• Chapter One

    Everything changed when I was 16. I was walking home from dance class, so I took the park to get there faster. Then I heard footsteps behind me, so I started to pace. I looked back and saw nothing. So I took a deep breath, and I continued walking forward. Then I bumped into something hard and fell back. I looked up and saw a man with black hair and eyes and he was wearing lots of crosses to.
    He chuckled and said " Look what came for dinner, a pretty little bird...YUM" I was scared so I said nothing. I tried to run away , so I got up, but he grabbed me by the waist and said " Don't runaway little one" I screamed " you little PERVERT!!!!"
    Then he kissed me on the lips very passionately, and ferociously. Then he started to kiss my neck. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Then someone yelled " Andrew Stop, don't do it," Then the guy kissing me, bit me. Then before I went blank I saw the man who yelled punch the guy whose name is Andrew.

    When I woke up I heard yelling outside " Andrew you idiot. How could you bite a girl like that. Now she is going to have the same fate as us." Then Andrew said," sorry I was really hungry and I didn't have any control over myself." Another guy said " SHUSH!! I think she's going to wake up soon. So lets go check." Then I opened my eyes and looked around I saw a beautiful room with blue walls, and a gold tint. The bed was HUGE!!!
    Then 3 guys came in. I pulled the covers over me. Then one of them whispered something I couldn't hear. Then I peeked a little and saw them grinning. The one with Grey hair, soft features and green eyes said " Hello I'm Jacob ( then pointed to Burnett with brown eyes) thats Brent ( then pointed to to The guy who bit me) And thats Andrew." Then I kinda got nervous and pulled the covers over me. I was really confused. I heard Jacob chuckle. Then I heard Jacob say " I know you're hungry and have lots of questions, so lets eat then we'll try to answer them for you." I took the covers off and got excited and said, " FOOD!!!" Then I heard them chuckle.
    Then I followed them to the dinning table. Where I sat until some food came. On the plate was pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and a glass of orange juice.Then 4 more guys came in and sat down. The 1st one had black hair and blue eyes, 2nd one had red hair and green eyes with a pair of cat ears, 3rd one had white hair and brown eyes, with a pair of cat ears, 4rth one had had black hair with red streaks, and red eyes.I said hi in a nervous tone. Then Brent said " I never saw a girl eat that fast before. Then I said " Well.. you did now." Then he chuckled. I don't know why though.
    Then Andrew said, " Now lets go to the living room to answer HER questions." So all of them got up and put their plates in the sink. Jacob signaled me to fallow. When we got their Brent said, " I know you're curious at who they are" I nodded. Then he said pointing to the guy with red eyes with black and red hair, " Thats Damien ( then pointed to the one with blue eyes and black hair) Thats Daniel ( then pointed to the brown eyed cat eared and white hair) Thats Derek ( then pointed to the green eyed cat eared red head) And thats Jordan." Then I asked, " Why do they have cat ears?" Then Jordan sighed and said " I am a Neko and Derek is a De.." he was cut off by the growl Derek let out. Then I asked, " Where am I?" Then Jacob said, " Your in the demon world." Then I said, " Then WHAT are you guys?" Then Damien said " I'm a Fallen Angel Daniel is a Demon, Andrew is a Vampire, Jacob is an Angel, and Brent is a Werewolf."
    I just stared at them in disbelief. Then Jacob said," I am sorry Emily, But you can't go home." I looked at them and walked by calmly, then I ran to my room. Then i flopped on the bed and started to cry.

    What Happens next will remain a mystery until I wright the next one.

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