seemed nice.

    Servebot 2= He seemed to treat us nicely. Those 4 guys were the real problem.

    Teisel= Oh, one of those 4 guys is a girl. And those were the 4 Guardians of this place. Im more concerned about the 5th guardian. He didn't seem there type. Something else bothers me, I think I seen him somewhere before too?

    Tron= You don't mean.... That..... guy with the weird, brown skinned ....blonde haired... green eyed.... hyper girl.. don't you? NO WAY!!! IT CANT BE HIM!!??

    Teisel= Now I REMEMBER!! JOHN HARRIS! Why in the heck is HE here?!! Don't you remember how he caused us trouble? If it wasn't for him, we would've kept our treasure from that lost city, now were stuck in this world and it's all HIS FAULT!!

    Servebot 1= But something else concerns me boss. There was another weirdo in black armor with a mean look. He was in front of that John guy and he looked like he wanted to pick a fight with him, but that green guy stopped him.

    Teisel= Oh, I also want to tell you there in the news that he found something that made him look like that Megaman!!

    Tron= WHAT!? You don't mean he can change into different forms? No way?

    Servebot 3= That cant be possible!

    Teisel= We have to devise a plan, and I mean a good plan. If we can split up into 2 groups and let 1 team make a diversion and distract the 4 guardians, the 2nd group can take the guardians hideout by surprise and we can blackmail John with whoever we kidnap!

    Tron= Sounds great, that will teach'em! But something also bothers me, what about the other black robot we saw at the residential area?

    Servebot 2= What about him?

    Tron= Remember after you saved me from that green robot that grabbed me by using your smokescreen bomb and letting me out of the police car when than mean green guy turned me in, from a distance, we saw that black robot and he was facing that John guy. Then that green freak showed up again saving him.

    Teisel= What if that black robot is not in league with those weirdo's, but you bet that John IS.

    Tron= He does look sorta like that .... uhhhhh nevermind. So, who would like to volunteer on helping with the plans to rebuild some of our late vehicles and tanks?
    (music stops)

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    *Meanwhile, back at Eastern Abagale city,..... The flutter landed to the area where the city hall was located to meet the mayor to discuss the issues of John's Tardis and how to get it repaired.*

    John= Back in Abagale. Oh, well, so when do we get to meet the guy?

    Roll= Just calm down John, we will see him as soon as we can. We can't land near buildings and park in car lots, cause this is a small airship, remember?

    John= Oh, yeah.

    Roll= I contacted Ciel when you were asleep. She's bringing the car I made so we can get around the city without relying on the flutter too much.

    John= Sounds excellent.

    Roll= It sure is. I modified the car so it can be used as a station for your biometals, just like what we have in the flutter.

    John= Wait? You can manage the biometals here and in that car?

    Roll= Yep. Sure can. *giggles*

    John= Excellent.

    Roll= I think I see Ciel outside. Let's get everyone and meet outside.

    *John and the whole party stepped outside and met Ciel at the car and took a ride to the city hall to meet the mayor. When they all got to the building they all approached the entrance.*
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    *When they walked inside, there were lots of old generation artifacts John knew they were from some pioneer eras but Ciel and the others seemed not too curious with, and followed the agent to the mayor office.*

    Ciel= John, were here at the office. Let's wait for the mayor ok?

    John= Sure thing Ciel. Im sure he's probably at another branch.

    Cerveau= Oh, and please try not to act to childish ok John?

    John= Ok.

    Doigt= Im pretty sure John knows his manners even if he doesn't have decent appearance.

    John= Hey!??

    Doigt= I meant as in a dress code.

    John= Well, I don't have any other outfits or clothes with me now.

    Hibou= Did you see all of that stuff the mayor owns? He sure has allot of old stuff, but what's with that birdhouse looking thing with those 2 heavy looking things underneath?

    John= Oh, that may be an old coo coo clock, pioneer people used those when there were no electricity. Those weights and a thing called a pendulum make the clock work. And a bird made out of wood pops out every half hour and every hour to help tell the time and how much has passed.

    Hirondelle= Wow, John sure knows about these artifacts more than we do.

    Ciel= That's because John was probably from another era that knew this stuff better than we do. Most of it doesn't exist anymore.

