• Chapter 2

    I was crying on my bed when Derek came in. He sat beside me and said," Please don't cry," then he started to rub my back in a comforting motion. I look at him in a wet face. He then whispered in my ears," Listen I need to take you somewhere. I promise it will make you feel better." Then I blushed, I think he saw it, because I saw him smirk.
    Then he picked me up and jumped out the window. I clung to him really tight, because I was really scared of heights. Then I felt him land. He then said," Emily you can look now." I looked around and saw him running threw the forest in an amazing speed. I was still clinging to him too. He then stopped and I looked around and saw a meadow. It was gorgeous. It had the most pretty flowers I ever saw. Then Derek Whispered in my ear," You like it." I said back too him " Yes, I do. It's gorgeous." Then I could swear he said, Not as much as YOU. He set me down. I then headed to the tree in the middle of the meadow and sat down. Derek then sat next to me. He was leaning against a tree. He looked peaceful. He then said," I would go here to think, because of how peaceful and beautiful it is. Plus this is where my mom would take me to play... before sh died ." I looked at him and said," I'm sorry." Derek said," No, it's OK because she died of sickness." I could tell that he was lying. He said next," Emily I was wondering, what is it like to have a family." I said," Well before they all died. We were always playing together and we helped each other. Also we helped people a lot." He looked at me in shock. Then Derek said" I'm sorry for bringing that up. But if you don't mind me asking. How did they die." I then said," Well my mom and dad died in a shooting at the bank. My older brother Jake committed suicide after his spouse died. my younger brother Connor died of an illness." I said it to him in a sad tone and sad face. He said," I'm really sorry to bring that up." I said," Curiosity killed the cat."
    Derek stood up and said," It's getting late, we should get back before the others wonder where we are." Then I stood up too. Then Derek said," Want a piggy back ride home." He had a grin on his face. I said," Yes, I do." Then he kneeled down and I got on his back. Then he started to run back in an amazing speed. I looked over his shoulders and saw the trees go bye quickly. I really had fun Plus I was a little more happy.
    When we got home the others were on the porch. They all looked jealous of Derek. Then Jacob came up and said," I was so worried.. are you OK Emily are you hurt. Because I came to check on you but you weren't there. So I panicked."I nodded and said," Ya, I'm OK and I was with Derek the whole time." Then my stomach growled and really loud to. So Brent said," I think it's time to make dinner." I followed him into the kitchen . I stared at him while he cooked. About half an hour later. He said with a smile," Emily you want to help." I shook my head and said," No I'm a bad cook, so I don't want to ruin the food." Then he came over to me and said," I'll make sure you don't ruin it." I sighed and said," Sure because you not going to let this go." Then he signaled me to come with him. So I did.Then he pulled me close to him and said," Now lets cook." he gently grabbed my hands and was shaking the pans like that. I blushed a little redface He then went backwards and took me with him. He then grabbed something and handed it to me, it was red.Then I poked it out of curiosity. Brent chuckled and said," You do know thats blood." I yelped and almost dropped it. Brent caught it and said," You do know thats part of Andrews dinner. RIGHT!!!" I shook me head. Brent said," Well he needs it to survive. So please next time try not to drop it." I nodded.
    Andrew then stormed in and said," I need to talk to Emily. AND NOW!!" I then followed him to the library. Where he signaled me to sit down. I sat in the chair next to him. He said," Emily I need to tell you something.... Well that night i bit you I accidentally injected vampire venom into you." I looked at him in shock. Then Andrew continued," And if a vampire injects venom in something... like a human that human also becomes a vampire."I literally dropped my jaw when he said it. And he had more," So now that in a few days you too will be a complete vampire. I will personally teach you. Since it was I who bit you. And training starts tomorrow." Then he signaled me to leave. Right now I was in a state of shock.
    You saw Daniel come threw he stopped me and said seeing me in my state,"Emily are you OK. And its time for dinner." I replied to him," I just found out I'm a vampire." Daniel looked at me in sympathetic eyes. Then I went with him to the dinning table and sat down.
    For dinner I had steak, mashed potatoes , corn and some bread. Then I went to bed and said to myself," Wow I need to sleep this one threw." Then I quickly went to sleep.

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