• After going through what I was sure was a whole package of bandages and getting dressed, I looked pretty male. I couldn't say that Luke had the same effect, though. It was pretty much impossible to tell if he was trying to actually look like one gender or the other. Maybe I should explain.

    1. His 'boobs' were way too big. There was no way that they could be natural, making him look like he just got out of surgery.

    2. He was using the heaviest shades of makeup imaginable. He looked like a drag-queen hussy.

    3. His wig was like a blonde, dead possum and the pumps were the ugliest I had ever seen.

    "Do you do this often?" I asked.

    He smiled at me, "All the time! For undercover missions anyways... Why?"

    "Um... Don't you think dressing up like a woman is a little strange?"

    He smiled at me again, "It's not like I'm doing it as a hobby or something. It's for police-business!" He then stopped to fix his dress and adjust his hair.

    I didn't even have to wear a wig since my hair was so short. All I had to wear was a baseball cap to make me look more like a guy. That was a good thing because all the ones he had in there looked really itchy. I wrapped the jacket I had on a little tighter at the thought of scratching my head all night.

    "Hey," Luke said, "Don't stand so straight."

    I gave him a confused look, "Why?"

    "It looks feminine when you do that." He answered, "You need to have more of a guy-ish slouch. Like this." He put one hand on my stomach, his other on my back and he pushed on my stomach so my back would go out a little.

    "There." He commented, starting to walk forward. I followed close behind him. He just grabbed onto my arm and pulled me with him. It almost felt like... A date.

    Well, not a date, exactly. I mean, it was business and... we're partners. Plus, the gender-bending thing would be sort of creepy on a regular basis. Hell, it is now. Then again... It wouldn't be too bad, maybe. To go on a date with Luke, I mean.

    Wait. Scratch that last part. It would never work.

    Luke's voice snapped me out of my trance, "Okay, We're in! Come on, sweetie!" Hugging my arm until I was pretty sure I had lost circulation, he walked me past a scary bouncer into the building. Booming music pounded through my eardrums. Girls in skimpy clothes walked around as waitresses. There was a humongous bar serving alcohol to the right of us. A lot of guys at the station would've been in heaven right about now. Honestly, I never understood what the big deal was.

    "So... What now?" I asked him. He smiled at me widely.

    He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him, "Dance with me."

    "I'm sorry. What was that?" I asked again as he started shaking his hips, "I can't dance!" It was true, though. Throughout high school I was the one who sat out with her friends at the school dance. Mostly because all the guys knew I would step on their feet.

    "Sure you can!" He yelled above the music, "Just move around! It'll come to you!"

    Of course this left me in the embarrassing position of figuring out whether to just jump around or twist my hips a certain way. I watched everyone else to see what to do. So far the rule was twisting my hips; Then, just as I was about to start 'dancing', I noticed a few shady-looking guys walk into a back door in the corner of the club.

    I grabbed Luke's arm, "Um... Hey, Lu-"

    "Can't talk right now." He whispered to me in a high-pitched voice. Then, some other girl came out of nowhere and started dancing with him.

    I could feel my eyebrow rise, "Okay. Whatever." Not wanting to cause a scene trying to get his attention, I sneaked away to the back of the club. The only light I had to guide my way was the strobe lights that flashed in my eyes.

    A pitch-black door stood as the gateway to following the guys who had just walked in there. It didn't have any special marks or signage on it, so I went in. The first thing I saw was what looked like a meeting of some sort.

    The second was Adrian, looking right at me.