    Alouette= Wow, John. Your very informative.

    John= Thanks. And on the mayors desk, you see that small box there, that's an old box compass. WHen sailors used to navigate with sea charts and maps way before radar, sonar, and hand held devices were invented.

    Doigt= John, im really impressed with your knowledge about these old things. Im sure the mayor will really like you.

    John= Well, it's nothin really.

    *the agent opens the door and announces that the mayor is here, and the mayor steps inside.*

    Mayor= Hello everyone, well this is unusual for me, I get to see some company without suits and ties for once. And one with an unusual looking outfit if I may say so. My name is Mayor Lucus Richford, you may call me Lucus if you wish.
    * Mayor Lucus was a black man in his mid 50's and with graying short hair, he seemed to like wearing some older suit and ties*

    John= Im John Harris. And these are my friends.

    Ciel= Hello Mr. Mayor. Im professor Ciel and these are the reploids and company who are with me and this is John I mensoned before.

    Lucus= Nice to meet you John. That's an unusual look then I seen in the new age clothes these days?

    John= Oh, this? A friend made it for me. She and a few others who were missing though.

    Ciel= JOHN! Mr. Mayor, please forgive him, he's sorta not custom for formalities.

    Hibou= John has some unusual knowledge of some of your antiques you have there.

    Ciel= HIBOU!

    Lucus= It's ok Miss Ciel. Now let's see, your friend John has an unusual vehicle that he used to get here correct?

    John= I have it here, it's in this sphere.

    Lucus= That's a vehicle? Pretty small isn't it?

    John= Oh no. This isn't the ship, it's just a compact carrier. High tech stuff. I will have to show it to you in the labs.

    Lucus= Very well, follow me.

    *They all followed the mayor down to the city hall laboratory.*

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    Lucus= Were here in the labs. So what do you think?

    John= Woah, amazing.

    *The laboratory was made of different sections of high tech departments, modern life technology research area and low tech pioneer research areas. It also contained some rather old astronomy research equipment you never see anymore as well as the latest stuff.*

    Ciel= This place is perfect for studying just about every man-made devices in the world.

    John= You said it. Now to whip out that Tardis.

    *John opens up his sphere capsule and in a flash, the Tardis popped out with following light.*

    Lucus= Incredible, huh, a ..... phone booth?

    John= Not jus any phone booth, this is only just a plain appearance of the ship I use for traveling. The inside is much more appealing. Let's go in for a look.

    Lucus= Woah,? There's computers and cargo in here, but,..... there's allot of room in here for a booth?

    John= I know. Just like a wizards tent.

    Ciel= I realized that too. It's really unusual isn't it?

    Doigt= Now, John says there's some kind of damage to this machine that made his 3 companions disappear into other eras other than this one.

    John= Yeah, there were 3 more like me before.

    Lucus= So there were 3 more like you before?

    John= Yes, there myself, Kaolla Su the girl who found this in the first place, and her 2 companions Shinobu and Nyamo. I am not from there world but I got involved by accident and were been traveling ever since.

    Ciel= He showed me a photo with all of them together, including some interesting data files. These biometal files are what he gave me. We managed to make 2 of them by ourselves. The team from the guardian syndicate made 1. John found another in the residential area when they were attacked by air pirates.

    Lucus= Air pirates? I thought piracy stopped in a few centuries.

    John= There the Bonnes. There not from this world at all. There from another era. Have you ever heard about the attack on this city some time ago? A man that goes by Dr. Albert Wily is also from another era and he's been causing trouble and he's to blame for those weird reploid attacks.

    Lucus= I see. Now what else do you know?

    John= Here are some tools you may be interested in Lucus, these are tools from the Tardis, these are sonic screwdrivers and sonic fans.

    Lucus= What kind of technology is this Tardis if you know?

    John=A Superior race called the Time Lords invented this. This time lord who made this tardis knew the 9th doctor and helped him during the time war against the Daleks. The Daleks and Time lords are extinct now, but the 9th doctor is the last of his kind.

    Lucus= Man, you do know your stuff. I will keep Cerveau and Doigt with me and work on this Tardis of yours. I want you to try to remember about your past travels and tell me about them ok?

