• Shadow people-part two!!!!!!!

    “What is the mission dad?” Rosey asked

    Her father gave her a stare saying what did I tell you about calling me dad in front of other people.

    “I mean hokage-sama!” she yelled

    “All of you need to stay hidden especially you two.” Naruto said as he looked at Rosey and Kyle.

    “Well I’m not listening to you.” said Riley.

    “You have to. If you don’t then it is like well bad!” Ava yelled at her.

    Rosey rolled her eyes at Riley and Ava fighting and Kyle just looked away.
    “Once you two are done I need to tell you more things.” Naruto told them.

    Ava and Riley looked at each other then at the hokage and Ava bowed her head. Riley just rolled her eyes

    “Anyway you will have TenTen’s and Neji’s daughter join you as well.” Naruto ordered.

    “But Ava is a medical ninja.” Rosy told him.
    “Even so she is still going with you.” he ordered.

    Just then Sakura came running into the room. She looked upset and worried.

    “I need to talk to you alone.” Sakura said urgently.

    “One second. KIM I need you to go get Neji Tenten and their daughter!” Naruto called and got up and walked out side and shut the door. He knows that I don’t do well in teams but NO I have to be on a team anyway. Rosey thought.

    I bet I will have to be the one to break up every fight. thought Kyle.

    I can’t believe I’m on a team of such losers. Riley thought.

    I should sing a song like best of both world or Barbie girl no I know I should sing I kissed a girl once we are out side yep that’s what I’m going to do. Ava thought.

    “So Riley what does your mom do in the Akasuki?” asked Rosey.

    “Nothing but she is really pretty.” she replied.

    Just then Neji, Tenten and Sukie can into the room.

    “I bet she is the most ugliest person ever.” teased Rosey.

    “I wouldn’t say that if I were you.” warned Riley.

    Just then something taped Rosey on the shoulder. She turned around slowly and saw two red evil glowing eyes.
    Rosey jumped and landed into Neji’s arms.

    “S.. Sorry Neji.” Rosey stuttered. Neji put her down and nodded his head.

    “Where’s the hokage?” asked Tenten.

    “Out there talking to Sakura.” Rosey told them

    “Well we should leave now that she is here.” Kyle said.

    “Ok. Neji Tenten can you tell him that we are on our mission.” Rosey asked and then.

    They both nodded and Rosey, Kyle, Sukie, Ava and Riley jumped out the window and started to look for a place to hide. Once they landed on a rooftop Ava saw a little girl all alone.

    “Who’s that?” Ava asked and pointed to the little girl.

    “That’s Kiba’s and Hinata’s daughter Diana.” replied Sukie.

    “She doesn’t go anywhere with out her older brother though.” Rosey told them then said “I wonder what she is doing out here in the middle of a fight?”

    Just then the house that the five of them were on collapsed and the house next to Diana blew up.

    “NNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!” all five of them screamed.

    “Plant style Tree protector jutsu!” Rosey yelled and made hand sings. A huge tree came up and wrapped up Diana. The five ninjas came down and saw that Diana was unharmed.

    “What ate you doing out here?” asked Kyled.

    “I was looking for my dog Kimaru. And my brother was somewhere” Diana replied.

    “Well you should have told somebody. I bet your parents are worried.” Sukie told her.

    “Don’t worry we’ll get you somewhere safe.” Ava told her.

    “You five aren’t getting anywhere.” a voice told them. Five shadows came out of the darkness and when they appeared they looked like Rosey, Kyle, Ava, and Riley but they were the opposite genders.

    “What do you weirdoes want with us?” sneered Riley.

    “We want you destroyed.” replied the one who looks like Riley.

    “Oh yeah!” she yelled. She jumped at the boy and they jumped away out of site.

    “Look at Matt getting all worked up over useless people.” laughed the one that looked like Ava.

    “Oh really!” Ava yelled and a lot of the ground was being picked up in the air and being thrown at the boy that made fun of us.

    “Catch me if you can weakling.” teased the boy and he dogged the rocks. He ran off and Ava followed.

    “These people are trying to split us up.” Kyle whispered to Rosey.

    “I know. Maybe we should fallow them and them meet up at the top of the 4th hokages face.” she whispered back to him.

    “Okay I’ll tell the others.” he replied.

    “Are you done talking to that ugly girl!” the female said to Kyle.

    “WHAT!!!” Rosey yelled.

    “Yeah what is it to you.” he told her.

    “You better kill her for me and don’t agree with her.” Roey growled at Kyle.

    “Okay and HEY LADY YOU’RE THE UGLY ONE!!” he yelled at her and then ran away.

    “That’s it he is going to die.” she yelled then disappeared.

    “Sukie take Diana and get to the place where everyone is hiding.” she whispered to her.

    “Okay and pleas be careful.” she told Rosey. Sukie picked up Diana and went away.

    “So Rosey are you ready to die?” the last one of the mysterious person told her.

    “No are you and wait how do you know my name?” she asked.

    “I used to be on your team remember?” he asked and stepped out into the light and Rosey saw him. She did not believe her eyes it was her teammate who died to save her life.

    “Dan how did you…. How can you be alive?” she asked

    To Be Continued

    Well that’s the end of part two wait till the next one to find out how he survived and if the others will live or die?