• A moment of silence as he considered the options. He looked ahead of every action he could take and finaly found the answer. With the most practiced of caution he gathers the materials he needs. The catalyst a green fungi on a dark piece of obsidian went in the center as each main ingredient, 5 stones of the hardest rock bathed in stoneslug fat. He took a candle from one of the five tips of the pentagram and dips the flame once onto each of the thick stones causing them to erupt in an orange flame many inches above their gray sources of fuel. Finished with the outside stones he lowers the candle slowly to the middle piece of obsidian watching the flame dance against the wax of the candle as it tries to hungrily grab onto any source of power it can consume. Slowly it flows onto the obsidian and the flare of yellow and orange light nearly blinds him as the flames hunger is satiated, engulfing the obsidian in a strong inferno. He finally places the candle on the uninhabited tip of the red figure and inspects his work, seeing the flames dance high off of the stone, casting ominous shadows on every wall. A crease formed on his brow when he took a moment to think about this. Every danger of casting new magic seemed to present itself here. There were all of the what ifs...what if the catalyst was wrong, what if the reagents weren't of a good enough quality, what if he took to long thinking about it and let the fire die down to the point it would be useless? With a sigh, realizing if he was going to do it it'd be better to do it now, he set up the last piece of the puzzle. He took a long slender knife, reflecting lights from the relentless flames, and lifted it up to his arm. He pulled back the sleeve as if it was common practice and took a thin layer of skin off of his wrist letting it, with small specks of blood, drop onto the flaming obsidian. As soon as the shavings touched the orange fire it erupted a second time turning a rich purple framed by lavender. He started chanting in a language even he didn't fully understand, unknowingly fumbling many words, and watched the flames growing higher, keeping his hands above the tender kiss yet vengeful bite of the six separate infernos.
    He took a moment after the last of the words were spoken to look around the chamber. The many circles just like this were left unattended and falling into disrepair as more and more of the brotherhood were taken by the towering elementals. Once their own creation, now their own extinction. A woeful look back to the many experimentation tools he once used to cure hunger and fatigue with a vial as small as the littlest finger ended off his reminising. Back to the matter at hand.
    The fires on the desk were starting to join together at the top, arcing into a beautiful red dome topped with a purple plume waving wildly as the fuel reaches its hidden potentials. The power flows through him, setting off many emotions inhuman. The hunger of fire, to consume, to take, to spread, and to destroy. The strength of stone, to endure, to stay, and to control. The pure ecstacy he felt with these simple yet so complex emotions running through him set him into a mad burst of laughing...
    At his door a knock breaks his attention causing the power to run free through his body. The door creaks open as a feeling of dread creeps into his spine.
    "Curfew is active brother you shouldn't be awa-" the man says as he walks into the room before taking in the scene before him. "By the gods...you tried to..." he said as his eyes widen in terror. "You were so close...but..."
    Down many hallways many people filtered out of their rooms to see what caused noise at a late hour. They walked uneasily into the corrider containing the casting rooms, long in disuse after the elementals gained supremacy against the mages thinning ranks.
    Many people entered the room, looking at the man before them. He floated in the air with power unseen and through every limb of his body power broke free. His skin turning stone and falling off leaving raw muscle flowing with fire. His hands shriveling from the intense heat of his own blood. His eyes burning white and his mouth full of purple fire, muffling out the scream with the noise and crackle of burning. His legs were falling apart in large stone debris, crumbling as they hit the floor into a fine powder. His chest turning red as his clothes were burned off from his new internal heat. His hair oddly enough remained intact.
    Far down the hall a figure emerges from its deep slumber. It stepped down the hallway as its temperament rose from its early awakening. Every step it moved faster and soon enough it was on a run down to the end of the hallway. It's giant limbs swinging and scraping against the stone walls, creating an earthy sound as rock scraped against rock.
    The men at the door of the chamber parted and ran from the figure, not wanting to get caught in its way. A screech reverbetated down the halls as the lumbering figure skidded to a halt. It looked into the room and saw the man, now even worse with every part of his body badly burned and the purple flame shooting higher out, evidence of his raising if unheard scream.
    The roar was deafening. Waking up every man and elemental warden in the complex. Soon the remains would be cleaned, the chamber would be cleansed of any evidence of magic, he would be sent to a study room to figure out how to prevent this again, and no one would shed a tear.
    They weren't allowed to.