    Ciel= I also want to accompany John for awhile longer and help with stopping Dr. Wily and anything he plans to do with this world.

    Roll= I will continue to aid John and make upgrades for his biometals.

    Lucus= Well let's get started shall we?

    *Suddenly the monitor turned on and had an emergency signal flaring*

    Lucus= What's this?

    John= What now?!

    Ciel= Another attack.

    Lucus= That's the central highway, going close to Western Abagale city. There's more of those weird robots!

    John= Dr. Wily again!!?? Roll, get that car ready, were going! Alo, you keep an eye for these guys for me ok?

    Alouette= Roger that one John!

    Ciel= ALOUETTE!!

    John= CIEL!! It's ok. Just stay here honey, I will take care of those guys, and Yes I will wait for the guardians this time.

    Ciel= John..... please come back to us!

    *John and Roll ran upstairs in a hurry and stormed out of the building in a quick pace.*

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    John= Roll, quick to that highway area Lucus mensoned!

    Roll= We got to pick up the Flutter, ok?

    John= Fine, to the flutter first. We can use my capsule to store the car with. We can take the flutter anyway. How does that sound?

    Roll= Sounds good. You know what John?

    John= Huh?

    Roll= I think Ciel is really beginning to believe in you. I think you're becoming a better person. Like a leader or... hero, like Zero.

    John= You really think so? Well, thanks Roll. Let's hurry to that zone ok?

    *The Flutter took off in an emergency speed. The ship stormed toward the highway zone.*

    *Meanwhile,.... back with the mayor....*

    Lucus= Attention Guardians!

    Harpuia= Harpuia here! Mr. Mayor, you sound troubled?

    Ciel= It's John, he's heading towards the highway zone, we just picked up more maverick hostiles. John is on his way towards them and has a good head start.

    Harpuia= I read that loud and clear. We just received word on that as well. On my way!

    *Back with the guardian HQ*

    Harpuia= Heard that everyone!!? John's on his way to the highway zone.

    Fenfir= Showtime!

    Leviathan= John needs our help again.

    Phantom= John has gotten sharper this time. He needs our help again.

    Harpuia= Well, what are we waiting for then? Lets go to the flagship!

    *The 4 guardians stormed in high speed to the flagship hangar and took off in emergency speed*

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    *Meanwhile..... back with the flutter..... they reached the highway zone.*

    Roll= It's those mavericks!

    John= More of Dr. Wily's robots! I recognize those guys anywhere! Let's see who we have on our guest list this time? Great... Plantman, Pharoman, Gravatyman, Skullman, Shademan, Hardman, Magnetman, and Topman.

    Roll= You know those guys?

    John= Like I know my A.B.C.'s honey! Now, im gonna take them by surprise over that area. Im gonna surprise them this time.

    Roll= JOHN!! No way! You heard what Ciel said? Wait until the resistance get here.

    John= I will try to fend off the mechaloids that are ruining the area....

    Roll= John NO! There way too many down there.

    John= Cant you just lower the ship there? I can use the flutters cannon to shoot them from a distance.

    Roll= Good idea. It's worth a try.

    *The flutter shot and cleared a bunch of the mechaloids so there numbers would drop. Now after John got to the roof of the flutter, John activated his Protoman biometal and jumped off the flutter landing near the debris and perused the mechaloids.*

    Roll= John! JOHN!!! What are you doing!?

    John= Collecting scraps! Were gonna need them. We need parts for the upgrades remember?

    Roll= Ok, but you wait until the guardians arrive.

    John= I copy that.

    *John continued to grab ant transport parts and pieces back to the HQ and John continued pursuing the mechaloids. But the flagship of the guardians arrived and all 4of them landed in John's path*

    Harpuia= Im glad you kept your promise to Miss Ciel this time John.

    John= I sure did.

    Fenfir= Hey buddy, are you up to some tag team group fighting?!

    John= Im all set.

    Phantom= Remember the moves we taught you in the training simulators, and stay near one of us understand?

    John= Understood.

    Leviathan= And, John, were professionals so don't try to copy us ok?

