Crimson eyes appeared in the darkness getting closer and closer. A body adding itself to the eyes and that same whicked smile plastered across his face. Bright white teeth
    shining in the dark a cold hand griped her throat. Life was being drained from Gwen. She became desparte she screamed ,but this time her voice was not silenced.
    She shot up out of the bed she was in even though her eyes were open she was still in the darkness. She felt around the cotton sheets brushed her skin. A sigh of contentment escaped her lips "It was only a dream." She slid back down into the blankets; the lights came on and a half naked man ran into the room. She looked around it was not her room. Fear yet again took over her again Gwen's body went stiff, her eyes widened, and all the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Her light blond hair slid down over her eyes. The man sat down on the side of the bed "Everything's fine! Your okay" He paused a few seconds "I'm not going to hurt you.:
    He lifted a hand to her face brushing the hair from her eyes. "I promise." His calming voice filled the room. Gwen calmed unexpectingly he made her feel safe.
    She had no idea what was going on this attractive man was trying to calm her and somehow it was working. She was in this unknown place, she was confused on how she even got there in the first place. "Hey are you okay now? Look at me and tell me your okay." He held her face up to his looking in to her eyes his angel like voice was a little more stern this time. Gwen was aw stricken this man looked like a god; he was tall, muscular,his skin was a beautiful pale cream color, his glossy black hair and his eyes a pale grey with a slight red tint. Gwen's looks failed in comparison her short body, her eyes a pale green and her hair only a a light blond. Gwen mearly shook her head yes still trying to contemplate what was going on. The god smiled "That's good I'm glad your okay." Gwen spoke with a voice that sounded like it hadn't been used in a while
    "Where am I and who are you?" she tilted her slightly only to have a sharp pain stab her neck. She lifted her hand to her neck a soft cotton rap was snugly around her neck held together with medical tape.
    He grabbed her hand and held it protectivly on his knee. "You are in my home and I am Demetri Knight." She looked looked down at her hand how it fit perfectly in his own. "But why am I here?" Demetri nodded his head and smiled his amazingly beautiful smile. "Wow, You really don't remember anything about two weeks ago do you?"
    Gwen stopped him "What do you mean two week?!?" Demetri laugh slightly "Don't freak out on me. You were attacked." he looked into her eyes for any hint of fear. "By a vampire." He cut himself off quickly on the last word not wanting to scare her anymore.
    "Vampire." Gwen sighed remembering what happened her neck throbbed in pain. "why me though?''
    "Well you smell amazing."
    "What are you talking about?''
    Demetri looked down at her hand rubbing his thumb over her skin. "You need sleep. You have been through a lot. I promise I will tell you everything in the morning." With that he got up from the bed and walked to the door. He stopped looking backat Gwen and smiled flipping the light switch.