• Once upon a time, there lived a poor girl with her named Stacy. She lived with her mother, her only parent. Stacy was very beautiful. She got long, brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. But she blind. All the man in her town love her, but didn't want to marry her. And of course, it because of her blindness.
    In her town, the girl that her age reached above 20, would never be a married. Because, she was too old for being a bridge.
    Stacy was 25 years old, and this mean that, there wasn't any change for her to be a bridge.

    "Mom, why we still poor? Even thought, we already worked very hard..? " she said one day,
    "Or it's because my blindness? Am I lived only to cause a trouble for you?"

    "No, no, my honey. We are poor it's because it was our fate." answered her mother, "But, just remember this, whether you blind or normal, and even you have many other physical disability, you're still my lovely daughter."

    "Then, why we have such a bad fate" Asked her again. "It's unfair for us!"

    "Honey, don't regret it." said her mother, "Sometimes, it was worst from the start and best at the end. Just be patient."

    Stacy just smiled at her mother. "What's the matter, Honey?" asked her. "No, I was just thinking that I was lucky to have a mother like you."

    And the night after Stacy said that, her mother died because of her old age. Leaving her only daughter.
    Felt that because of her fault, she went back to her house to killed herself. She searched knife. But she couldn't find it because she was blind. Then she felt so down, think that she was the unluckiest girl in the whole world.
    Then, she grabbed her glass to drank. But she mistaken, she grabbed the candle, not the glass. "Ouch, it's too hot" she cried. she threw it. And the candle fell with the fire still burning. Unfortunately, the floor was made of wood. And it's easy to burn. Only just a moment, Stacy felt hot around her. "It's fire!" shouted her, But she didn't cried for help. She just stayed calm and waiting her to died.
    Outside the house, people were panicked. They knew that Stacy still inside the house.

    "We can't just stay here! We must help her!" said one of them, "But, what shall we do? If we help her, we'll just died before we can help her.."

    The truth was, that they weren't willing to helped her. They just lying. But one of them wasn't like that. He just ran to the house, because he knew, that Stacy was blinded and want to killed herself. He found her inside the house. Pulled her. And took her outside the house. Luckily, she still breathing. And she still could opened her eyes. But still, she couldn't see.
    Seeing that beautiful eyes of her, The man fell in love with her. Even though Stacy couldn't see.
    After 3 months, Stacy completely recover from her coma and her eyes finally recover too. And when she went out from the hospital, she saw the man that felt like the one saved her life. But now, the man looked different, He wore the royal suits with the crown over his head. HE IS THE PRINCE OF HER COUNTRY! AND HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE HER! Of course Stacy willing to marry him because, when he was saving her life, she secretly fell in love with him. And in the 25 years old, she became the happiest bridge because finally her dream came true. And of course, she'll became the princess of her country.

    In her wedding day, she remembered what her mother always said:
    "don't regret your fate. Sometimes, it was worst from the start and best at the end"