    Harpuia= Ok, let's make a diversion. Phantom will go alone and take escapers by surprise. Fenfir, you go with me and we will attack one group. Leviathan, John is your responsibility this time. Alright lets go! Move out!

    *The 5 finally met up with the robots*

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    Pharohman= Look who is it!? The guardians and that human!

    Gravatyman= Ohhhhh, Isn't that Protoman, oh it really is John. Isn't it?

    John= They figured out who I am?

    Skullman= Dalton told me who you are. After he did some research, you were the one who saved that Chrono and his friends and caused trouble for him.

    John= So Dalton finally wizened up didn't he?

    Shademan= That's a good boy John. You did your homework didn't you?

    Plantman= Now were gonna teach you not to underestimate us.

    Topman= Time to take you all for a spin.

    Magnetman= Im gonna avenge the other fallen group!

    Hardman= Im gonna hit'em nice and Haaaaaaaaard!

    Pharohman= ATTACK!!

    Harpuia= Remember the procedure, split and attack!

    (music changes to- Cypher Peon Battle/ Pokemon Coliseum)Download

    *Harpuia and Fenfir started there assault by firing red and purple projectiles and dashing towards Shademan and Gravatyman. Shademan took airborne combat against Harpuia. Gravatyman and Fenfir began to duke it out against one another. Phantom quickly countered Pharohman and had a one on one. John and Leviathan were together fighting against Topman, Skullman and plantman. Magnetman and Hardman tried to help out Gravatyman. John took his protosaber and set it on auto charge along with his blaster. John slashed at Topman trying to throw a few top shaped projectiles behind Leviathan who was fighting Plantman and Skullman. Skullman broke away from Leviathan and turned to John and tried to use a skull bash at him but John used his protoshield and bashed him head on and John performed a Helm Splitter and gave him a good surprise attack with it and Topman tried to ram into John and missed and John performed a rolling backstrike on him. Leviathan took her lance and sliced Plantman's projectiles and fired an Ice blast freezing Plantman entirely. John switched Biometals to Dynamo X and fired the dyna-buster at Topman and Skullman. John performed a backwards dash when they both ganged on him and tried double skullbash. John broke away and helped out Leviathan which was being wrapped by Plantman's vines. John did a full-charged slash on Plantman, dispatching him. John used a healing spell on Leviathan (Cure 2) and Skullman turned to John. Topman turned to Leviathan. John performed a temptist-beast attack on Skullman and it dispatched him. Leviathan performed a spinattack knocking back Topman and Leviathan performed her Final blow strike, finishing off Topman. Harpuia was head to head with Shademan as he fired purple waves at him scrambling his movements. Shademan used his bite drain on Harpuia and threw him down on the pavement. But He suddenly turned to John and grabbed him from out of nowhere and John shouted "OH NO YOU DON'T!" John casted another mana spell (HOLY) and it struck Shademan and as he flinched severely and pummeled to the ground, Leviathan let him have it with a double slash attack finishing him off. John casted (cure 2) again this time for Harpuia. John recklessly charged after the robots attacking Fenfir. Fenfir was hurt badly by Gravatyman and Hardman. John snuck behind Gravatyman and performed a Mortal blow and knocked him over severely and John darted out of the way as Hardman tried to use his Hardknuckle attack at him. Harpuia fired thunder bolts at Hardman paralyzing him. Leviathan fired some ice projectiles and John casted another mana spell (Thunder 2) Clashing on Hardman and dispatching him. John turned to Fenfir and casted another mana spell (cure 3) on him healing his injuries.*

    Fenfir= *huff huff* John, what nice timing. You did great there.

    Harpuia= What was just that you used John?!

    Leviathan= It cant be? Did you just use ... MAGIC!?

    John= Sure did. I was saving it for some occasions! Oh no... Phantom!

    *John dashed after Phantom to help him out, Phantom was still head to head on with pharohman. Pharohman fired so much orange fireballs, Phantom took allot of damage and couldn't hide from him too well cause there were too bright. John charged at Pharohman and casted another mana spell (Ice 3) and Pharohman got caked with a chock full of ice. John casted (cure 3) on Phantom and performed a charged slash on Pharohman dispatching him. Gravaty man tried to sneak on Leviathan but Fenfir surprised him and gave him a taste of his hammerfist attack popping his head completely off. Magnetman hit John from behind with some magnet missiles but Harpuia fired spark bolts and hit magnetman and Phantom finished him off with a slashing disc.*

    Phantom= I think we defeated them all.

