• The sun shone through the skyway as Hideki approached the headmasters door. Before he knocked he gently felt the scar on his cheek that marked his failed mission. Hideki knocked and heard a gruff voice issue him in.
    "Shut the door behind you cadet" the headmaster was sitting by his desk, his chair facing the opposite direction from Hideki.
    "I'm here to report my mission in the Telusion Fields sir" Hideki placed a filed report on the giant oak desk and stepped back, arms at his side.
    Headmaster Vells spinned in his chair and opened the folder, he looked at Hideki like he wanted him to tell the report so he didnt have to read it.
    "Did you find him in the field Hideki? From what DR. Brennen said about that fresh scar on your cheek i'd say you did find him, and battled, am i correct"?.
    Hideki stepped forward, "Yes sir, i found him helping the rebels in the Telusion Fields. I engaged in combat with him and took down most of the Mercanaries, some escaped. Setsuna came at me from behind, i turned and he cut me, im lucky to be alive sir. It seems he hardly recognised me at all, it has been three years since he left, he also looks different".
    Headmaster Vells looked at Hideki and walked closer "you and private Setsuna were close, yes? I remember you always taking the blame for his fraternisations and law breaking of this academy, he was a troubled soldier from the start, he really had no right to call himself a soldier, apart from his incredible ability to adjust to any battle situation".
    "Yes, we were best friends sir. Ever since i came here he always looked out for me. Thats why i cant understand why he left".
    Vells turned his back, "you'll learn your answers someday Hideki. Thats all for now. Go rest, you leave for Telusia again tomorrow".
    Hideki left the room and started to head back to the Dorms.