• The moon shown down upon the water like a diamond on womans finger. Aurgus crept through the shadows very catiously. He knew what came out of the shadows at this time of night. He broke from the area surrounding the lake and crept back into the trees. He knew the shadows were moving so he pulled from his sheath a broadsword. It gleamed in the moonlight ,celestial steel,with gold embedded into the hilt. Aurgus now heard twigs snap all around him, he went into a crouched stance ready to leap at this opposing force. All at once there was a gleam of silver as a battle axe fell upon Aurgus he hefted his broadsword and parried the blow of the axe. He swept around and lunged at another oncoming foe. There was a tear of flesh as the demonic creature went to its knees. Aurgus spun again cleaving his sword through the flesh and bone of the first demon. He was completely sorrounded creatures were falling upon him from all directions. In desperation he scanned his sorroundings for an escape route. Aurgus looked down and saw the demons battle axe he grasped its handle and heaved it with all his might. There was a large crack and he saw another creature fall to the ground he flung the axe left and right letting it sink deeply into creatures flesh. With one final slice of his broadsword the last of the demons fell to the ground. Aurgus had to make haste, he darted between trees looking for a safe haven away from those wretched creatures. As he stumbled into a clearing he found a small hut wich consisted of dried mud, branches and leaves. He moved slyly but with speed to the door. He thrust open the curtain to find the room completely bare. The only sign that a human soul had lived in this home was the stale bread that sat upon the oak table. He scanned the room once more, his eyes fell upon a trap door seated right below the table. Aurgus through open the trap door. Drawing his sword up to his chest he climbed through the door ready to cut down anything in his path. The darkness pressed against his shoulders. He was in a long corridor thatbrached off into several other corridors. There was scuff from the tunnel closest to him he got ready to spring on whatever animal it was. When the creature emerged Aurgus let out a gasp. It was not a monster it was a human , a woman. He watched cautiously as she came closer to him.
    "There is no need to be afraid"said the woman.
    He felt a lust for the woman that he couldn't control. Aurgus began to creep foward.as did the woman. Then he noticed her smile it was strange misshapen in a way. She had pointed teeth! Aurgus pulled his sword and lept foward. He aimed directly at the heart and she let out a horrible scream as she turned to dust. Aurgus had already had enough of this place he climbed back up into the hut through the small door. As he emerged from the curtain he noticed how long he had been gone. For it was the break of dawn.