    Leviathan= John got some new skills too.

    John= Not really. Just a few skills I kept in reserve.

    Fenfir= You sure kicked a** today John. Those guys were nothing!

    John= Don't forget you almost got hammered by Gravatyman and Hardman.

    Harpuia= He came to my aid too.

    Leviathan= Oh, John! You sure did protect me back there. Are you alright?

    John= Urhhhhhh, I think I *pant pant* over pant did it.

    Harpuia= Don't go pushing yourself so much like that! Your not a reploid so your more frail.

    John= Thanks guys. You were awesome too.

    Leviathan= John, I think you deserve something for being such a .... oh what the heck.

    *Leviathan took her hand and held it on John's shoulder and kissed him on his right cheek.*

    John= Awwwww Leavy.

    Harpuia= Was that actually necessary?

    (music stops suddenly)

    *Roll activates John's com-link*

    Roll= John! This is Roll, I got a distress signal from the guardian HQ. It's an emergency backup com-link system signal. They said some 2 weird reploids are attacking Guardian HQ and there's lots of reploid casualties!

    John= WHAT!!??

    (music playing- Fierce battle/ Golden Sun)Download

    Fenfir= WHAT!?

    Harpuia= When did you get this message Roll?

    Roll= It just came to me, and these people are hiding in a security bunker! There all trapped. We got to save those people!

    John= Oh no! Professor what's his name!?

    Harpuia= Dr. Mozart is still there!

    Leviathan= They must'ive knocked out the main communicator there.

    Roll= Guy's Im going to take all of you to the guardian HQ and set the Flutter to hyperdrive. Your flagship can't make it back well.

    John= Alright guys! Lets shake a** and hall it!

    *Another hailing frequency channels in*

    Ciel= John! I heard from Roll! It's terrible! Dr. Mozart is still in there. You got to save him!

    John= Ciel, stay put and break your communications now There up to something, just cut your com-link off NOW! Quick!!

    (music changes to- Guardian base in danger!/ Megaman ZX )Download

    *The 5 jumped in and took off and headed towards HQ. When they arrived, the HQ was devastated, the radar and signal tower was completely knocked off. The doors were all blasted open and there were repliod solders lying around in groups either dead or injured.*

    John= Those marks on the walls, Vile's back!! Bass must be there too! Im going in now!

    Harpuia= JOHN!! DON'T YOU DARE!

    Roll= JOHN!

    *Too late to stop John, he jumped out from the Flutter door and slided downward from the wall of the building. Then there were mecaloids running out and shooting at John and John returned fire. Then John changed to his Megaman Biometal and began to use rapid fire and charged shots. John used the Mega-slide & roll move. John was able to skate through the mechaloids and cast (Thunder 2 ) and dispatch all enemies around his path.*

    Harpuia= John, what in the hell are you doing?

    John= Harpy, we need to save those guys now! Fenfir, you and Leavy stay with Roll. Phantom, you and Harpy come with me.

    Harpuia= Your not the one to give commands!

    Phantom= He may have a point Harpuia.

    Harpuia= I can't believe it, your actually agreeing with him?!

    Phantom= Lets go.

    *Harpuia and Phantom jumped out from the Flutter and followed John inside and all together fired shots and sword slashes at any hostile. John followed scratches and broken elevator halls where the ruins lead into the lab area.*

    John= Oh no, the labs!

    (suddenly there was some slight silence with a fell voice from a distance.)
    (music changes to- Guarder room/ Megaman Zero)Download

    Bass= Oh we been waiting for you John!

    Vile= I was hoping we meet again.

    John= You guys again?

    *Suddenly Leviathan and Fenfir showed up*

    Fenfir= John, I just couldn't stay behind.

    Leviathan= But thank you for caring.

    John= But... I .....

    Bass= John, you may pass. Go on and save your Dr. Mozart.

    Harpuia= John, it may be another trap.

