• Tears came up into her eyes and fell over her cheeks. Her arms were crossed as she looked at them, all of their faces in question.
    "Don't you understand?" she asked them, "Don't you see why I chose this?"
    Their gazes still on her face, not fully understanding.
    "This is good for all of us!" she screamed, "Please," she dried her red eyes, "tell me you understand."
    One of them, a blonde, walked forward and wrapped her arms around her. She buried her tearful face on the other's shoulder.
    Finally, the blonde whispered, "If you do this, where will you go?"
    She opened her eyes and backed away, "I don't belong with you, I'm not like you and all of you know this." She turned around and took three steps then stopped as she heard the blonde speak again.
    "If you don't belong with us, then where do you belong?"
    She turned her head slowly, "I don't know," she said and began to walk away from them into the mist, and disappeared.