    Fenfir= John, we can take care of these guys!

    *the screen in the labs activated and it was Dr. Wily on the monitor*

    Dr. Wily= Hahahahahaha! Oh, I see John has made it back.

    John= Albert!

    Dr. Wily= Like my little tactic?

    John= Tactic? What tactic? This is just ....

    Harpuia= Who are you human!? Are you this Wily John talks about?

    Dr. Wily= Oh yes indeed. Me and Dalton prepared a surprise for all of you. Those robots were just a distraction to get you guardians out of here so we can attack without much effort.

    Fenfir= You may be a human, but you're in for allot of hurt you!

    John= Just you wait till I find you Wily!

    Dr. Wily= Oh, I also have another guest I like for you to meet while im here. You see, Dalton isn't my only new companion, I want you to say hi to a new friend of mine.

    *Dr. Wily steps aside and points the camera to a direction of a shadow near a weird throne.*

    (Music stops)

    Fell voice= I must thank Dr. Wily for working so hard to put me back together again. It's quite dirty in that dessert you know, after being in a near death experience.

    Harpuia= NO! IT CAN'T BE!!

    (Music playing- Rangarock/ Megaman Zero 4)Download

    Fell Voice= I see someone remembers me!

    *the figure approached out of the dark corner and it was none other than Dr. Wiel rebuilt in a new revamped body still similar to his old, but in more different appearance*

    Harpuia= Dr. Wiel!!


    Leviathan= YOU!!


    John= So this is Dr. Wiel?

    Dr.Wiel= Oh, John! I wanted to meet you so badly. You see, we need a certain.... property you and a few friends,... possess.

    John= I got no clue on what the heck your talking about!?

    Bass= You and that monkey girl kid ride that thing.

    Vile= Don't you dare play stupid human!

    John= I don't give a damn about what your talking about but you went too far this time.

    Fenfir= John go! Save Dr. Mozart and get him out of here. We will take care of these guys.

    John= Ok.

    *Suddenly there was a ray shield covering another exit.*

    Dr. Wiel= Oh, and I want you to meet some old friends who came back to play.

    *The ray shields covered the 4 guardians and trapped them. Only John was free.*

    John= What!?

    Dr. Wiel= I want you fools see what happens to those who dare to defy me! I want you to witness the soon to be a tragic loss of human life which is about to happen any minute now! Bass, Vile, your mission objectives are complete. Now return to base.

    Bass= Lucked out again John. It's been fun knowing you.

    Vile= You will fall to someone worse than me soon John.

    *they both teleported*

    *Then a figure teleported and it was the image of Zero! But it was clad in deep red armor*

    Harpuia= NO! OMEGA!?

    Fenfir= OH NO!

    Harpuia= JOHN! You are no match for this foe! That's Omega, the real Zero! He's beyond your current abilities!

    Phantom= Wiel you COWARD!

    Dr.Wiel= Ha ha ha! You are going to watch the new Omega slaughter this outworlder!

    John= If you want me yourself, why don't YOU face me yourself and stop sending your little bus boys to me!!

    Dr. Wily= Oh, you will pay for what you did to me back in my world, and Dalton's!

    Dalton= Oh, this is going to be so much fun. You will pay for not letting me destroy that Chrono kid!

    John= Bastards! Both of you!

    Omega= So.... you'e John. I see you look like an old friend of mine.

    *Another figure teleported and it wa none other than the Copy X revived again*

    Leviathan= Look! It's Copy X!

    John= So your that fake Megaman!

    Copy X 3= Correction, a better version of that simpering fool. You are the real fake Megaman. You don't even know the meaning of being a Megaman!

    Omega= It's a shame Vile and Bass didn't get to sever you. It would've been better if they did compared to what were going to do to you.

    Dr. Wiel= I want to make this overkill you here me? Make sure those guardians witness a graphic and nasty casualty! I want it bloody and messy you understand me?

    John= False champions huh? Now im going to save all the guardians and will not leave without anyone you hear ME!!

    *So the 4 guardians are about to whiteness John fall and loose to the imposter champion Copy X 3 and Omega 2. John must now be ready for one serous fight that may cost more than his life!*